Irina remains in the Russian national team 【ALLSPORT】
2006-2007 GPS 不参加
Schedule of Competitions 2006-2007
Russian National Figure Skating Team 2006-2007
Torino 2006 Olympic Games トリノオリンピック
European Championships 2006 欧州選手権
Grand Prix Final 2005/2006
Cup of Russia 2005
Cup of China 2005
Russia National Team Test Skate
World Championships 2005 世界選手権
Russian National Championships 2005
Cup of Russia 2004
Cup of China 2004
Russian National Team Test Skate 2004
2004 Marshalls World Skating Challenge
World Championships 2004 世界選手権
World Championships 2003 WD 棄権
Grand Prix Final 2003
Cup of Russia 2002
World Championships 2002 世界選手権
Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Games ソルトレークオリンピック
European Championships 2002 欧州選手権
Russian National Championship 2002 露選手権
Grand Prix Final 2001/2002
Cup of Russia 2001
Goodwill Games 2001
Russian National Team 2001 Test Skate
World Championships 2001 世界選手権
Grand Prix Final 2000/2001
Russian National Championships 2001
2000 Hershey's Kisses Figure Skating Challenge
World Championships 2000 世界選手権
Grand Prix Final 1999/2000
Russian National Championships 2000
Russian National Championships 1999
Nagano 1998 Olympic Games 長野オリンピック
European Championships 1998 欧州選手権
Sparkassen Cup on Ice 1997
Japan Open 1997 (Honda Prelude Cup)
European Championships 1996 欧州選手権
World Junior Championships 1994


Irina remains in the Russian national team 【ALLSPORT】

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)とトリノ金メダリストは全員、2006-2007シーズンもロシア代表チームに登録されると、露フィギュアスケート連盟会長が語ったという記事です。

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2006/2007シーズンから世界選手権で予選(the Qualifying Free Skating round)の廃止が決定しましたが、イリーナ・スルツカヤも賛成していました。
No more qualifying at world figure skating championships
4:55 p.m. June 29, 2006

BUDAPEST, Hungary – Figure skating's world championships just got a little shorter. And the top skaters are thrilled about it.
A motion to drop the qualifying round for singles skaters at the world championships was approved during the International Skating Union congress on Wednesday. Officials said it will make the championships shorter, more appealing to the public and more cost effective.

“There should be more practice ice at the competition arena without having the qualifying,” U.S. champion Sasha Cohen said. “It was very trying to do three programs and I hope that they now seed the short program.” Evan Lysacek, the bronze medalists at the last two worlds, echoed Cohen's thoughts. “Good idea,” said Lysacek, who along with Cohen is on the Champions on Ice tour. “It makes it less stressful on the skaters – two longs are just too much.”

Qualifying sessions were unique to worlds, and were only for men and women. Though qualifying only counted for a quarter of the final score and was initially designed to narrow the field, the session could cost skaters a title or a medal. Michelle Kwan was docked for going over the time limit in qualifying at the 2005 worlds, putting her seventh in her group. She wound up fourth overall, narrowly missing the bronze medal to finish off the podium for the first time since 1996.

It's better to skate two programs,” said Russia's Irina Slutskaya, a two-time world champ. “It was just too much to skate three programs for the competition.”

ISU officials also voted at the congress to maintain the anonymity of judges and continue the random draw of scores. Figure skating scrapped its 6.0 scoring system for a points-based system after the pairs scandal at the 2002 Olympics. A computer randomly selects which of the judges' scores count and no one – not even the judges – knows whose scores determined the result of the competition.

ISU > ISU Congress - Budapest (HUN) Day 3
28 Jun 2006 12:31
Qualifying Free Skating- Congress approved a motion to cancel the Qualifying Free Skating round at all ISU Championships, thus making the Championships shorter, more appealing to the public and cost effective.
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2006-2007 GPS 不参加

ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2006/2007Entry が発表されました。残念ながら、イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は不参加です。
Skate America 、真央とキミーが対決しますね〜

資料室ノート > 07/07 昨季の得点ランキングと今季のGPエントリー数
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Schedule of Competitions 2006-2007

Schedule of Main National and International Competitions for 2006-2007 season approved by the Presidium of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia.

08/? Qualifying Skating
10/26-29 GPS Smart Ones Skate America / Hartford, CT
11/02-05 GPS Skate Canada International / Victoria, BC
11/09-12 GPS Cup of China / Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
11/16-19 GPS Trophee Eric Bompard Cachemire / Paris
11/23-26 GPS Cup of Russia / Moscow
11/30-12/03 GPS NHK Trophy / Nagano
12/14-17 GPS Final / St.Petersburg
01/03-07 National Championships / Mytischi, Moscow
01/22-28 European Championships / Warsaw, Poland
02/21-24 Russian Cup Final / Tver
03/19-25 World Championships / Tokyo
イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、最近のインタビューでたびたび次シーズンは「休むかも」と言ってますが・・・
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Russian National Figure Skating Team 2006-2007

Russia Figure Skating Federation ロシアフィギュア連盟が発表した Russian National Figure Skating Team Season 2006-2007 の、Single Skating Ladies に、イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)の名前もあります!

Biktagirova Lilia 01.12.1990
Volchkova Viktoria 30.07.1982
Gerboldt Katarina 28.03.1989
Martynova Arina 27.02.1990
Naidenova Olga 08.12.1987
Slutskaya Irina 09.02.1979
Sokolova Elena 15.02.1980
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フィギュアスケートニュースが05/29、“パーソナルベストランキング05〜06 女子シングル編”を掲載してます。
イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、ショートプログラム、フリースケーティング、総合得点ともトップで、3冠を達成してます!

1 スルツカヤ 70.22(グランプリ・中国杯)
( スルツカヤ  67.58(グランプリ・ロシア杯)
2 コーエン   66.73(オリンピック)
( スルツカヤ  66.70(オリンピック))
( スルツカヤ  66.43(欧州選手権))
3 荒川静香  66.02(オリンピック)
4 浅田真央  64.38(グランプリファイナル)
( スルツカヤ  58.90(グランプリファイナル))

1 スルツカヤ 130.48(グランプリ・ロシア杯)
2 マイスナー 129.70(世界選手権)
( スルツカヤ  126.81(欧州選手権))
( スルツカヤ  125.90(グランプリ・中国杯))
3 荒川静香  125.32(オリンピック)
4 浅田真央  125.24(グランプリファイナル)
( スルツカヤ  122.58(グランプリファイナル))
( スルツカヤ  114.74(オリンピック))

1 スルツカヤ 198.06(グランプリ・ロシア杯)
( スルツカヤ  196.12(グランプリ・中国杯))
( スルツカヤ  193.24(欧州選手権))
2 荒川静香  191.34(オリンピック)
3 マイスナー 189.87(世界選手権)
4 浅田真央  189.62(グランプリファイナル)
( スルツカヤ  181.48(グランプリファイナル))
( スルツカヤ  181.44(オリンピック))
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ISU の関連スレッド;ISU Limits Biellmans (?)
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Torino 2006 Olympic Games トリノオリンピック

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、3回目のオリンピックとなるトリノオリンピックに参加し、銅メダルを獲得しました。

日程・結果 Schedule & Results : Official Site 公式サイト  ISU
02/10 Opening Ceremony 開会式
02/18 Irina arrived Torino from Moscow  モスクワからトリノ着
02/19 Official Practice 公式練習・SP滑走順抽選
02/20 Official Practice 公式練習
02/21 AM Official Practice 公式練習
02/21 19:00 (日本27:00) SP 2nd 日本語
02/22 PM Official Practice 公式練習
02/23 AM Official Practice 公式練習
02/23 19:00 (日本27:00) FS 3rd 日本語
02/23 Medal Ceremony 表彰式 Bronze Medal (3rd) 銅メダル
02/24 19:00 (日本27:00) EX エキシビション 
02/26 Closing Ceremony 閉会式

会場 Venue : Palavela 8260 seats 60x30m
TorinoPalavela.jpg Palavela 2006 Olympic-th.jpg

プログラム Program
SP :
Totentanz  死の舞踏
FS : Mario Takes a Walk, Rhumba, Flamenco フラメンコ
EX : So Many Things

Torino 2006 Olympic トリノオリンピックでの発言

●ファンのサイト Fan's site
IRINA SLUCKA Lady of Figure Skating > Olympijské hry Torino 2006  Photo 写真集

Irina Slutskaya online Photo Gallery
> torino 2006 Photo Gallery 写真集
> トリノオリンピック観戦記

お茶が熱くてのめません。> イリーナ・スルツカヤの4年間。

blog EVERGREEN > イリーナ・スルツカヤ選手 トリノフリーを振り返る

●英語のサイト English site
Torino 2006 Official Site 公式サイト
 プロフィール:Athlete details - SLUTSKAYA Irina
 Figure Skating Page
  Photo gallery 写真:SP、FSEX
  インタビュー記事:Irina Slutskaya and her Records
  ジャンプ解説記事に写真(2004-2005 season の)

 Irina Slutskaya page スルツカヤ総合紹介ページ
 Photo 写真:SP20枚FS&表彰式45枚EX1枚(15番)

MSNBC > Sports > Winter Olympics
> VIDEO 動画
   Irina's hard fall 02/24 NBC“Today Show”
   Athlete to watch: Irina Slutskaya 02/17 NBC“Today Show”

●日本語のサイト Japanese site
NowOfIce > トリノ五輪特集 > イリーナ・スルツカヤ選手

Yahoo!JAPAN Sports スポーツナビ > トリノ五輪特集
 写真 Photo : FS表彰式12閉会式
 記事 Article :
  02/22 SPドキュメント
  02/17 トリノ五輪でも圧倒的な強さを見せるロシア選手
日刊スポーツトリノ五輪2006特集 > フィギュア記事バックナンバー
 写真 Photo : SPFS、表彰式、EX
 記事 Article :
  02/25 【八木沼純子の目】静香金、心と準備の勝利
  02/25 静香金、ライバル転倒なくても堅かった
  02/25 静香金、真島茂樹氏「マツ“金”サンバ」
  02/25 金運なき女王スルツカヤ銅/フィギュア
  02/25 コーエン再び「銀コレクター」
  02/24 「静香がロシアの独占阻んだ」と打電
  02/24 スルツカヤ雪辱ならず/フィギュア
  02/24 各国の金メダル“相場”最高額はロシア 約2800万円
  02/24 チケット7万円ダフ屋も
  02/23 静香が公開練習でも最高の演技
  02/23 慎重に滑るSP1位のコーエン
  02/23 【八木沼純子】金メダルへ静香いい位置
  02/23 3位静香いけるぞ逆転金!/フィギュア
  02/23 2位スルツカヤ女王の重圧
  02/23 1位コーエン表現力断トツ!
  02/22 2位スルツカヤ「ハッピー」/フィギュア
  02/21 スルツカヤの宿敵が「衣装運搬係」 ヒューズ
  02/21 美姫らフィギュア陣が本番用衣装で調整
  02/21 ロシア、アイスダンスも制す
  02/20 欧州選手権 スルツカヤSP首位発進 

スポニチ > トリノ五輪特集
 記事 Article :

日経 トリノオリンピック2006 > フィギュア
 Photo 写真:SPPractice for FS, FS, MedalEX
 記事 Article :
  02/23 明暗分けたジャンプ・ライバルの転倒が得点差に
  02/23 4年前の雪辱ならず・女王スルツカヤにも五輪の魔物

共同通信 > トリノ五輪特集
 記事 Article : すべてここ
  明暗分けたジャンプ ライバルの転倒が得点差に
  冒頭に2回の連続3回転 ゴージャスな荒川のフリー
  荒川、村主は有利な演技順 フィギュア
  金メダルへ女王対決 荒川静香とスルツカヤ

Sports@nifty > トリノ五輪 > スケート (時事通信)
 記事 Article :
  02/24 荒川、ジャンプの出来で差=得点詳細から見た勝因
  02/24 最高の輝き逃すも価値あるメダル=スルツカヤ、女王の誇り忘れず
  02/22 邪心捨て自由に臨む=女王スルツカヤ

 記事 Article :
  02/24 金スルリツカヤ、プレッシャーにつぶされ…3位
  02/22 ついにメダル見えた! 荒川3位、村主4位
  02/21 スルツカヤにアクシデント、フリーの衣裳が…
  01/12 スルツカヤ“薬漬け”心臓に持病…トリノに大量持参

サンスポ > トリノ五輪 > フィギュアスケート
 写真 Photo : 02/19 Practice SP 
 記事 Article :
  02/25 コーエン銀、スルツカヤ銅…米露2人悪夢の転倒
  02/23 貫禄スルツカヤ2位「今季最高の演技」
  02/20 スルツカヤがトリノ初練習−日本の強敵、世界女王

MSN毎日インタラクティブ > トリノ冬季五輪2006
 写真 Photo : > 写真特集一覧
  2月21日 SP 5枚
  2月23日 FS 17枚、表彰式3枚
  2月24日 EX 11枚
 記事 Article :
  へぇ〜(^▽^*)フィギュア > <6>難病と戦う女王 スルツカヤ

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European Championships 2006 欧州選手権

※ posted 2006/05/27 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、フランス・リヨンで行われた ISU European Figure Skating Championships 2006 欧州選手権で7度目の優勝を果たし、ソニア・ヘニーとカタリナ・ヴィットを抜いて史上最多勝選手となりました。
European Figure Skating Championships Medalists(Wiki)

日程 Schedule : 2006/01/16-22
01/14 06:30-11:30, 17:45-22:35 Practice
01/15 10:20-19:50,19:00-19:50 Practice
01/16 06:30-11:30 Practice
01/16 20:00-21:30 Opening Ceremony and Reception
01/17 09:20-13:10 Official Practice
01/18 06:30-10:30 Practice
01/18 12:15-18:00 Short Program #3/33
01/19 09:50-13:00 Practice
01/19 18:30-22:20 Free Skating #24/24
01/19 22:20- Victory Ceremony
01/20 17:50-18:30 Exhibition Practice
01/21 15:55-16:50 Exhibition Practice
01/21 21:30- Medal Winners Ceremony and Closing Banquet
01:22 10:00-12:40 Exhibition Practice
01/22 15:15-17:50 Exhibition

