29th Birthday

Happy Birthday IRINA!


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28th Birthday

Happy Birthday IRINA!



“ I'm only 28. ”


ISFF > Feb 2007 - News, discussion .. (Birthday wishes as well)
Ирина Слуцкая Форум > Ирина > С днём рождения, Ира!
ICE VISION congratulates Irina Slutskaya on her birthday!
チェコの Majky87 さんの 祝誕生日ビデオ♪
YouTube > Irina Slutskaya - birthday
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Mammoth (Elephant) collection


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、1981年にロシアで作れれた、マンモスの子どもがママを探すという短編アニメが好きで、そのせいか、象(マンモス)のぬいぐるみや置き物を集めています。



"Серёжа, слоны!"
"Seryozha, look, elephants!"

- У вас ещё коллекция слоников, говорят…
Q. Reportedly, you also collect toy elephants…

- Слоники у меня не мягкие. Но первый мой слоник был плюшевый. Очень красивый, я его случайно купила в американском супермаркете. А потом начала всяких слоников собирать - керамических, деревянных.
A. The elephants are not soft toys. However, my first elephant was made of plush. So beautiful, I bought it at the supermarket in America. And then I started collecting all sorts of elephants - made of wood, ceramics.

- А на живых не пробовали кататься? Вам бы пошло.
Q. Did you ever try riding the real elephant? It would suit you well.

- Нет, не каталась. Хотя я их трогала, гладила. Как-то пришла в цирк (я очень цирк люблю) и в антракте смотрю: люди столпились. Я мужа схватила, кричу: "Серёжа, слоны!" Ломанулась к этому слону, всех распихала с воплем "А-а-а! Слоник!"
A. No, I didn't. But I touched and stroked them. Once I went to circus (I like circus very much) and during the intermission I saw people crowding around something. I grabbed my husband and shouted: "Seryozha, the elephants!" Rushed to the elephant, pushing around and shrieking "A-a-a! My little elephant!"

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秋田犬バルス Akita-Dog " Bars "


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、" Bars (バルス) " と名づけた巨大な秋田犬 (Akita-Dog) を飼っています。

動画 Video :
YouTube > Irina Slutskaya 2003 Fluff Piece

写真 Photo :
Ирина Слуцкая Форум > Фотографии > Фото Ирины разных лет

HotIce   15.jpg

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★プロフィール Profile★



Official fan Page Cheers For Irina Slutskaya > Biography


Art On Ice > Athletes > Irina Slutskaya

Michael Collins > Irina Slutskaya > Biography

GOLDEN SKATE > Irina Slutskaya by Barry Mittan

Irina Slutskaya Shrine > Irina Slutskaya by J. Barry Mittan

The Irina Slutskaya Fan Club > Profile

Wikipedia(英語) > Irina Slutskaya

Wikipedia > イリーナ・スルツカヤ

La/Sylphide > 選手紹介☆イリーナ・スルツカヤ


※added 2007/04/08 追記

Российская академия театрального искусства—ГИТИС (сокращенно РАТИ-ГИТИС)
The Russian Academy of Theatre Arts-GITIS (RATI-GITIS)

6, Maly Kislovsky pereulok
Moscow 103888, Russia

The RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF THEATRE ARTS (GITIS) is the oldest and largest theatre school in Russia. It was founded in 1878. Now GITIS is a unique theatre academy which trains students for all professions in the theatrical arts and at the same time provides a traditional university education in the arts and the humanities. Some 1500 students, qualification-advancement students and post-graduate students from Russia and other countries study here annually.


※added 2006/05/19 追記


Date of birth:09.02.1979
Place of birth:Moscow
Home town:Moscow
Hobbies:soft toys, music
Start sk. / Club:1984 Sport Club Moskvitch

Coach:Zhanna Gromova
Choreographer:Sergei Petukhov (FS)
Practice low season:24h / week at Moscow
Practice high season:16h / week at Moscow

Music Short Program as of 2005/2006 season
 Totentanz by Franz Liszt arranged by Maksim Mrvica
Music Free Skating as of 2005/2006 season
 Mario Takes a Walk by Jesse Cook

Personal Best Total Score     198.06 Cup of Russia 2005
Personal Best Score Short Program 70.22 Cup of China 2005
Personal Best Score Free Skating 130.48 Cup of Russia 2005

In 1996, Irina Slutskaya became the first Russian lady to win the European title and is the first lady in history to win
7 European titles (1996, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006). She is also the first Russian lady skater to win a
silver medal at the Olympic Winter Games. Slutskaya invented the double Biellmann-spin with foot change. At the
2000 Grand Prix Final in Lyon she became the first woman to land a triple Lutz-triple loop combination in
competition and was awarded a 6.0 for technical merit. At Worlds 2001 she became the first woman to land a
triple Lutz-triple loop-double toeloop combination. Slutskaya married Sergei Mikheev in August 1999. She was left
off the National team for Europeans and Worlds in 1999 but came back strong the following year. Slutskaya
missed the 2003 World Championships due to the severe illness of her mother. She was sidelined by illness
(vasculitis) the whole 2003/2004 season except for Worlds. Slutskaya withdrew from the 2006 Nationals.

last update:23.02.2006 23:49:24


※added 2006/05/15 追記

Torino 2006 トリノオリンピック公式サイト
Athlete details - SLUTSKAYA Irina のコピー


Family name SLUTSKAYA
Given name Irina
Date of birth 09 February 1979
Gender W
City of residence Moscow
Country of residence RUS
Height 160 cm
Weight 49 kg
Nationality RUS