会場 Venue : Palais des Sports de Lyon / France

成績 Result :
SP : 1st 66.43 (TES 35.91 1st + PCS 30.52 1st)
FS : 1st 126.81 (TES 63.32 1st + PCS 63.49 1st)
Final Result : 1st 193.24
1 Irina SLUTSKAYA    RUS   193.24   1   1
2 Elena SOKOLOVA    RUS   177.81   2   2
3 Carolina KOSTNER   ITA    172.45   5   3
4 Sarah MEIER       SUI    167.16   3   4
5 Elene GEDEVANISHVILI GEO 153.27   4   6
6 Kiira KORPI        FIN    146.37   11   5

プログラムと動画 Programs & Videos :
SP : Totentanz
FS : Mario Takes a Walk / Rhumba / Flamenco   YouTube
EX : You Promised Me (Tu Es Foutu) > Irina Slutskaya Videos by Koral

Montage video "Irina 7-time Euros Champion" by Majky87

写真 Photos :
Absolute Skating > 2005 - 2006 Season News > Photogallery European Championships 2006
> Ladies SP
> Ladies FP
> Medals
> Gala
> Off Ice
> Euros Daily Photos: Jan 17, Jan 18, Jan 22
Absolute Skating > 2005 - 2006 Season News > Photo album from the European Championships - the practice sessions
> Ladies
> Gala > Athletes > Irina Slutskaya > VIEW PHOTOS

ISMAG > Photo Gallery > Podium

Irina Slucká - Lady of Figure Skating > Fotogalerie > Mistrovsví Evropy 2006 v Lyonu

ISFF > Photos I never seen
 ※2枚目のみ(1枚目と3枚目は Cup Of Russia 2005)

ニュース News :
English Translation by Free Online Translator "WorldLingo"
20 января, 10:28
Слуцкая в седьмой раз взяла европейское золото
Slutskaya in seventh time took European gold


Российское фигурное катание из года в год доказывает, что, несмотря на непростую экономическую и политическую ситуацию в нашей стране, именно этот вид спорта был и остается одним из сильнейших. Отечественные фигуристы даже в условиях жестокой конкуренции умудряются побеждать как на чемпионатах мира и Европы, так и на этапах Гран-при по фигурному катанию.
Russian figure skating from year to year proves, that, in spite of complex economic and political situation in our country, precisely, this form of sport was and remains one of the strong. Domestic figure skaters even under the conditions of the cut-throat competition teach to conquer both on the championships of world and Europe and in the Grand Prix Series on figure skating.

На проходящем ныне чемпионате Европы по фигурному катанию в Лионе российские пары уже доказали, что по крайней мере среди европейцев мы были и остаемся сильнейшими. Вчерашний же вечер принес выигрыш еще одной нашей спортсменке, причем она побеждает на европейских первенствах уже в седьмой раз.
On that passing now the championship of Europe on figure skating in Lyon Russian pairs already proved that at least we were among the Europeans and we remain strongest. However, yesterday's evening brought gain one additional our sportswoman, it conquering on the European superiority already seventh time.

Этой спортсменкой является выдающаяся фигуристка-одиночница Ирина Слуцкая, которая, блестяще откатав короткую и произвольную программы, получила свое законное золото. Ее оценка за прокат произвольной программы составила 126,81 баллов. Единственной ошибкой стала помарка, допущенная после тройного флипа, когда спортсменка коснулась рукой льда. Однако даже это не смогло повлиять на высокие оценки Ирины и не испортило общее впечатление от ее выступления.
This sportswoman is the outstanding figure skater -[odinochnitsa] Irina Slutskaya, who, is brilliant [otkatav] short and free programs, received the legal gold. Its estimation for hire of free program composed 126,81 marks. Only error became the blot, allowed after triple flip, when sportswoman touched ice with her hand. However, even this could not influence the appreciations of Irina and did not spoil the general impression from her performance.

Associated Press
9:32 a.m. ET Jan. 20, 2006
Slutskaya sets record with 7th European title
Russian eclipses Witt, Henie

Russia's Irina Slutskaya performs during the women's free skate at the European Figure Skating Championships on Thursday.

LYON, France - Irina Slutskaya would rather not think too much about the Olympics just yet. She knows a lot of things can go wrong.
You never know what can happen,” Slutskaya said. “It’s ice. It’s slippery. It’s life.
Regardless, she will head into Turin in a less than a month with a record seventh European figure skating title — one more than Katarina Witt and Sonja Henie. Henie and Witt still have something Slutskaya doesn’t — an Olympic gold medal.
Henie dominated Europe in the 1930s, and added 10 world titles and three Olympic golds. Witt won her six Europeans in the 1980s, along with four worlds, and two Olympics.
Katarina Witt, for me, was the best skater in the world. I never, never thought I could beat her,” said Slutskaya, who has won world titles in 2002 and 2005.
Now she could be the one whose record will be broken.
Maybe in 10 or 20 years, somebody will beat the record and they will say, ‘Oh! You know you beat the record of Irina Slutskaya.”’

In the women’s free skate Thursday, Slutskaya did five triples to a routine of flamenco music, but put her hand to the ice on a triple flip.
I made a small mistake, I don’t know why it happened, I was off balance (but) I was sure I could skate well. I saw all the other skaters, all the other girls skated well, and I’m pleased with my second mark, it was better than yesterday.
Still, she was easily in front with 126.81 points for the free skate, and 193.24 overall. She clapped her hands on seeing the scores, and said “Seven, seven, seven,” into TV cameras.
I love this pressure. It is not interesting when nobody skates well,” she said. “I like it when the atmosphere is really competitive like tonight.

Slutskaya first won the title in 1996, becoming the first Russian or former Soviet woman to take a major figure skating championship. She won again in 1997, 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2005.
You know, back then, I was just thinking, ‘This is the beginning,”’ Slutskaya said. “Now I am thinking it is maybe the end.
Slutskaya, despite all of her success, has had down periods, too. She didn’t qualify for the Russian team in 1999 and was sidelined for most of the 2003-2004 season with a heart ailment for which she still takes medication.
She’s still considered the favorite to win gold at Turin, despite the fact she’ll be 27 — old by normal skating standards — the day before the games open. Her only loss since the 2004 world championships was to 15 year-old Mao Asada of Japan in last month’s Grand Prix Final, but Asada was too young to be eligible for Turin.
Slutskaya’s gold put the Russians halfway to another sweep.
Associated Press
Jan. 19, 2006, 7:53 PM ET
Slutskaya wins record 7th European skating title

LYON, France -- Irina Slutskaya never dreamed of topping Sonja Henie or Katarina Witt. Now the Russian stands above both greats.

Slutskaya now has one more European title than Katarina Witt and Sonja Henie.

Slutskaya won her record seventh title at the European figure skating championships Thursday, breaking the mark she'd shared with Henie and Witt.
"Katarina Witt, for me, was the best skater in the world. I never, never thought I could beat her, of course," Slutskaya said. "Maybe in 10 or 20 years, somebody will beat the record and they will say, 'Oh! You know you beat the record of Irina Slutskaya.'"

Slutskaya finished with an overall score of 193.24 points, easily beating fellow Russian Elena Sokolova. She clapped her hands on seeing the scores and said "Seven, seven, seven" into TV cameras.
Sokolova was second with 177.81 points. Italy's Carolina Kostner, who will carry the Italian flag in the opening ceremonies of the Torino Games next month, won the bronze medal.
"I love this pressure. It is not interesting when nobody skates well," Slutskaya said. "I like it when the atmosphere is really competitive like tonight."
Slutskaya's victory puts Russia halfway to another sweep of the European titles.

Henie dominated the sport in the 1930s, also winning 10 titles at the world championships and three Olympic gold medals (1928, 1932, 1936). Witt won her six European titles in the 1980s, along with four world crowns and Olympic golds in 1984 and 1988.
Slutskaya won her initial European crown in 1996, becoming the first Russian or Soviet woman to win the title. She won again in 1997, 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2005.
"You know, back then, I was just thinking this is the beginning," she said. "Now I am thinking it is maybe the end."

First, though, there are the Torino Olympics, where Slutskaya will be the heavy favorite to win gold.
Slutskaya has been almost unbeatable since returning from the heart ailment that sidelined her for most of the 2003-04 season and for which she still takes medication. Her only loss since the 2004 world championships was to Mao Asada of Japan at last month's Grand Prix final.
But the 15-year-old is too young for Torino, making Slutskaya a favorite to upgrade the silver she won four years ago in Salt Lake City.
"You never know what can happen," she cautioned. "It's ice. It's slippery. It's life."

Slutskaya put her hand to the ice on a triple flip, one of five triple jumps she did Thursday. But it was a minor mistake, and she easily won the free skate to beat Sokolova.
"I made a small mistake; I don't know why it happened. I was off-balance [but] I was sure I could skate well," Slutskaya said. "I saw all the other skaters -- all the other girls skated well -- and I'm pleased with my second mark; it was better than yesterday."
Sokolova did six triples and was thrilled with her program to a modern version of "Romeo and Juliet." Kostner did five triples but fell once.
Jan. 19, 2006 (EST)
Slutskaya in seventh heaven with record European win
World champion Irina Slutskaya won a record seventh women's title at the European figure skating championships.

Irina Slutskaya celebrates on the podium

LYON, France (AFP) - She took gold ahead of fellow Russian Elena Sokolova, the 2003 world and European silver medallist, with Carolina Kostner of Italy taking bronze after the free skating final.

Olympic silver-medallist Slutskaya overtakes the legendary Sonja Henie of Norway, who won six titles in a row between 1931-1936 and Germany's Katarina Witt, winner from 1983-1988.
"Katarina Witt was for me the best skater in the world," said Slutskaya.
"I really liked the way she skated. I never thought I could beat her and put my name in history," added the skater who was the first Russian woman to win the title in 1996.
She also won in 1997, 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2005.
"Then I was just thinking 'this is the beginning' and now I'm thinking 'maybe this is the end'," said the 26-year-old after her tenth Europeans.

But the two-time world champion insisted that she would make a decision on her future after the Olympics next month where she will bid to become the first Russian woman to win gold.
"I can't answer how I'll feel psychologically (at the Olympics). You never know what will happen."

Slutskaya's free skating performance to Mario Takes a Walk and a Rhumba and Flamenco combination was not perfect as she touch down on a triple toeloop jump. She included six triple jumps but did not attempt a triple-triple.
But she scored highly for choreography and interpretation, gaining extra points for her spins and footwork for a combined total of 193.24 points.
"I think I skated pretty good, not great, but it was a good performance," she explained.
"I worked very hard for my second mark and it was very high today."

Sokolova, 25, gave a strong challenge earning 177.81 after giving a clean performance to the Romeo and Juliet musical which included six triples including a triple-triple-double combination. "The Europeans are really a preparation for the Olympics," said Sokolova who won the Russian national title this year after Slutskaya withdrew through illness.

And world bronze medallist Kostner showed her form for the Olympics at home next month by jumping from fifth position following the short programme to score 172.45.
Kostner, cousin of Italian skiier Isolde Kostner, opened with a triple flip-triple toeloop combination to Vivaldi's Four Seasons, but fell on her final triple salchow.
"I must admit that I've been very nervous all this week. I felt a lot of eyes were on me and a lot of pressure," said Kostner, who will carry the Italian flag at the Olympics opening ceremony in Turin. "I didn't do everything as I would have liked but I can now work towards the Olympics."
Associated Press
Jan. 19, 2006, 8:02 AM ET
Slutskaya poised to win record 7th European title

LYON, France -- Irina Slutskaya captured the short program Wednesday, putting the Russian in position to win and overtake Katarina Witt and Sonia Henie with her seventh title at the European Championships.
Slutskaya skated early but her score of 66.04 points held up for nearly five hours. Russia's Elena Sokolova was second at 60.88, followed by Switzerland's Sarah Meier at 60.87.
The long program is Thursday. If Slutskaya wins, she will break the European record she shares with Witt and Henie, two of figure skating's greatest names.
"I don't think about it," Slutskaya said. "It is still a hard competition I just want to give my best. It is not the reason why I'm coming here."
Slutskaya skated third and not many saw her morning performance.
"You know I was so upset because there was no crowd over there," Slutskaya said. "I am used to so many people in competition."
She went with an easier combination of a triple lutz-double toe loop. But her spins, spirals and landings were far superior to the other competitors in her routine to "Totenttanz" by Franz Liszt.

Michelle Kwan has chosen the same music for her short program and hopes to use it at the Olympics if she is approved by U.S. skating officials next week. Kwan was placed on the Olympic team but must prove she is fit following her withdrawal from the national championships because of a groin injury.
"I wish to see her at the Olympics, and I wish to see her on the podium," Slutskaya said.
Slutskaya might be the Olympic favorite despite her loss to 15-year-old Mao Asada at last month's Grand Prix Final. Asada is not eligible for Turin because she missed the age deadline by 87 days.
Sokolova took second with a dramatic program to the opera "Turandot." Meier was 10th at the last two Europeans. Newcomer Elene Gedevanishvili of Georgia was fourth. Only 16, she did a difficult triple flip-triple toe loop combination.
Slutskaya is trying to help Russia to a sweep of titles.
Jan. 18, 2006 (EST)
Slutskaya relishing clash with old foe Kwan
World champion Irina Slutskaya warned that she is relishing a clash with her old foe Michelle Kwan at the Winter Olympics next month after taking the lead at the European figure skating championships here.


LYON, France (AFP) - Slutskaya move closer to becoming the most successful European woman's figure skater ever by taking pole position after the short programme ahead of fellow Russian Elena Sokolova and Sarah Meier of Switzerland.

The 25-year-old will surpass the legendary Sonja Henie of Norway and Germany's Katarina Witt by winning a seventh women's crown here this week to add to those she won in 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2005.

And she said she was looking forward to meeting old rival Kwan in Turin and bidding to move up to the gold medal position after achieving silver four years ago in Salt Lake City.

World champion in 2002 and 2005, Slutskaya has emerged from the shadows of five-time world champion Kwan, behind whom she finished runner-up at three world championships - 1998, 2000 and 2001.
"It's been a long time since we've met," said Slutskaya.
"I so miss her. I'm looking forward to competing against her again. But I don't really think about it now because you have to finish one competition before going on to the next."

After missing most of the 2003-2004 season injured the Russian has been in form this year, winning the Cup of Russia and Cup of China, although she pulled out of the Russian nationals through illness.

Kwan, 25, has not competed this season because of groin and hip injuries and was awarded a special berth to compete in Turin as she bids for the only title to elude her. Her last world title was in 2003 and she finished fourth last year behind Slutskaya in Moscow.

Slutskaya dominated the field Wednesday, scoring 66.43 points for her technically difficult routine to Totentanz by Franz Liszt which included a triple lutz-double loop opening combination and finishing off with her trademark double Biellmann spin with foot change.

Russian national champion Sokolova scored 60.88 just ahead of Meier's 60.87 going into Thursday's free skating final. Sixteen-year-old Elene Gedevanishvili of Georgia, competing in her first major competition, is placed fourth.

サンスポ > 女王スルツカヤが2連覇…欧州選手権

スポニチ [ 2006年01月21日 ]
スルツカヤ 欧州選手権で7度目V
 「ビットは私にとって世界最高のスケーター。彼女を抜けるとは思わなかった」と喜んだスルツカヤだが「これが始まり」と悲願の金メダルを狙うトリノ五輪へ気を引き締めた。ジャンプで1度、手をつくミスがあったが、04年の復帰後は昨年末のGPファイナルで浅田真央(15=グランプリ東海ク)に負けた以外は9戦全勝という強さ。「少し休んで、またハードに練習する」と照準を金メダル1本に絞った。 同内容記事:MSN毎日

日刊スポーツ [2006/1/20/08:03 紙面から]






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Grand Prix Final 2005/2006


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、グランプリファイナル ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2005/2006 に参加し、準優勝しました。

ISU > ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2005/2006

公式サイト Official Site

テレビ朝日 TV Asahi


isu02.jpg isu01.jpg

日程 Schedule : 2005/12/16-18
12/14 Arrivals, Additional practice 到着、追加練習(希望者)
12/15 10:00 The first official practice 公式練習初日
12/16 09:00 Practice 練習
     16:30 Opening on Ice アイス・リンク オープニング
     20:30 Short Program ショート・プログラム
12/17 08:00 Practice 練習
     17:43 Free Skating フリー・スケート
12/18 15:00 Exhibition Gala エキシビション・ガラ

会場 Place :
国立代々木競技場第一体育館 / 東京都渋谷区
National Yoyogi Stadium 1st Gymnasium, Tokyo / Japan

プログラムと動画 Program & Video :
SP : Totentanz  死の舞踏
FS : Mario Takes a Walk / Rhumba / Flamenco
EX : You Promised Me

テレビ TV : テレビ朝日(TV Asahi)

成績 Result :
公式サイト Official Site > 成績 Result
ISU > Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2005/2006 > Result
Pl Name         Total     SP       FS
1 Mao ASADA      189.62   1  64.38   1  125.24
2 Irina SLUTSKAYA  181.48   2  58.90   2  122.58
3 Yukari NAKANO   161.82    4  56.04   3  105.78
4 Miki ANDO       157.30    3  56.70   4  100.60
5 Elena SOKOLOVA  150.08   5  52.30    5  97.78
6 Alissa CZISNY    140.90   6  48.26    6  92.64

Name       SP(TES, PCS)       FS(TES, PCS)
SLUTSKAYA  58.90 (28.70, 30.20)    122.58 (62.10, 60.48)
ASADA      64.38 (36.30, 28.08)   125.24 (65.80, 59.44)
ANDO       56.70 (31.14, 25.56)
NAKANO     56.04 (30.80, 25.24)

賞金 Prize Money :
1st place USD $25,000
2nd place USD $18,000
3rd place USD $12,000
4th place USD $6,000
5th place USD $4,000
6th place USD $3,000

チケット Tickets :
         12/16    12/17,18
アリーナSS  15,000円  17,000円
アリーナS   12,000円  14,000円
スタンドS   12,000円  14,000円
スタンドA    8,000円  10,000円
スタンドB    4,000円  7,000円
スタンドC    3,000円  4,000円
3日間通し券(スタンドA) 25,000円

写真 Photo :
公式サイト Official site > フォトギャラリー Photo Gallery
 SP " Totentanz "
 EX " You Promised Me "

同 > クロージングディナー Closing Dinner

Irina Slucká - Lady of Figure Skating > Fotogalerie > Grand Prix Final 2005 Tokio
 SP " Totentanz "

スポーツナビ > 世界女王のイリーナ・スルツカヤは2位発進
 SP " Totentanz "

神奈川県日本ユーラシア協会 Kanagawa Japan-Eurasia Society > ロシアのスポーツ > 2005グランプリファイナル
 FS " Mario Takes a Walk / Rhumba / Flamenco "
 05-gpf-811.jpg  05-gpf-113-11.jpg

同 > Photo Gallery
 FS " Mario Takes a Walk / Rhumba / Flamenco "
 05-gpf-83-11.jpg 05-gpf-82-11.jpg
 EX " You Promised Me "
 05-gpf-76-11.jpg 05-gpf-77-11.jpg

MSN毎日ニュース > スポーツ > その他 > フィギュアスケート > グランプリファイナル
> イリーナ・スルツカヤ
 EX " You Promised Me "
 Mainichi IS 1.jpgMainichi IS 6.jpg
 Mainichi IS 3.jpgMainichi IS 4.jpg
 Mainichi IS 5.jpgMainichi IS 2.jpg

同 > 浅田真央
 Mainichi Asada 6.jpg

公式サイト Official site > Result 結果一覧

公式サイト Official site > 壁紙 Wallpaper

DR > 15-årige vandt kunstskøjteløb-finale

tomo47123 > ASADA MAO

記事 Article :
●FS後記者会見 Press Conference after FS
公式サイトのレポート Official Site > Report > 12/17
2位 イリーナ・スルツカヤの話


@nifty:Sports > フィギュアスケート > 12/18 グランプリファイナル2日目 女子シングル 浅田真央完全優勝!

サンスポ > 12/18 「負けていないわ」−不満表すスルツカヤ

Artistik Buz Pateni > English > 2005 ISU GRAND PRIX FINAL
irina_slutskaya_05_gpf_fs.jpg winners_ladies_05_gpf.jpg
I’m very happy with my first mark, my jumps were high and solid today”, Slutskaya commented. ”I’m also happy with my performance, I skated like a true lady. I just didn’t understand why my component score was so low. It was higher in my other competitions“, she added.

Pakistan Daily Times > 12/20 Figure skating Grand Prix final proves no Olympic preview
I skated like a lady,” said the 26-year-old Muscovite, who has won the GP final title four times before. “I don’t understand why my programme component score was so low.”

USFSA > 12/17 Gold Medals Handed Out at Grand Prix Final
Asada did five more triple jumps without a miss and included three combinations in the final minute of her routine to the "Nutcracker Suite" to take a healthy lead over Slutskaya in the free skate, 125.24 to 122.58. Overall she won 189.62 to 181.48.
Slutskaya hit six high and strong triples to flamenco music. But she complained about her program component scores.
"In other meets I had 64, 63," she said. "Here I got 60. Same program, same dress."
Slutskaya wasn't that disappointed. "For me this competition is not really important," she said. "It is just another step in going to Turin."

USATODAY > 12/17 Asada wins women's title at figure skating Grand Prix
By Salvatore Zanca
Japanese teenager Mao Asada decided to play it safe. The 15-year-old attempted only one triple axel Saturday, but still easily beat world champion Irina Slutskaya to win the women's title at the Grand Prix Final. It was Slutskaya's first loss since the 2004 world championship in March.
Slutskaya put in six high and strong triples to Flamenco music. But she was not as brilliant as in Moscow when she won the world title with seven triples and a triple-triple.
"I felt so bad yesterday," Slutskaya said. "Today I felt better, much more comfortable. You could see it in the practice."
The Russian will be favored to win gold at the Torino Olympics despite her loss. "For me this competition is not really important," Slutskaya said. "It is just another step in going to Torino."

●SP後記者会見 Press Conference after SP
公式サイトのレポート Official Site > Report > 12/16

2位 イリーナ・スルツカヤの話


サンスポ > 12/17 真央SPで首位!世界女王イリーナ・スルツカヤはジャンプの失敗が響き2位

USFSA > 12/16 Czisny Looks to Rebound at Grand Prix Final
World champion Irina Slutskaya is in second place, nearly six points behind Japan's Mao Asada. Slutskaya bailed out of her planned triple flip after two turns and landed awkwardly.
"It's been a long time since I only did a double flip (in a short program)," Slutskaya said. "That's life, anything can happen."
However she did complain of dizziness which she later attributed to jet lag. "All day long I felt shaky," the Russian said.
She lost five points on the jump element and another three-plus points for a triple Lutz-double loop instead of the triple flip-triple loop that Asada did.

●オープニングレセプション Opening Reception
公式サイトのレポート Official Site > Report > 12/15 オープニングレセプション

USFSA > 12/15 Czisny Ready for Skating Exam
Irina Slutskaya, the two-time World champion who did two triple-triples in this event in 2000 and had record-setting performances under the new judging system this year

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Cup of Russia 2005

※posted 2006/10/06 投稿

ISFF > Cup of Russia Countdown, Cup of Russia - Message Thread, Cup Of Russia Schedule, Irina leads Cup of Russia after short program!, COR FreeSkate, COR Protocols are up, COR LP Details!, Small Interview Post COR - Totentanz Dance of Death!, Overheard at Cup Of Russia, Cup of Russia LPs on ESPN- 9 pm eastern tonight (Monday)
Evgeni Plushenko Devotion > News > Cup of Russia

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、ロシア杯 ISU Grand Prix Cup of Russia 2005 で、SP, FS とも圧倒的な強さで優勝しました。FS ではパーソナルベストを出しました。Cup of Russia での通算成績は、9戦7勝(銅2)となりました。

日程 Schedule : 2005/11/24-27
11/25 Short Program Warm-Up
Warm-Up Group 1
 2 Yoshie ONDA JPN
 5 Miki ANDO JPN
Warm-Up Group 2
 9 Susanna PÖYKIÖ FIN
 10 Tatiana BASOVA

11/25 17:15 Short Program
Starting Order
 2 Yoshie ONDA JPN
 5 Miki ANDO JPN
 9 Susanna PÖYKIÖ FIN
 10 Tatiana BASOVA RUS

11/26 14:24 Free Skating
Starting Order
 4 Tatiana BASOVA RUS
 6 Susanna PÖYKIÖ FIN
 7 Yoshie ONDA JPN
 10 Miki ANDO JPN

11/27 16:00 Awards
11/27 16:30 Exhibition

会場 Venue : Ice Palace - St. Petersburg

プログラム Programs :
SP : Totentanz  死の舞踏
FS : Mario Takes a Walk / Rhumba / Flamenco
EX : You Promised Me

動画 Videos :
SP : YouTube
FS : YouTube, YouTube

成績 Result :
SP : 1st
1 SLUTSKAYA 67.58 (35.70 + 31.88)
2 ANDO 60.76 (32.00 + 28.76)
3 ONDA 47.56 (25.12 + 22.44)
4 HUGHES 46.56 (25.36 + 22.20)
5 PÖYKIÖ 45.94 (21.30 + 24.64)

* Judges Scores (pdf)
TES 35.70
3Lz+2Lo 7.5+1.0=8.5
3F 5.5+1.0=6.5
2A 3.3+1.0=4.3
FCSp4 3.0+0.9=3.9
SpSt3 3.1+0.5=3.6
LSp3 1.8+0.0=1.8
SlSt2 2.3+0.3=2.6
CCoSp4 3.5+1.0=4.5
PCS 31.88
Skating Skills 8.20
Transition / Linking Footwork 7.75
Performance / Execution 8.10
Choreography / Composition 7.90
Interpretation 7.90

FS : 1st
1 SLUTSKAYA 130.48 (66.80 + 63.68) Personal Best Score
2 ANDO 111.54 (55.70 + 55.84)
3 ONDA 94.84 (51.24 + 43.60)
4 PÖYKIÖ 85.36 (37.28 + 48.08)
5 SEBESTYEN 81.00 (38.20 + 44.80)

* Judges Scores (pdf)
3Lz 6.0+0.6=6.6
3S+3Lo+2T 10.8+0.4=11.2
FCSp4 3.0+0.8=3.8
3F 5.5+0.0=5.5
LSp4 2.4+0.4=2.8
SpSt4 3.4+1.2=4.6
3F+2T 7.5x+0.8=8.3
3Lo 5.5x+1.2=6.7
3T 4.4x+0.0=4.4
CoSp3 2.5+0.0=2.5
2A 3.6x+0.4=4.0
SlSt2 2.3+0.3=2.6
CCoSp3 3.0+0.8=3.8
PCS 63.68
Skating Skills 8.15
Transition / Linking Footwork 7.70
Performance / Execution 8.10
Choreography / Composition 7.90
Interpretation 7.95

Result : 1st
1 Irina SLUTSKAYA 198.06 (SP 1st, FS 1st) Personal Best Score
2 Miki ANDO 172.30 (2, 2)
3 Yoshie ONDA 142.40 (3, 3)
4 Susanna PÖYKIÖ 131.30 (5, 4)
5 Emily HUGHES 125.76 (4, 7)

写真 Photos :
ISFF > COR Podium Photo, Shor t Program Photos, Photos by ClaireB!, Exhibition Photos - COR, Photo from COR
Irina Slucká - Lady of Figure Skating > Aktuality > 3. 12. Cup of Russia za námi...