General Interest
Nickname: Slute or Ira. (irina-slutskaya.com 04/12/05)
Hobbies: Driving, collecting soft toys and reading. (irina-slutskaya.com 04/12/05)
Occupation: Student
Education: Moscow Academy of Physical Culture
Marital Status: Married
Languages Spoken: Russian and English
Club: Sports Club Moskvitch (ISU 26/11/05)
Coach: Zhanna Gromova (ISU 26/11/05)
Injuries: She was struck down with a heart ailment in November 2003. She had an inflammation of the heart lining and missed most of the 2004 season. (michaelcollinsenterprises.com, showmenews.com 19/03/05) She suffered another setback when she injured her knee in practice in October 2004. (ISU 15/04/05) She struggled with a back injury during the 1998 Olympic Winter Games. (irina-slutskaya.com 04/12/05) At the 1997 World Championships, she injured her back during practice. After a shaky short program, she skated a near flawless free program but only finished fourth overall. (irina-slutskaya.com 24/08/05)

Additional Information
When and where did you begin this sport?
She started in 1984. (ISU 26/11/05)

Why this sport?
She was sickly when she was a child, and her grandmother put her in the sport. The first time she was on the ice, she was reluctant to skate. But by age 10, she was training full time. (irina-slutskaya.com 24/08/05)

Training Regime
Practices around 24 hours a week during the low season, then drops to 16 hours a week during the competitive season. (ISU 26/11/05)

Sporting philosophy / motto
"Don't fall down!" (media.championsonice.com 31/08/05)

Other Information
Her choreographer is Sergei Petukhov. (ISU 23/01/06)

She did not win a single competition in the 1998/1999 season and missed both the European and World Championships. She was so disappointed on missing selection for the world team that she almost stopped skating. She married boyfriend Sergei Mikheyev while holidaying, and after numerous conversations with both Sergei and her family, she realised still had a lot to prove in figure skating. She returned from her wedding and began training once again. (Fan Page 25/01/02)

※added 2006/05/01 投稿

Official Fan Page Cheers For Irina Slutskaya - Biography のコピー


Irina was sickly when she was a child, and her grandmother put her in the sport. Irina started skating at the age four. She also started ballet soon after she began skating. Irina has been coached by Zhanna Gromova since she was six. The 1996 and 1997 European Champion, Slutskaya is the first Russian or former Soviet woman to have won a major figure skating title...third at the 1996 Worlds. At the 1997 Worlds, Irina was injured her back during practice. After a subpar short program, she skated flawless in the free program. Irina completed a triple salchow -triple loop combination and landed six triples in total, three judges from Austria, Slovakia and Hungary ranked her free program the best of the field, but Irina finished fourth overall. At the 1998 Olympics, she finished fifth, the next month she took a silver medal at the 1998 Worlds. The 1998-1999 season was not good for her. She didn't win any competitions this season, and missed both Europeans and Worlds. She almost stopped skating because of her disappointment in not making World team. The 1999-2000 season, she has completely recoverd from her disappointment, and she made a successful come back at the Grand Prix Final. She landed seven clean triples, including a triple lutz-triple loop and triple salchow-triple loop combinations. Irina became the first woman to do a triple lutz-triple loop combination. She recieved a perfect mark from the French judge for technical merit and won the gold. After the Grand Prix Final, she won the Russian Nationals, Europeans and took a silver medal at the 2000 Worlds. At the 2001 Worlds, she became the first woman to land a triple salchow-triple loop-double toeloop combination...took a silver medal. And at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, Irina won the silver medal. Her long cherished desire to win the Worlds was fulfilled on the 23rd of the next month...Irina became the 2002 World Champion.

Name Irina Slutskaya / Irina means "Peace" in Ancient Greek
Pronounced e-Ree-nah Sloots-kah-yah

Date of Birth February 9,1979

Place of Birth Moscow, Soviet Union

Residence Moscow, Russia

Height 5ft 3in(160cm)

Hair Brown

Marital Status Married / husband, Sergei Mikheyev

Profession Irina graduated Moscow Academy of physical culture in 2000

Languages Russian & English

Hobbies Driving, Irina drives a Land Rover and TOYOTA PRADO(Black). Stuffed animals, Reading

Pasttime Travel

Pets Irina has a two dogs named Erna and Bars, she also has a small lizard, named Guan

Favorite program music "Culture"

Favorite music Rock music, Classical music and Russian pop music, Vivaldi etc..

Favorite Colors Red and Rose

Favorite food Any food

Favorite drink Juice

Favorite fruit Melon

Favorite writers Mikhail Bulgakov, Erich Maria Remarque

Favorite novel The Master and Margarita (Mikhail Bulgakov)

Favorite poet Aleksandr Pushkin, Aleksandr Block

Favorite movies Comedies and scary movies

Favorite film director Nikita Mikhalkov

Motto "Never fall down"

Nicknames Ira, Slute

Began Skating 1985

Trademarks Triple Loop(three turns), Spins(Biellmann, Catchfoot), Footwork

Traning Location Moscow, Russia

Club Trade Union Club

Coach Zhanna(Jana) Gromova

Viacheslav Voitiuk(2004-2005 season)
Igor Bobrin(2003-2005 season)
Elena Kustarova(2003-2004 season)
Margarita Romanenko(2002-2005 season))
Giuseppe Arena(2001-2002 season)
Elena Matveeva(1998-2002 season)
Tatiana Stepanova(1997-1998 season)
E.Vassilieva(1997-1998 season)
Elena Chaikovskaya(1996-1997 season)
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