Irina Slucká - Lady of Figure Skating > Fotogalerie > Cup of Russia 2005

Федерация фигурного катания на коньках России
_Irina%20Slutskayas.jpg > Athletes> Irina Slutskaya > Photos > Cup of Russia
SP : Totentanz  死の舞踏
FS : Mario Takes a Walk / Rhumba / Flamenco
EX : You Promised Me

FS : Mario Takes a Walk / Rhumba / Flamenco
2005.11.26   1035847360.jpg2005.11.26   1035847361.jpg2005.11.26   1035847362.jpg
2005.11.26   1035847363.jpg2005.11.26   1036062049.jpg2005.11.26   1036072329.jpg
2005.11.26   1036072330.jpg2005.11.26   1036072331.jpg
2005.11.26   1036072332.jpg2005.11.26   1036072333.jpg

ISFF > Photos I never seen

Bonnie > Cup of Russia 2005
55697_1s.jpg 55696_2s.jpg

スポニチ > トリノ五輪 > Go!アスリート 安藤美姫
KPhotoNormal20051128009_l.jpg KPhotoNormal20051128014_l.jpg

Форум Евгения Плющенко > О фигурном катании > О других фигуристах > Cup of Russia 2005

Форум Евгения Плющенко > О фигурном катании > Фото, видео, музыка > Cup of Russia (фотки)

Федерация фигурного катания на коньках России

nplana > Cup of Russia 2005 - Показательные
60021_DSC00005s.jpg 60009_DSC00038s.jpg
EX : You Promised Me

Closing Banquet
L : Jonny Weir Online > gallery > 2005 Fall Photos
R : Johnny Weir : A Rising Star > Photos > 2005/2006 Season
copyright Johnny Weir
Weir-gallery_05fall-05.jpg Johnny_Maxim_Irina_and_Tatiana_CoR_2005_small.jpg

ニュース News :
Комсомольская правда > Слуцкую унесли со льда на руках!
28 ноября 2005
Иру Слуцкую пришлось нести в раздевалку на руках - она забыла кроссовки.
Irina Slutskaya forgot her jogging shoes.

Skate Today > Russian Sweep at Cup of Russia
December 7, 2005
By Céline Oreiller for Skate Today
In the ladies event, Irina Slutskaya took a strong lead over Miki Ando of Japan in the short program and easily won in the free program. Her Biellmanns earned her higher levels on elements, while Miki Ando’s triple lutz-triple loop combination was downgraded to a triple-double in both programs. Slutskaya skated her free program to a selection of flamencos and scored a new personal best of 130.48 points. "I felt tired in the warm-up, but everything went well and I’m satisfied with my performance", she said.

English Translation by Babel Fish
Невский Cпорт > Золотой лед «Кубка России»
Gold ice of the "Cup of Russia"
28 ноября 2005, 15:25:00
Для Ирины Слуцкой возраст не помеха
The age is not the interference for Irina Slutskaya
Уже после короткой программы у женщин стало понятно, что другого лидера, кроме Ирины Слуцкой, в этих соревнованиях просто не может быть. А уж произвольная программа, исполненная под зажигательное «Фламенко», и вовсе прошла под несмолкаемые аплодисменты. Но если своей энергетикой спортсменка покорила зал, то судьи по достоинству оценили технику катания: в произвольной программе Ирина исполнила четыре тройных прыжка, аксель в два с половиной оборота, комбинацию из тройного сальхова, двойного ритбергера и двойного тулупа, а также каскад тройной флип-двойной тулуп. Великолепные прыжки и вращения позволили ей показать лучший личный результат (по новой системе судейства) – 130,48 баллов. После соревнований Ирина Слуцкая сказала, что удовлетворена своим прокатом, но чувствовала себя усталой во время разминки. «Я была очень сосредоточена и, поэтому в катании не было той раскованности».
Already after short program in women it became understandable that another leader, except Irina slutskoy, in these competitions simply it cannot be. But the already arbitrary program, completed under igniting "Flamenko", and completely passed under the ceaseless applause. But if sportswoman subjugated hall by her power engineering, then judges on the merit estimated the technology of the rolling: in the arbitrary program Irina carried out four triple leaps, Axel into two and one-half of revolution, combination from triple sal'khova, dual ritbergera also of dual sheepskin coat, and also cascade triple flip- dual sheepskin coat. Splendid leaps and rotations allowed her to show the best personal result (along the new system of judging) - 130,48 marks. Irina slutskaya said after competitions that it was satisfied by its rental, but it felt herself tired during the limbering-up. "I was very concentrated and; therefore in the rolling not there was that state of being unchained".

Ирина Слуцкая настроена решительно.
Irina slutskaya is disposed decisively.
Я чувствую себя хорошо, и готова соревноваться не только с ровесникам, но и с более молодыми спортсменами, - говорит двукратная чемпионка мира, которая явно собирается добавить к своим титулам долгожданное звание олимпийской чемпионки.
I feel itself well, and it is ready to compete not only to contemporaries, but also with the younger athletes, says the two-fold champion of World, who clearly intends to add the long-awaited title of Olympic champion to her titles.

English Translation by Babel Fish
Невский Cпорт > Чудесный сон. На пятом этапе серии «Гран-при» в Санкт-Петербурге все четыре вида выиграли россияне
28 ноября 2005, 04:27:00
Впрочем, если говорить о Слуцкой, то у нее была уважительная причина, чтобы припоздниться к завтраку. В субботу женщины открывали программу, поэтому их тренировки были назначены на самое раннее время, когда за окном было еще темно и вовсю мела метель, утихнувшая только после полудня. В такую погоду глаза открывать не хочется, не то что ехать на тренировку.
However, if we speak about Slutskaya, then it has valid reason in order to pripozdnit'sya to the breakfast. The program was opened on Saturday of woman; therefore their trainings were assigned to the earliest period, when it was still dark after the window and to the utmost extent chalk the snow-storm, which ceased only after noon. It does not be desirable to open in this weather of eye, not the fact that to go to the training.
Если честно, то Слуцкая наверняка могла бы выиграть соревнования и безо всякой тренировки – так велико в отсутствие Мишель Кван, Саши Коэн и Каролины Костнер было ее преимущество над соперницами. Печально только то, что фигуристок, близких по уровню к Слуцкой, в России больше нет. Татьяна Басова, вторая наша участница питерского «Гран-при», в короткой программе завалила все, что можно, да и в произвольной заняла предпоследнее место.
If it is honest, then Slutskaya for sure could win competitions and Beza any training - then great in the absence Michel Kwan, Sasha Cohen and Carolina Kostner was its advantage over rivals. Is sad only the fact that figure skaters, there are no close ones in the level to Slutskaya, in Russia greater. Tatiana Basov, our second participant in the St. Petersburg "Boundary- with", in the short program covered everything which is possible, yes even in the arbitrary engaged itself next-to-last place.
Слуцкая же, органично примерившая на себя роль темпераментной испанки, откаталась не менее уверенно, чем в первый день «Гран-при». Правда, сама фигуристка посетовала на пресс-конференции на усталость: мол, состязаться два дня подряд, да еще вставать при этом ни свет ни заря… Дотошные журналисты тут же поинтересовались: не устала ли Ирина настолько, чтобы закончить любительскую карьеру после Олимпийских игр? В ответ Слуцкая рассмеялась:
But Slutskaya, organically fitted to itself role of spirited Spaniard, otkatalas' not less confidently than during the first day "Boundary- with". True, figure skater herself complained at the press conference to the fatigue: it is said, to compete two days in a row, on top of that to arise in this case neither light nor dawn... Meticulous journalists here inquired: did not get tired Irina so, that to finish the amateurish career after the Olympic Games? Slutskaya began to laugh as the answer:
– Я не загадываю так далеко! Но пока я чувствую в себе силы соревноваться не только с ровесниками, но и с молодыми спортсменами.
4 I do not conjecture so far! But thus far I feel in itself forces to compete not only with the contemporaries, but also with the young athletes.

USA TODAY > Plushenko, Slutskaya win Cup of Russia Grand Prix
11/26/2005 12:22 PM
Slutskaya did not do the second part of her planned opening triple lutz-double loop combination, but compensated with a triple-triple-double cascade, adding a rotation to the planned double loop in the middle.
Slutskaya, in a bright red dress that echoed the rhumba music's verve, landed all her jumps with assurance and had a dramatic entrance into a flying camel spin early in the program. She entered the program with some concern.
"I felt a bit tired during warmup," she said. "I was a bit constrained and didn't feel as relaxed as I would have liked to. (But) I'm quite satisfied with my performance today." > FATIGUED SLUTSKAYA
Posted: Saturday November 26, 2005
World champion Irina Slutskaya also confirmed her status as one of the favourites for the Olympic crown by easily winning the women's competition.
The 26-year-old Russian, who had built a comfortable lead over her younger rivals in Friday's short programme, triumphed with a personal best tally of 198.06 points, almost 26 points ahead of second-placed Miki Ando of Japan.
Slutskaya, skating to Flamenco music, performed a clean free programme for another personal best of 130.48 but complained of fatigue after competing on consecutive days.
"I'm quite satisfied with my performance although I wasn't as relaxed as I had hoped to be because I felt a bit tired during the warm-up," she said. "Yesterday was a tough day and today I had to practise early in the morning, so it wasn't as easy as it might have looked."
With February's Winter Olympics in mind, Slutskaya said she would continue to work on her short and long programmes. "With the new scoring system, you just can't focus on specific elements," she said. "You must concentrate on the whole programme, trying to polish it to perfection."

ARTİSTİK BUZ PATENİ > 2005 Cup of Russia
SPORTS NEWS UK > Cup of Russia – St. Petersburg (RUS), Day 2
Slutskaya had drawn to skate next to last. She opened her program to a selection of Flamencos with a triple Lutz and then hit a triple Salchow-triple loop-double toe combination. A triple flip, layback into biellmann spin, triple flip-double toe, triple loop, triple toe and double Axel followed. The two-time World Champion also produced strong spins to score a new personal best of 130.48 points (66.80 element score/63.68 program component score) and accumulated a total score of 198.06. “I’m pleased with my program, but I felt somewhat tired in the warm up. As a result, I was very focused and not so relaxed. But everything worked quite well”, Slutskaya said. “We had a practice early this morning and the break between practice and competition was not so long.”

01:09 2005-11-27
Plushenko, Slutskaya win Cup of Russia

World champion Irina Slutskaya won the women's event with a personal-best free program score. Slutskaya's final score of 198.06 was more than 25 points ahead of second-place Miki Ando of Japan. Yoshie Onda of Japan won the bronze, 55 points behind Slutskaya.
The current world champion did not do the second part of her planned opening triple lutz-double loop combination, but compensated with a triple-triple-double cascade, adding a rotation to the planned double loop in the middle. Slutskaya landed all her jumps with assurance and had a dramatic entrance into a flying camel spin early in the program.
"I felt a bit tired during warmup. I was a bit constrained and didn't feel as relaxed as I would have liked to," Slutskaya said.

English Translation by Babel Fish and PROMT
Газета.Ru > Импровизации Ирины Слуцкой
Irina Slutskoya's improvisations
26 НОЯБРЯ 2005 21:41 (26 NOVEMBER)
I.Slutskaya.jpgПервой победительницей Кубка России, проходящего в Санкт-Петербурге, стала чемпионка мира Ирина Слуцкая. Она с колоссальным преимуществом в 25,76 балла опередила занявшую второе место японку Микки Андо.
The first conqueror of Cup of Russia, which takes place in Saint Petersburg, became the World champion Irina slutskaya. She with the colossal advantage into 25,76 marks outdistanced Japanese Miki Ando occupied the second place.

Выиграв второй в нынешнем сезоне этап Гран-при, российская фигуристка обеспечила себе путевку в финал этой престижной серии, который состоится в декабре в Японии.
After winning the second in the present season stage Boundary- with, Russian figure skater ensured to herself pass into the final of this prestige series, which takes place during December in Japan.

-- Прокатом произвольной программы я вполне удовлетворена, - сказала Ирина корреспонденту «Газеты.Ru». - Во время разминки чувствовала усталость, поэтому не удалось исполнить композицию легко и раскованно, пришлось полностью сконцентрироваться на элементах. Получилось, как уже сказала, неплохо.
-- I am quite satisfied by hire of the any program, - Irina to the correspondent « Newspapers has told. Ru ». - during warm-up felt weariness, therefore it was not possible to execute a composition easily and raskovanno, it was necessary to concentrate on elements completely. It has turned out, as has already told, not bad.

-- Чем вы объясняете накопившуюся усталость?
-- Than you explain the collected weariness?

-- Вчера был напряженный день: тренировка и выступление. Сегодня тоже пришлось выходить на лед для раскатки ранним утром. Времени отдохнуть до начала соревнований в произвольной программе просто не было.
-- Yesterday there was an intense day: training and performance. Today too it was necessary to leave on an ice for raskatki in the early morning. Time to have a rest prior to the beginning of competitions in the any program it was not simple.

-- В начале сегодняшнего выступления вы вместо каскада прыгнули только тройной лутц. Это следствие усталости?
-- In the beginning of today's performance you instead of the cascade have jumped only threefold lutts. This consequence of weariness?

-- Иногда
-- Sometimes

я склонна импровизировать по ходу выступления. Считайте сегодняшнее изменение в программе таким экспромтом.
I am inclined to improvise on a course of performance. Consider today's change in the program as such impromptu.

-- До Олимпиады осталось два месяца. На что вы будете сейчас обращать внимание при подготовке к главному старту сезона?
-- Up to Olympiad remains two months. On what you will pay attention now by preparation for the main start of a season?

-- При новой системе судейства нельзя акцентировать внимание на отдельных элементах. Программа должна быть единым целым, от первого жеста до заключительной позы.
-- At new system of refereeing it is impossible to bring to a focus to separate elements. The program should be a single whole, from the first gesture up to a final pose.

-- О новой системе судейства существует два мнения. Одни считают, что она способствует органичному введению в композиции всех элементов, а не только прыжков, другие утверждают: безликие баллы убивают творчество…
-- About new system of refereeing exists two opinions. One consider, that it promotes organic introduction in a composition of all elements, and not just jumps, others approve: faceless points kill creativity

-- Программы сейчас стали не только сложнее, но и значительно интереснее. Другое дело, что судейство все равно осталось субъективным. Все равно за пультом сидит человек и ставит оценки, определяет уровень сложности элементов. Зачастую этот человек просто не может понять, что достигнут пик. Усложнить элемент уже просто невозможно, а его оценивают не по высшему уровню.
-- Programs now became not only it is more complex, but also much more interesting. The another matter, that refereeing all the same remains subjective. All the same the person sits at the board and puts estimations, defines a level of complexity of elements. Frequently this person cannot simply understand, that will reach peak. To complicate an element already simply it is impossible, and it estimate not on a highest level.

-- Плюсы от реформы судейства перевешивают минусы?
Pluss from reform of refereeing outweigh minuses?

-- Это невозможно оценить в тех же процентах. Мы не бежим на время, как в легкой атлетике, не попадаем мячиком в площадку, как в теннисе - все отдается на откуп арбитрам, а теперь еще и техническим котроллерам. Даже бесполезно радоваться полученным высшим баллам за карьеру. Даже они субъективны. Зато в нашем виде спорта есть все возможности замахнуться на творчество.
-- It cannot be estimated in the same percent. We do not run for a while as in track and field athletics, we do not get a ball in a platform as in tennis - all is assigned to arbitrators, and now also technical kotrolleram. Even it is useless to be pleased to the received maximum points for career. Even they are subjective. But in our kind of sports there is all opportunities zamahnutsja on creativity.

-- Насколько важны для вас оставшиеся до Олимпиады старты?
-- The starts which have remained up to Olympiad are how much important for you?

-- До Турина выступлю в финале Гран-при, на чемпионатах России и Европы. Эти соревнования рассматриваю как подготовку к Олимпиаде. Для меня важны не столько победы, сколько хорошие прокаты программ. Можно сколько угодно рассуждать о судейских блоках или о том, что России не дадут выиграть четыре «золота» на Олимпиаде. Однако, в конечном счете, все зависит только от собственного катания.
-- Up to Turin I will act in the Grand prix Final, in the championships of Russia and the Europe. These competitions I consider as preparation for the Olympic. For me, victories are not so much important as good rentals of programs. It is possible to discuss as much as necessary about judicial blocks or about that Russia will not allow to win four "gold" at the Olympiad. However, finally, all depends only on own skating.

-- Собираетесь ли вы после Турина выступать на чемпионате мира, и будет ли этот сезон последним в вашей любительской карьере?
-- Whether you are going to act after Turin in the world championship, and whether there will be this season the last in your amateur career?

-- Пока я чувствую себя прекрасно, могу соревноваться не только с ровесницами, но и с молодыми фигуристками.
-- While I feel perfectly, I can compete not only with the contemporaries, but also with the young figure skaters.

● SP後 After SP > Irina Slutskaya takes women's singles lead at Cup of Russia skating meet
Canadian Press, November 25, 2005
s112548a.jpgST. PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) - World champion Irina Slutskaya had a solid lead after the short program at the Cup of Russia figure skating meet Friday.
The Russian skater's score of 67.58 put her nearly seven points ahead of second-place Miki Ando of Japan. "I skated perfectly and made almost everything I planned," Slutskaya said.
Slutskaya landed her jumps accurately and her bold aesthetics widened her gap over Ando, whose program included a double Axel performed close to the sideboards, diminishing its impact.

SPORTS NEWS UK > Cup of Russia – St. Petersburg (RUS), Day 1
Skating to “Totentanz” by Franz Liszt (new arranged by Maksim Mrvica), Slutskaya delivered a powerful performance that featured a triple Lutz-double loop combination, a triple flip, double Axel, a flying camel spin with changes of position and change of edge (level four) and a level-four combination spin. However, the layback spin was wobbly. The two-time World Champion scored 67.58 points (35.70 element score/31.88 program component score). “It’s always difficult to skate at home in Russia, but it’s also a great pleasure”, the six-time European Champion told the press. “I made a little error (in the layback spin), therefore I lost some points. In general it’s difficult to compare the scores as there are always different panel of judges (in each competition).”

English Translation by Babel Fish
Невский Спорт > Слуцкая не оставила соперницам никаких иллюзий
Slutskaya did leave to the rivals of no illusions
26 ноября 2005, 01:48:00
Жеребьевка женского турнира получилась весьма удобной для Слуцкой: она открывала вторую пятерку участниц, после того как в первой откатались две сильные японки - Йоши Онда и Мики Андо. Последняя сделала солидную заявку в виде каскада тройной лутц - тройной риттбергер, чисто исполнила все остальное и получила рекордную для себя сумму 60,76. Однако это, как выяснилось чуть позже, отнюдь не означало, что Слуцкой придется всеми силами бросаться вдогонку: даже при более слабом каскаде (3+2) и полусорванном вращении в середине программы отрыв чемпионки мира от японки составил почти семь баллов.
The allotment of female tournament came out very convenient for The the slutskoy: it opened the second five of participants, after in the first otkatalis' two strong Japanese - Yoshi Onda and Miki of Andes. The latter made a solid claim in the form of the cascade of the triple of lutts - triple of rittberger, purely carried out everything else and was obtained sum of 60,76 record for itself. However, this, as it was explained only later, it by no means meant that For slutskoy it is necessary to all forces to rush after: even during weaker cascade (3+2) and polusorvannom rotation in the middle of program the detachment of the champion of peace from the Japanese composed almost seven marks.
Своим выступлением Слуцкая, собственно, дала наилучший ответ на вопрос, как должен на данном этапе подготовки выглядеть человек, претендующий на олимпийское золото. Именно так - даже катаясь не в полную силу, не оставлять соперницам никаких иллюзий!
By its appearance Slutskaya, strictly, gave the best answer to a question, as person, who claims to Olympic gold, must in this stage of preparation appear. Specifically, so - even rolling not by the total force, not to leave to the rivals of no illusions!

English Translation by Babel Fish
26 ноября 2005, 01:27:00
Пятничную программу выступлений открывали танцоры с обязательной программой. Неожиданностей не ждали, их и не произошло. Татьяна Навка и Роман Костомаров в отсутствие главных конкурентов из Болгарии и Франции уверенно выиграли.
Dancers with the required program opened the Friday program of appearances. They did not await unexpected contingencies, them it did not occur. Tatiana navka and novel Of kostomarov into the absence of chief competitors from Bulgaria and France confidently won.
Танцоры ушли. Зрители затихли в ожидании выступления женщин. Ждали, впрочем, только одну.
Dancers left. Spectators of zatikhli in the expectation of the appearance of women. They awaited, however, only one.
Слова диктора: «На лед приглашается Ирина Слуцкая!» тонут в одобрительных выкриках и визге поклонниц. Россиянка появляется в элегантном обтягивающем костюме, усыпанном блестками, и целую минуту ждет, пока в зале стихнут аплодисменты. А затем…
Words of the announcer: "to ice invites Irina slutskaya!" they sink in the encouraging cries and the screech of worshippers. Russian woman appears in the elegant covering suit, strewn by sparklets, and he awaits whole minute, until in the hall it is calmed down applause. And then...
Первый каскад – тройной лутц, двойной тулуп. Зал замирает…Чисто! Следующий прыжок – тройной флип. «Стой!» — шепчет у бортика наставница Жанна Громова. Слуцкая стоит. Двойной аксель – без ошибок! Зал взрывается аплодисментами – во второй части программы у Слуцкой вращения и дорожки, которые испокон веков являются ее козырем. И хотя не обошлось без небольшой помарки, сомнений нет – Ирина первая. Чуть-чуть не хватило до личного рекорда (70,22), установленного в Китае три недели назад, но и 67,58 – вполне неплохо. Второй и третьей становятся японки Андо и Онда. Почти тезки.
First cascade - triple of lutts, dual sheepskin coat. Hall dies... purely! Following leap - triple of flip. "Stoy!" - whispers in the border the coach Jeanne Gromov. Slutskaya stands. Dual Axel - without the errors! Hall explodes with applause - in the second part of the program in the Slutskaya of rotation and path, which it is from time immemorial age-long they are its trump. And although it did not manage without the small blot, there are no doubts - Irina the first. Did not barely be sufficient to personal record (70,22), established in China three weeks ago, but also 67,58 - completely good. The second and the third become the Japanese of Andes and Onda. Almost namesake.

English Translation by Free Online Translator "WorldLingo" > Мероприятия
Этап ИСУ Гран-При «Кубок России - 2005» (24-27 ноября 2007 года)
ISU Grand Prix the “Cup of Russia - 2005” (on November 24 to 27, 2005)

С 24 по 27 ноября в Санкт-Петербурге прошел этап ИСУ Гран-При «Кубок России - 2005». После двухлетнего перерыва Петербург впервые принимает у себя международные соревнования такого высокого уровня. Турниры серии ИСУ Гран-При являются одними из самых престижных соревнований в фигурном катании наряду с Чемпионатом мира и Олимпийскими играми. Серия состоит из шести этапов, которые проходят в США, Канаде, Китае, Франции, России и Японии, а также финала. Количество участников каждого этапа соревнований строго ограничено - поэтому участие в Гран-При принимают сильнейшие фигуристы планеты.
«Кубок России - 2005» запомнился не только благодаря «звездному» составу - в нем приняли участие все действующие чемпионы мира, но и благодаря потрясающему выступлению российских фигуристов, занявшим все первые места. Золотые медали завоевали Евгений Плющенко, Ирина Слуцкая, Татьяна Тотьмянина - Максим Маринин, Татьяна Навка - Роман Костомаров.
In Saint Petersburg from November 24 to 27 passed stage ISU Grand Prix the “Cup of Russia - 2005”. After two-year-old interruption Petersburg for the first time assumes in itself the international competitions of this high level. The tournaments of ISU Grand Prix series are some of the most prestigious competitions in figure skating together with the world championship and Olympic Games. A series consists of six stages, which are passed to the USA, Canada, China, France, Russia and Japan, and also the Final. A quantity of participants in each stage of competitions is strictly limited - therefore [v] Grand Prix with participate the strongest figure skaters of planet.
“The Cup of Russia - 2005” was memorized not only because of “starry” composition - in it they participated all acting champions of peace, but also because of the staggering appearance of Russian figure skaters, that occupied all first places. Gold medals conquered Eugeni Plushenko, Irina Slutskaya, Tatiana Totmyanina - Maxim Marinin, Tatiana Navka - Roman Kostomarov.
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Cup of China 2005

※ posted 2007/04/20 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、Cup of China 2005 中国杯に優勝しました。SP ではパーソナルベスト 70.22 をマークしました。

Official Site > 斯鲁茨卡娅(siluzikaya)
USFSA > 2005 Cup of China

chinacup_01.jpg chinacup_02.jpg

日程 Schedule : 2005/11/02-06
11/03 20:20 Short Program #4/10
11/05 16:00 Free Skating #9/10
11/06 Ex

会場 Venue : Capital Gymnasium - Beijing

プログラム Programs :
SP : Totentanz  死の舞踏
FS : Mario Takes a Walk / Rhumba / Flamenco
EX : You Promised Me (Tu Es Foutu)

動画 Video :
EX : ARTİSTİK BUZ PATENİ > Videolar - Bayanlar
Rus Irina Slutskaya'nın
2005 Cup of China yarışmalarının
gösteri bölümünde sunduğu programı...
2005_coc_irina_slutskaya_gala.asx 20.0MB

写真 Photos :
Official Site > 女单短节目・图集
U333P6T12D1860017F44DT20051103221810_small_min.jpg U333P6T12D1860018F44DT20051103221830_small_min.jpg U333P6T12D1860031F44DT20051103222116_small_min.jpg U333P6T12D1860012F44DT20051103221659_small_min.jpg U397P6T12D1860387F44DT20051104050615_small_min.jpg U333P6T12D1860011F44DT20051103221631_small_min.jpg U333P6T12D1860010F44DT20051103221616_small_min.jpg U333P6T12D1860016F44DT20051103221756_small_min.jpg U333P6T12D1860014F44DT20051103221717_small_min.jpg U333P6T12D1860015F44DT20051103221732.jpg

Official Site > 女单自由滑・图集
U704P6T12D1863371F44DT20051105181755_small_min.jpg U348P6T12D1863579F44DT20051105205400_small_min.jpg U704P6T12D1863373F44DT20051105181929_small_min.jpg
1 伊琳娜·斯卢茨卡娅(俄罗斯), 2 浅田真央, 3 荒川静香

Official Site > 冰上靓图

ニュース News :
06.11.2005 12:21 MSK (GMT +3)
Russia’s Slutskaya Wins the China Figure Skating Cup

sluu 2005CoC-th.jpg

11/5/2005 5:57 PM
Slutskaya, Sandhu win at Cup of China


BEIJING (AP) — World Champion Irina Slutskaya picked up where she left off last season with a personal best score Saturday to win the Cup of China figure skating tournament.
The Russian beat junior world champion Mao Asada and 2004 world champion Shizuka Arakawa, both of Japan.
Slutskaya took a big lead after a clean short program on Thursday, then lengthened it with a free program to Flamenco music.
She had six triple jumps and increased her scoring with difficult spins and spirals, which added points under the new scoring system. Slutskaya finished with 196.12 points to better her previous overall best of 192.94 at last year's world championships.
In her first Grand Prix event this year, Slutskaya finished with 125.90 points for the free skate, short of her mark of 130.10 at the world championships.

Slutskaya won the world title last March in her home town of Moscow to cap an undefeated season. The year before, her career was threatened with illness and injury, but she won the 2005 world title to go along with her 2002 world championship.
She was scheduled to face champion Michelle Kwan in the Cup of China, but the American withdrew to recover from a strained hip ligament.
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Russia National Team Test Skate

※ posted 2007/01/13 投稿

Evgeni Plushenko Devotion > Russian Test Skate

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、ロシアナショナルチームのテストスケート Russia National Team Test Skate に参加しました。

日時 Date : 2005/09/20 - 09/21

場所 Place : Training Centre “Novogorsk”, Moscow

ニュース News :
RIA Novosti
15:51 | 22/ 09/ 2005
Russian figure skaters in good shape for the new season

MOSCOW, September 22 (RIA Novosti) - Russian figure skaters are in good shape for the new season and the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, the president of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FSF) said Thursday.

"On the whole, we are satisfied with the leaders of the team," Valentin Piseyev said.

With the new season only six weeks away, Piseyev watched the skaters perform their new programs in pre-season preparations in the Moscow region. "The Russian team is ready to fight for medals in all four figure skating competitions at the 2006-Olympics," he said.

Two-time World Champion Tatyana Totmyanina said it was important to be prepared psychologically for the season. "First or all, we will have to compete with ourselves," she said. "Everything depends on how we can cope with the situation psychologically."

Irina Slutskaya, who won last year her second world crown after a long absence due to illness, did not reveal details of her new program. "You will see the program as the season unfolds," she said.

Slutskaya also said she was not yet thinking about Turin and was focusing on the Russian Championship.

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World Championships 2005 世界選手権

※posted 2006/05/16 投稿


公式サイト Official Site スルツカヤFlash
公式スポンサー "Canon" Чемпионат мира 2005
Rambler > Москва 2005

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、地元モスクワで行われた世界選手権 ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2005 で完全優勝しました。世界選手権2勝目です。

日程 Schedule : 2005/03/14-20
03/11 08:10-08:50 Official Practice (Practice Center)
     20:55-21:35 Official Practice (Main Arena)
03/12 10:55-11:35 Official Practice (Practice Center)
     16:50-17:30 Official Practice (Main Arena)
03/13 06:35-07:10 Official Practice (Main Arena)
     19:30 Opening Ceremony and Reception
03/14 18:20-19:00 Official Practice
03/15 ?     Draw
     11:40-12:20 Official Practice
03/16 14:00 Qualifying Free Skating A StN.6
03/18 13:24 Short Program StN.28
03/19 12:54 Free Skating StN.24 (Last)
     17:15 Victory Ceremony
03/20 15:00 Exhibition Gala
     19:30 Prize award
     20:00 Closing Banquet

会場 Venue : ルイジニキスポーツ宮殿
Лужники Дворец спорта Luzhniki Sports Palace - Moscow
Google Map

(Left, Main Rink Right, Sub rink for practice マーラヤ・アリーナ)

チケット Tickets : Roubles
Qualification Round  500, 300, 200
Short Program   1200, 900, 700
Free Skating   1500, 1200, 900
Exhibitions Gala 2100, 1800, 1500

結果 Result :
QA 1st 29.77 (Cohen 28.41, Kostner 26.45, Kwan 24.99)
SP 1st 62.84 (Cohen 61.37, Kwan 61.22, Kostner 60.82)
FS 1st 130.10 (Cohen 124.61, Kwan 113.98, Kostner 113.29)
Final Result
1st Irina Slutskaya 222.71
2nd Sasha Cohen 214.39
3rd Carolina Kostner 200.56
4th Michelle Kwan 200.19

プログラムと動画 Programs & Videos :
QR : Wonderland / Whisper / Croatian Rhapsody YouTube

SP : Ballet Suite No5. from "The Bolt" Kozelkov's Dance With Friends YouTube

FS : Wonderland / Whisper / Croatian Rhapsody
 YouTube YouTube

Medal ceremony YouTube
News after Medal Ceremony メダル授与式後のニュース動画
19.03.2005 22:16
Channel One Russia > Россиянка Ирина Слуцкая выиграла чемпионат мира по фигурному катанию среди женщин

EX : "Catwoman" Face To Face  キャットウーマン
EX encore : Zazhigai (Made in Russia)


Exhibition closing YouTube

Irina comments her long program next day YouTube

ニュース News :
World Championships 2005 世界選手権での発言・インタビュー、ニュース articles

写真 Photos :
Irina Slucká - Lady of Figure Skating > Fotogalerie > Mistrovství světa 2005 v Moskvě

03/15 Draw
USFSA > 2005 Worlds Backstage Photos Page 10
Michelle Kwan talks to Irina Slutskaya during the draw.

03/15 Practice
USFSA > 2005 Worlds Backstage Photos Page 12

03/16 Qualifying Free Skating
USFSA > 2005 Worlds Ladies Qualifying Group A Photos


03/18 Short Program
USFSA > 2005 Worlds Backstage Photos Page 20
The final flight takes the ice!

Canon > Чемпионат мира 2005 > Фотогалерея — 18 марта

USFSA > 2005 Worlds Ladies Short Program Photos


Russian Look

ArtOnIce > Photo > 2005 > World Championships

03/19 Free Skating
Canon > Чемпионат мира 2005 > Фотогалерея — 19 марта
19_s.jpg22_s.jpg21_s.jpg20_s.jpg18_s.jpg23_s FS.jpg


ArtOnIce > Photo > 2005 > World Championships

USFSA > 2005 Worlds Ladies Free Skate Photos
slutskaya-crying.jpg > Slutskaya: 'I skate because I can'

Московский Комсомолец > Жанна Громова: от Бобрина до Добрина

03/19 Medal Ceremony
USFSA > 2005 Worlds Backstage Photos Page 22

ArtOnIce > Photo > 2005 > World Championships


Russian Look

USFSA > 2005 World Figure Skating Championships > Slutskaya Defies the Odds

katweige > Sports > World Figure Skating Championships--Moscow, Russia


Channel One Russia 19.03.2005 22.16
Россиянка Ирина Слуцкая выиграла чемпионат мира по фигурному катанию среди женщин

Press Conference
左:クワンと (left : with Michelle Kwan)

ArtOnIce > Photo > 2005 > World Championships

03/20 Exhibition Practice
USFSA > 2005 Worlds Backstage Photos Page 23
Irina Slutskaya turns in her exhibition music.

03/20 Exhibition Gala
Canon > Чемпионат мира 2005 > Фотогалерея — Показательные выступления, 20 марта

Irina Slucka Lady of Figure Skating > Fotogalerie > Mistrovství světa 2005 v Moskvě
Mistrovství světa 2005 47 catwoman.jpg2005worldscatwoman.jpg
slutskayacatwoman.jpgMistrovství světa 2005 41 catwoman.jpg
Mistrovství světa 2005 42 catwoman.jpg2005worldscatwoman03.jpg
Mistrovství světa 2005 46 catwoman.jpgMistrovství světa 2005 48 catwoman.jpg > Best of > Russia > Irina Slutskaya

ArtonIce > Photo > 2005 > World Championships

2005.03.20   412136328.jpg2005.03.20   412137148.jpg2005.03.20   412136312.jpg
2005.03.20   412137144.jpg2005.03.20   412136314.jpg2005.03.20   412136316.jpg

Russian Look

USFSA > 2005 Worlds Backstage Photos Page 26


Daily Shots

ニュース News :
News of World Championships 2005 世界選手権での発言・インタビュー・ニュース
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Russian National Championships 2005

※posted 2006/10/14 投稿


Irina Slucká - Lady of Figure Skating > Archiv > Články z ruského mistrovství 2005

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、ロシア選手権 Russian National Championships 2005 Чемпионат России по фигурному катанию 2005 に参加し、3日前にカゼをひき体調不良であったにもかかわらず完全優勝で4度目の優勝を果たしました。動画には kiss & cry で咳き込む姿が写っています。

日程 Schedule : 2005/01/04-08
01/05 17:00 Opening ceremony
01/05 17:30 Short Program #14
01/06 20:45 Free Skating #13
01/08 13:00 Awards ceremony
01/08 14:00 Exhibition

会場 Venue : St. Petersburg - Ice Palace

成績 Result :
SP : 1st
5,8 5,9 5,9 5,9 5,9 5,8 5,9 5,9 5,8
5,9 6,0 5,9 5,9 5,9 5,9 5,9 5,9 5,9

FS : 1st
5,7 5,8 5,8 5,7 5,8 5,8 5,8 5,7 5,7
5,9 5,9 5,9 5,9 5,9 5,9 5,9 5,9 5,9

Result : 1st
Fi. Name        Town  SP  FS  TFP
1 Irina SLUTSKAYA Moscow  1  1  1.5
2 Elena SOKOLOVA Moscow  2  2  3.0
3 Liliya BIKTAGIROVA Moscow  3  3  4.5
4 Veronika KROPOTINA Moscow  5  4  6.5
5 Angelina TURENKO Saint Petersburg  8  5  9.0

プログラム Programs :
SP : The Bolt 淑女とならず者
FS : Wonderland / Whisper / Croatian Rhapsody
EX : Зажигай (сделано в России) = Zazhigai (Made in Russia) by Народный Артист(Narodniy Artist = People's Artist)

写真 Photos :
Ice Stars > Irina Slutskaya
01/05 Short Program
01/06 Free Skating

Bonnie > Чемпионат России 2005. СПб
01/06 Free Skating
01/08 Awards ceremony

Bonnie > ЧР 2005г. Евгений Плющенко
01/08 Exhibition

МОНОМАКС > О компании> Фотоархив конференций и мероприятий > Фотоархив конференций 2005 > Чемпионат России по фигурному катанию
Место проведения: гостиница "Москва", Ледовый дворец

katweige > Sports > Russian Nationals 2005
01/05 Short Program
01/06 Free Skating

01/05 Short Program
01/08 Awards ceremony
01/08 Exhibition

Irina Slucká - Lady of Figure Skating > Archiv > Články z ruského mistrovství 2005
01/06 Free Skating
01/08 Exhibition

www. > p13, p14
01/08 Exhibition

ニュース News :
English Translation by Free Online Translator "WorldLingo" > Мероприятия
Чемпионат России по фигурному катанию 2005 года (4-8 января 2005 года)
The championship of Russia on figure skating of 2005 (on January 4 to 8, 2005)

С 4 по 8 января 2005 года в Санкт-Петербурге в Ледовом Дворце прошел Чемпионат России по фигурному катанию на коньках. По итогам Чемпионата России 2004 года, проведенного в Санкт-Петербурге, на самом высоком уровне, Федерацией фигурного катания на коньках России было принято решение о проведении Чемпионата России 2005 года вновь в нашем городе. Спортивный праздник стал Рождественским подарком всем любителям фигурного катания – петербуржцам, гостям города, телезрителям всей России. И удивительный подарок был оценен по достоинству – Чемпионат побил все рекорды по посещению зрителями спортивных дней. Всего же Чемпионат посетило свыше 40 тысяч зрителей!
From January 4 to 8, 2005 in Saint Petersburg in the ice palace the championship of Russia on figure skating passed. On the sums of the championship of Russia 2004, carried out in Saint Petersburg, at the summit level, by the federation of figure skating of Russia was accepted the decision of conducting of the championship of Russia 2005 again in our city. Sport holiday became christmas gift all amateurs of figure skating - to [peterburzhtsam], guests of city, viewers of entire Russia. And surprising gift was evaluated on the merit - championship beat all records on the visit with the spectators of sport days. In all championship visited more than 40 thousand spectators!
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Cup of Russia 2004

※ added 2006/12/16 投稿

ISU > Cup of Russia 2004

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)はモスクワで開催されたロシア杯 ISU Grand Prix, Cup of Russia 2005 - Gallina Blanca で完全優勝しました。

日程 Schedule : 2004/11/25-28
11/26 17:15 Short Program #12(Last)
11/27 14:24 Free Skating #9
11/28 Exhibition Gala

会場 Venue : Sport Palace Luzhniki - Moscow

プログラム Programs :
SP : Ballet Suite No5. from "The Bolt" Kozelkov's Dance With Friends
FS : Wonderland / Whisper / Croatian Rhapsody
EX : Zazhigai

成績 Result :
SP : 1st 61.12 (2nd Kostner 57.50, 3rd Arakawa 56.70)
FS : 1st 121.90 (2nd Sebestyen 98.98, 3rd Arakawa 98.82)
Final Result : 1st 183.02 (2nd Arakawa, 3rd Sebestyen)

写真 Photos :
Cheers For Irina Slutskaya > Pictures > 2004 Cup of Russia

Ice Stars > Irina Slutskaya > Cup of Russia 2004

11/26 Short Program
TEATP "AMAC" > Кубок России - 2004!!! (Cup Of Russia 2004)
> Ladies
KR066-b.jpg KR068-b.jpg


11/27 Free Skating
TEATP "AMAC" > Кубок России - 2004!!! (Cup Of Russia 2004)
> Ladies
KR016-b.jpg KR017-b.jpg

Medal Ceremony
wandering around, wating to be called for the award

TEATP "AMAC" > Кубок России - 2004!!! (Cup Of Russia 2004)
> Podium


Press Conference & Exhibition
TEATP "AMAC" > Кубок России - 2004!!! (Cup Of Russia 2004)
> Ladies
KR016-b.jpg KR063-b.jpg

Владимир Песня

ニュース News :
November 27, 2004 | 6:06 PM ET
Russia's Slutskaya wins Cup of Russia

Russia's Irina Slutskaya performs during the ladies' free skate at the Cup of Russia ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating in Moscow. (AP Photo/Mikhail Metzel)

Skating before her hometown crowd, Irina Slutskaya wasn't going to disappoint her fans. The Olympic silver medallist and 2002 world champion made another positive step in her comeback from illness, easily winning figure skating's Cup of Russia in Moscow on Saturday.
"I am very happy with my skating today, first of all because I finally managed to get together all the difficult elements I practiced for such a long time," Slutskaya said.
Slutskaya nailed every one of her jumps, which included a triple Lutz and a triple Salchow combination, to earn a standing ovation from the crowd. Slutskaya's score of 183.02 was a higher total than what she earned in winning the Cup of China, her first competition this season after a knee injury in September.
The Russian has been hampered by injuries and concerned about her mother's kidney disease over the past two seasons.
"I was a little bit nervous before getting to the ice," she said. "But then I told myself that last year I had been watching this competition on TV and had been so disappointed that I couldn't skate. I missed skating so much last year, and that feeling helped me to skate here."
With two wins, she leads the standings entering the Grand Prix final in Beijing next month.

Boston Globe
November 27, 2004
Plushenko, Slutskaya win Cup of Russia

11/27/2004 6:09 PM
Plushenko, Slutskaya shine at Cup of Russia

MOSCOW (AP) — Evgeni Plushenko and Irina Slutskaya delighted the home crowd Saturday by winning the Cup of Russia with superb free skating programs.
Slutskaya took another strong step in her comeback from a knee injury, making an array of jumps in a nearly perfect performance. The Olympic silver medalist and 2002 world champion was an easy winner over current world champion Shizuka Arakawa of Japan.
"I am very happy with my skating today, first of all because I finally managed to get together all the difficult elements I practiced for such a long time," Slutskaya said.
Slutskaya opened the program Wonderland with a triple lutz and followed with a combination of triple salchow-triple loop-double toe jumps. At the 2001 world championships she was the first woman to do a triple-triple-double jump in competition. Then she added three other triples and no misses although she scaled a planned triple-double to a double lutz-double toe loop.
Still, the audience responded with a standing ovation. Slutskaya, who skated the same free program as last year, received a total score of 121.90 for free skating and a total of 183.02. That was better than she did in winning in the Cup of China, her first competition this season after a knee injury in September.
Slutskaya has been hampered the past two seasons by illness and concerns about her mother's kidney disease. She missed almost all of last season, although she entered in the world championships, finishing ninth.
"I was a little bit nervous before getting to the ice," she said. "But then I told myself that last year I had been watching this competition on TV and had been so disappointed that I couldn't skate. I missed skating so much last year, and that feeling helped me to skate here."
Slutskaya leads the standings entering Beijing. Arakawa also qualified as have Japan's Miki Ando and Yoshie Onda and Canada's Cynthia Phanuef and Joannie Rochette.

Daily Times
November 28, 2004
Plushenko, Slutskaya lead after short programme

In the women’s event, Italy’s Carolina Kostner, the only skater to complete a triple-triple jump combination, came second to Slutskaya. World champion Shizuka Arakawa of Japan was third after a series of technical mistakes in her routine to “Madame Butterfly.” Slutskaya performed a solid technical program which included a triple-lutz double toe loop combination, triple flip and double axel for 61.12 points. A sequence of her fast and tricky spins brought the crowd to applause. Slutskaya skated with enthusiasm and smiled through the whole performance to “The Lady and the Hooligan” by Dmitry Shostakovich.
I’m happy with my performance. Something was better and something was not that good today. I hope I will improve,” said Slutskaya, who was competing in only her second event this season. Slutskaya praised the new scoring system, adopted after the judging scandal in the Salt Lake City Olympics.
Two weeks ago, the Russian won the Cup of China, her first competition this season after knee injury in September. She has been hampered the past two seasons by illness and concerns over her mother’s battle with kidney disease. She missed almost all of last season, although she entered in the world championships, where she finished ninth.
Arakawa tried hard to save the landing of her triple lutz jump and added only a double toe loop to the planned triple-triple combination. After a very slow entrance to her flip jump she completed only two rotations and two-footed it. However her artistic presentation and program components were evaluated at 29.92 points – enough to stay in contention for her second Grand Prix title this season. She totaled 56.70. ap
Friday, November 26, 2004 | 7:06 PM ET
Russian figure skater takes lead at Cup of Russia

Irina Slutskaya finished with the top score in the short program at figure skating's Cup of Russia meet on Friday.
The 25-year-old Russian amassed 61.12 points to claim first place. Carolina Kostner of Italy finished second (57.50 points) while reigning world champion Shizuka Arakawa of Japan was third with 56.70.
Slutskaya, a world silver medallist in 2000 and in 2001, won the 2002 world championship but skipped the 2003 worlds because her mother's poor health. She also missed most of last season due to vasculitis (inflamed blood vessels).
However, the Russian has rebounded in style this season, winning gold at the Cup of China two weeks ago. With her strong showing on Friday, she could become the only woman to win two singles competitions during the six-meet Grand Prix circuit.
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Cup of China 2004

※ posted 2007/02/05 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、北京で行われた ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Cup of China 2004 に参加し、優勝しました。
前月に右膝靱帯負傷 a minor ligament tear しています。

日程 Schedule : 2004/11/11-14
11/11 20:40 Short Program #11(Last)
11/13 15:54 Free Skating #10
11/14 Exhibition Gala

会場 Venue : Capital Gymnasium - Beijing / CHINA

成績 Result : 1st 177.80
SP 1st 62.96 (2nd Volchkova 53.14, 3rd Nikodinov)
FS 1st 114.84 (2nd Rochette, 3rd Volchkova)

FPl. Name Nat. Points SP FS
1 Irina SLUTSKAYA RUS 177.80 1 1
2 Viktoria VOLCHKOVA RUS 154.16 2 3
3 Joannie ROCHETTE CAN 152.12 5 2
4 Miki ANDO JPN 150.32 4 4
5 Elina KETTUNEN FIN 138.40 6 5
6 Jenna McCORKELL GBR 131.08 7 7
7 Mira LEUNG CAN 128.90 9 6
8 Angela NIKODINOV USA 124.50 3 11
9 Dan FANG CHN 121.20 8 10
10 Yan LIU CHN 120.24 10 8
11 Yukari NAKANO JPN 116.94 11 9

プログラム Programs :
SP : Ballet Suite No5. from "The Bolt" Kozelkov's Dance With Friends by Shostakovich 淑女とならず者
FS : Wonderland / Whisper / Croatian Rhapsody by Tonci Huljic / Keiko Matsui / Tonci Huljic
EX : It Must Have Been Love by Roxette

ニュース News :
People's Daily Online
11:08, November 14, 2004
Irina Slutskaya skates to comeback victory in Cup of China

Former world champion Irina Slutskaya of Russia staged a perfect comeback to figure skating as she won the women's title Saturday at Cup of China, the fourth leg of ISU Grand Prix.
Slutskaya, who was sidelined for the whole 2003-2004 season due to vasculitis, didn't show any signs of rust on the ice and skated elegantly and with style to the soundtrack of "Wonder, Whisper from the Mirror".
The 2002 world championship winner, who completed a triple salchow-double loop-double loop combination, earned 57.40 points for technical elements and 57.44 for program components to make a total 177.80 points, which far outdistanced compatriot runner-up Viktoria Volchkova on 154.16. Canada's Joannie Rochette finished third with 152.12 points. Japanese reigning world junior champion Miki Ando, the first lady skater who has landed a quadruple jump in competition, failed to deliver the movement Saturday night and had to settle for the fourth place.
"Today ... it was good, but not great," said Slutskaya. "I still have a couple of things that I can do much better." "I fight with my illness. I'm happy with competing again," added the 25-year-old Russian.
When asked about her expectations for the Turin Winter Olympics in 2006, Slutskaya said it was too "early" to talk about the Olympics. "Still one and a half year to go before that," she said.
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Russian National Team Test Skate 2004

※ posted 2007/11/17 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)はロシアナショナルチームのテストスケートに参加しました。

日程 Schedule : 2004/09/16-18

会場 Venue : Odincevo near Moscow

関連インタビュー An interview is here
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2004 Marshalls World Skating Challenge

※ posted 2006/08/09 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、 2004 Marshalls World Skating Challenge に参加し、5位でした。

日時 Date : 2004/04/06

場所 Place :
Dunkin Donuts Center - Providence, Rhode Island / USA

参加選手 Competitors :
Michelle Kwan (USA)
Sasha Cohen (USA)
Jennifer Kirk (USA)
Shizuka Arakawa (JPN)
Irina Slutskaya (RUS)
Fumie Suguri (JPN)
Miki Ando (JPN)
Timothy Goebel (USA)
Johnny Weir (USA)
Michael Weiss (USA)
Evan Lysacek (USA)
Evgeny Plushenko (RUS)
Brian Joubert (FRA)
Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto (USA)
Rena Inoue & John Baldwin (USA)

成績 Result :
1. Sasha Cohen USA
2. Shizuka Arakawa JPN
3. Michelle Kwan USA
4. Miki Ando JPN
5. Irina Slutskaya RUS
6. Jennifer Kirk USA
7. Fumie Suguri JPN

プログラムと動画 Program & Video :
Wonderland / Whisper / Croatian Rhapsody YouTube

テレビ TV : abc
スポーツアイESPN (2004/12/05)

写真 Photos :
USFSA > 2004 Marshalls Backstage Photos 1
USFSA > 2004 Marshalls Backstage Photos 2

ニュース News :
USFSA > Sasha Cohen Lands Back on Top at Marshalls World Skating Challenge
Irina Slutskaya of Russia pulled off an animated, powerful performance. She finished in fifth place after stepping out of her planned triple-double-double. The 2002 World champion proved she was back among the World's best after a heart ailment kept her out of the majority of the 2003-04 season. Her first major competition was the World Championships where she struggled and placed ninth. Her fifth at the Marshalls World Skating Challenge marked her return.
When I finished Worlds I was thinking I needed one month more,” Slutskaya said. “It keeps getting better and better. I feel more confident; I'm starting to feel my skating. I missed this – each moment I hold and enjoy.
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World Championships 2004 世界選手権

※ added 2006/06/29 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、2004年3月にドイツ・ドルトムントで行われた世界選手権 2004 ISU World Figure Skating Championships に参加しました。復帰後最初の試合であり、9位と健闘しました。

日程 Schedule : 2004/03/22-03/28
03/24 14:00 Qualifying Free Skating A #7
03/26 12:54 Short Program #24
03/27 12:54 Free Skating #15

会場 Venue : Westfalenhalle - Dortmund / Germany

成績 Result :
QA : 5th 2.0
SP : 8th 4.8
FS : 11th 11.0
Result : 9th 17.8

プログラムと動画 Programs & Videos :
QA : Wonderland / Whisper / Croatian Rhapsody
SP : Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso
  動画 Video : YouTube
FS : Wonderland / Whisper / Croatian Rhapsody
  動画 Video : YouTube

写真 Photos :
Cheers For Irina Slutskaya > Pictures > 2004 World Championships

Pixieworld > Irina Slutskaya > Photos > World Championships 2004

Scratch > Irina Slutskaya > World Championships

ニュース News :
The Boston Globe
March 23, 2004
Still the gold standard

A look at this week's events:
WOMEN: Kwan may have competed only once since last year's championships in Washington, but she's still the class of a thin global pool. The Russians are so weak that former champion Irina Slutskaya, who's been out of action for more than a year, was pressed into service.
"We don't have good girls right now," said the 25-year-old Slutskaya, who won the Olympic silver behind Sarah Hughes. Slutskaya may be suffering from vasculitis after an earlier struggle with pericarditis, pneumonia, and chronic asthmatic bronchitis, but she can't do much worse than Elena Sokolova and Viktoria Volchkova, who've had miserable seasons.

We are the champions >
Slutskaya to skate for Russia in world championships.

Irina Slutskaya, the 2002 champion who has missed the entire season because of illness, will skate for Russia at the World Figure Skating Championships later this month.
Slutskaya officially was entered by the Russian federation, along with 2003 runner-up Elena Sokolova and Viktoria Volchkova. Her agent, Ari Zakarian, said Monday that Slutskaya passed a skating test in front of federation officials before being placed on the world team.
''She is a little nervous, but she is optimistic,'' Zakarian said. ''She wants to participate. Skating makes her feel good.''
Slutskaya, the runner-up to Sarah Hughes at the 2002 Olympics before beating Michelle Kwan to win her only world crown, has struggled with illness since last summer.
Hospitalized several times, Slutskaya was diagnosed with an inflamed sac around her heart. Although she planned to compete in the Grand Prix series and the European Championships, she skipped those events.
In February, Slutskaya felt strong enough to resume training.
Sokolova also has been bothered by injuries all season. Volchkova was not on the Russian team for Europeans.
Worlds will be held March 22-28 at Dortmund, Germany.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Mar 16, 2004
Journal Sentinel wire reports
2002 champ Slutskaya will skate at worlds

Figure skater Irina Slutskaya, the 2002 world champion who has missed the entire season because of illness, will skate for Russia at the world championships this month.
Slutskaya was entered by the Russian federation, along with 2003 runner-up Elena Sokolova and Viktoria Volchkova.
Slutskaya, the runner-up to Sarah Hughes at the 2002 Olympics before beating Michelle Kwan in the worlds, has been hospitalized several times since last summer. She was diagnosed with an inflamed sac around her heart, but resumed training in February.

English Translation by Free Online Translator "WorldLingo"
2004/03/12 04:38:20
После перерыва Ирина Слуцкая выступит на чемпионате мира
After interruption Irina Slutskaya will appear on the world championship

Российская фигуристка Ирина Слуцкая, не выходившая в этом сезоне на лед из-за болезни, примет участие в чемпионате мира, который пройдет в Дортмунде с 22 по 28 марта, сообщает Eurosport со ссылкой на агентство Reuters. Слуцкая пропустила чемпионат Европы в Будапеште в прошлом месяце и не принимала участия в соревнованиях, а на лед вышла только однажды - на юбилее Игоря Бобрина.
Russian figure skater Irina Slutskaya, who did not leave in this season to ice because of the disease, signs participation in the world championship, which will pass in Dortmund from March 22 to 28, reports Eurosport with the reference to the Reuters. Slutskaya passed the European championship in Budapest in the past month and did not assume participation in the competitions, but to ice it left only once - at Igor Bobrin's anniversary.

Чемпионка мира 2002 года пропустила прошлогоднее первенство мира в Вашингтоне из-за болезни матери, а победу в ее отсутствие одержала Мишель Кван. "Лента.Ру" уже писала о том, что Ирина Слуцкая, возможно, выступит на чемпионате мира в Дортмунде, если Федерация фигурного катания России включит спортсменку в заявочный список.
The world champion of 2002 passed the last year's superiority of world in Washington because of the disease of mother, and victory into her absence gained by Michelle Kwan. “” it already wrote about the fact that Irina Slutskaya, possibly, will appear on the world championship in Dortmund, if the federation of figure skating of Russia includes sportswoman in application list.

Сильнейшая фигуристка России уже в четверг впервые после годичного перерыва приняла участие в соревнованиях - Кубке Москвы, который проходит на столичном катке в Беляево.
The strongest figure skater of Russia after annual interruption already on Thursday for the first time participated in the competitions - Moscow Cup, which is passed on the capital roller to the Belyayevs.

"В январе я начала тренироваться по-настоящему и тогда решила: если почувствую, что готова, приглашу президента нашей федерации, судей - пусть посмотрят и оценят, смогу ли выступить на чемпионате мира, - сказала Слуцкая в интервью "Новым известиям". - Я буду стараться, и если все сложится, в Дортмунд поеду с удовольствием. Раз готова, почему бы не попробовать? Тем более случаи, когда фигуристы по каким-либо причинам пропускали весь сезон, а на чемпионате мира неплохо выступали, были".
“In January I began to be trained properly and then she solved: if I feel that it is ready, I will invite the President of our federation, judges - let they look and they will estimate, to smog to come out on the world championship, said Slutskaya in the interview “New information”. - I will try, and if everything is formed, into Dortmund I will go with the pleasure. Once it is ready, why not to try? That are more the cases, when figure skaters for any reasons passed entire season, and they came out rather well on the world championship, they were ".

Напомним, на чемпионате Европы лидер нашей команды Елена Соколова заняла третье место, обеспечив себе поездку на чемпионат. Татьяна Басова и Кристина Обласова на континентальном первенстве заняли места в конце второй десятки, так что их поездка на чемпионат мира исключена.
Let us recall, on the European championship the leader of our command Helen Sokolova occupied the third place, after ensuring to itself trip to the championship. Tatiana Basov and Christina Oblasova on the continental superiority occupied places in the end of the second ten, so that their trip to the world championship was excluded.

Российская федерация фигурного катания планировала включить в команду на поездку в Дортмунд Юлию Солдатову, в прошлом сезоне выступавшую за Белоруссию, но международный союз конькобежцев разрешил Солдатовой выступать за Россию только с 1 июля 2004 года. Скорее всего, место в команде вместе с Соколовой и Слуцкой получит Виктория Волчкова, которая на чемпионате Европы не выступала.
The Russian Federation of figure skating planned to include in command to the trip to Dortmund Julia Soldatova, in the past season that appeared for Belorussia, but the international union of skaters permitted Soldatova to speak in favor of Russia only since July 1, 2004. Most likely, place in the command together with Sokolova and Slutskaya will be obtained Victoria it is spinning, which did not come out on the European championship.
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World Championships 2003 WD 棄権

※posted 2006/09/21 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、2003年の世界選手権 World Championships 2003 を、母親の看病のため棄権しました。

English Translation by Babel Fish

Олимпийский комитет России
Olympic committee of Russia
17 марта 2003 г.
17 March, 2003

Как стало известно корреспонденту "Газеты.Ru", чемпионка мира Ирина Слуцкая не будет защищать свой титул на чемпионате мира, стартующем в Вашингтоне 24 марта.
As it became known to correspondent "gazety..Ru", the world champion Irina slutskaya will not protect her title on the world championship, which starts in Washington on 24 March.

Во время финала Гран-при в Санкт-Петербурге Ирина произнесла фразу, которая многое объясняет: "Я поняла, что в мире существуют вещи гораздо более важные, чем фигурное катание". Сообщать подробности, о которых умалчивает сама фигуристка, мы не вправе. Скажем только, что все последние дни Слуцкая разрывалась между Москвой и Санкт-Петербургом, где в одной из лучших клиник города находится ее мама.
During the ending of Grand prix in Saint Petersburg Irina said a phrase, which explains much: "I understood that in the world there are things much more important than figure skating". To report the details, about which hushes up figure skater herself, we not right. Let us say only that all recent days Slutskaya was torn up between Moscow and Saint Petersburg, where in one of the best clinics of city its mom is located.

В нынешнем своем состоянии пятикратная чемпионка Европы и серебряный призер Олимпиады-2002 просто не сможет откатать свои программы на два порядка лучше, чем хозяйки соревнований.
In a present condition the five-time European champion and the 2002 Olympic silver medalist simply will not be able to otkatat' their programs two orders better than the mistress of competitions.

Прежде всего, Саша Коэн, которую сейчас "раскручивают" по полной программе в российских СМИ, и Мишель Кван, сделавшую ставку именно на ЧМ-2003. А ведь только такой прокат произвольной "Травиаты" в исполнении Слуцкой мог позволить ей претендовать на что-то большее, чем бронзовая медаль. Как показал опыт Солт-Лейк-Сити, при прочих равных "в Техасе побеждают техасцы". К остальным штатам подобное высказывание относится в полной мере.
First of all, Sasha Cohen, which they now "untwist" according to the complete program in the Russian OF THE MEDIA, and Michel kwan, the made rate precisely on CHM -2003. But indeed only this rental of arbitrary "Traviaty" in execution by Slutskaya could allow it to pretend to something larger than bronze medal. As experience Salt-Lake, showed, with other equal "in Texas conquer tekhastsy". A similar statement relates entirely to the remaining states.

В составе российской сборной Слуцкую заменит Людмила Нелидина. О том, что подопечной Елены Чайковской, имеющей в своем арсенале тройной аксель, нужно дать шанс выступить на ЧМ-2003, много говорили и ее тренер, и некоторые руководители Федерации фигурного катания России. Рассматривался даже вариант, при котором Нелидина должна была заменить Викторию Волчкову в случае неудачного выступления последней в финале Гран-при в Санкт-Петербурге. Однако после того как Волчкова стала призером этих соревнований, о подобной рокировке не могло быть и речи. Отказ Слуцкой предоставляет Нелидиной тот самый шанс проявить себя, на котором настаивала ее тренер. Хотя сделать это в Америке будет чрезвычайно сложно.
In the composition of Russian team Slutskaya will replace Ludmila Nelidina. , that to under wardship Helen Chaykovskoy, who has in her arsenal triple Axel, it is necessary to give chance to appear on CHM -2003, much spoke its trainer, and some leaders of the federation of figure skating of Russia. Was examined even version, with which Nelidina had to replace for Victoria Volchkov in the case of the unsuccessful appearance of the latter in the Grand Prix Final in Saint Petersburg. However, after Volchkova it became the prize-winner of these competitions, about a similar castling it could not be and speech. The refusal of Slutskaya lets Nelidinoy that chance itself appear itself, on which it insisted its trainer. Although to make this in America will be extremely complicated.

Москвичке, которой в декабре исполнилось 18 лет, придется дебютировать на состязаниях такого ранга.
For the Moscovite, by whom during December were carried out 18 years, it is necessary to make a debut on the contests of this rank.

Долгое время на перспективы Людмилы в сборной России смотрели скептически. До 1999 года она даже защищала на юниорских турнирах цвета Азербайджана. Лишь перейдя от Жанны Громовой, постоянной наставницы Слуцкой, в группу Елены Чайковской и Владимира Котина, фигуристка смогла заявить о себе как о потенциальном призере крупнейших соревнований. У нее одна из самых сложных программ среди всех российских фигуристок, но в стабильности она, конечно, уступает Слуцкой. Не говоря уж об авторитете.
They looked long time to the prospects for Ludmilas in team Russia skeptically. Up to 1999 it even protected at the yuniorskikh tournaments of the color of Azerbaijan. Only pereydya from Jeanne gromovoy, permanent tutor Slutskaya, into the group of Helen chaykovskoy and Vladimir kotin, figure skater could state about herself as about the potential prize-winner of the largest competitions. In it one of the most complex programs among all Russian figure skaters, but in the stability she, of course, is inferior to Slutskaya. Without speaking already about the authority.

Но как бы то ни было, в Вашингтоне не увидят трагическую героиню оперы Джузеппе Верди в исполнении пятикратной чемпионки Европы. Вместо нее под сборную солянку из Хулио Иглесиаса и популярных мелодий Россини и Баха в современной обработке будет кататься задорная дебютантка.
But however that may be, in Washington they will not see the tragic heroine of Giuseppe Verdi's opera in execution of the five-fold champion of Europe. Instead of it under composite solyanku from Julio Iglesias and popular melodies of Rossini and Bach in the contemporary working will be rolled fervid debutant.

//* Источник информации : "Газета.Ru"
//* information source: To "gazeta..Ru"
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Grand Prix Final 2003

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イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、露サンクトペテルブルクで行われた Grand Prix Final 2002/2003 に参加し、2位でした。

U.S. FIgure Skating > EVENTS/RESULTS > 2003 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final

日程 Schedule : 2003/02/28-03/02
02/28 Short Program
02/28 Free Skating A
03/01 Free Skating B

会場 Venue : Ice Palace - St. Petersburg / RUS 

成績 Result :
SP 2nd (1st Cohen, 3rd Volchkova)
FSA 1st (2nd Cohen, 3rd Volchkova)
FSB 2nd (1st Cohen, 3rd Volchkova)
Result 2nd 3.4(1st Cohen 2.6, 3rd Volchkova 7.0) 

ニュース News :
The St. Petersburg Times
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
Cohen, Plushenko the Stars At Skating's Grand Prix Final
By Olga Derveneva

Although Russia grabbed three of the four top spots on offer at the figure-skating Grand Prix Final at the Ice Palace over the weekend, the results were less predictable than they might have seemed beforehand.
Sasha Cohen, the only U.S. skater taking part in the competition - which ranks second only to the World Championships - produced a surprising, if not sensational, win in the women's event on Saturday over defending world champion and five-time European champion Irina Slutskaya of Russia. "I knew it would be close, but I hoped to win," Cohen said. "I struggled with myself"
Even though Cohen led after Friday's short program, her victory was far from assured, as Slutskaya's Olympic silver-medal-winning free program, to music from Puccini's opera "Tosca," was flawless, while the American teenager made some noticeable mistakes, including a fall on an attempted triple loop.
Nevertheless, the judges favored the routine created by Cohen and her new coach, Tatyana Tarasova, over Slutskaya's "La Traviata," to music from Verdi's opera of the same name.
"I just felt that figure skating was the lesser part of my life," Slutskaya said. "I just lost, but I'm not defeated."

Taipei Times
Sunday, Mar 02, 2003
Russians in charge at the rink

RUNNING IN RINGS: With Michelle Kwan deciding not to compete, just Sasha Cohen made an impression for the US, as Russian skaters dominated proceedings and led in most of the disciplines

Russia underlined its world figure skating superiority on Friday by dominating all four events at the Grand Prix final.

World and European champion Irina Slutskaya rebounded from a somewhat shaky performance in the short program earlier in the day to take a narrow lead going into yesterday's second free skate.

Eighteen-year-old American Sasha Cohen, who was leading after the short program, dropped to second after she fell on the landing off a triple loop. "Well, it definitely wasn't my best performance," said Cohen of her long program. She is the only American competing in St. Petersburg after Michelle Kwan chose not to attend the final. "I felt a bit tired at the end of my free skate because I'm not used to skating two programs in one day," she added. "But it's a learning experience. I'm sure I'll do better in tomorrow's free program, which counts for 50 percent."

Slutskaya, however, was not too sympathetic to her younger rival. "I have a lot more experience than her," said the 24-year-old, who also finished second at last year's Winter Olympics. "I think this is my sixth Grand Prix final and in four of them we have competed under the same format, so I'm used to it." Slutskaya has won three of those finals. Another Russian Viktoria Volchkova is in third place after finishing third in both programs on Friday.

In the final, all skaters perform two long programs, one on Friday, which counts for 30 percent, and a different one yesterday. A short program is worth 20 percent of the total score.

Friday, February 28 / 2003
Slutskaya moves past Cohen after free skate
Associated Press

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia -- Not even a program loaded with triple jumps could lift Sasha Cohen past an irritated Irina Slutskaya.
The Russian world champion channeled her annoyance into accomplishment Friday, moving into first place at figure skating's Grand Prix Final with a skillful free skate after trailing Cohen in the short program.
"I stepped onto the ice angry,'' she said. "You have to be able to engage yourself.''

The first day of the Grand Prix Final presents particular concentration problems because it's a grind -- there's a short program and a free skate. This year was the first time Cohen had gone through this gauntlet, and she may have overestimated her stamina.
Her free skate was top-loaded with jumps at the beginning -- five, including two combinations, in the first two minutes. After the initial flurry of clean jumps, she fell on a triple loop.
"It's been a learning experience,'' said Cohen, of Laguna Niguel, Calif.

Slutskaya, more experienced at Grand Prix demands, paced her free skate more evenly and managed a triple-double-double combination to earn marks of 5.9 for technical merit and 6.0 for presentation. But even she felt worn out afterward.
"I've been on the ice five times today,'' she sighed, referring to practice and performance.

Viktoria Volchkova of Russia was third after the first free skate. The second free skate is Saturday and counts for 50 percent of the score, but Volchkova could win only if Cohen and Slutskaya fail abysmally. In fourth place was Elena Liashenko of Ukraine, who was added when Michelle Kwan dropped out.
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Cup of Russia 2002

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World Championships 2002 世界選手権

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イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、長野で行われた ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2002 世界選手権に参加し、初優勝しました。

日程 Schedule : 2002/03/16-24
03/15 Official Practice Start
03/17 Opening Ceremony and Reception
03/18 Opening Ceremony on Ice
03/20 08:54 Qualifying Free Skating A
03/20 12:45 Qualifying Free Skating B #14
03/22 11:54 Short Program #30(Last)
03/23 17:00 Free Skating #19
03/24 Exhibition

会場 Venue : M-Wave - Nagano / JAPAN  長野
M-Wave.jpg BigHat.jpg

Ticket チケット : Yen 15,000 - 6,000

TV テレビ : TBS, BS-i

成績 Result :
Qualifying Free Skating B : 1st
Short Program : 1st
Free Skating : 1st
Final Result : 1st

プログラムと動画 Program & Video :
SP : Serenade by Schubert
 動画 Video YouTube
LP : Tosca by Puccini
 動画 Video YouTube
 動画 Video Ice Champions (ShanFan14) > IRINA SLUTSKAYA VIDEOS! > 2002 Worlds (ABC) "Tosca" 8.79 MB
EX : Cotton Eye Joe (Old Pop In An Oak) by Rednex
 動画 Video YouTube
EX encore アンコール : LOVEマシーン by モーニング娘。

写真 Photo :
03/20 Qualifying Free Skating B
The Art's Room > Photo Gallery
> Worlds '02 - Ladies - Qualifying Free Skating B
copyright Eriko

The Men Who Skate The Soul > Report > '02世界選手権写真 Worlds 2002 > イリナ・スルツカヤ Irina Slutskaya copyright Arte

03/22 Short Program
Irina Slutskaya online Photo Gallery > Online Photo Gallery > 2002World Figure Skating Championships in Nagano copyright Masami Usui
8 photos

ROMANTIC STAGE 別館 > '02 世界選手権
> 女子シングル SP その2 copyright SF

03/23 Official Practice for Free Skating
Irina Slutskaya online Photo Gallery > Online Photo Gallery > 2002World Figure Skating Championships in Nagano copyright Masami Usui
8 photos

03/23 Free Skating
Irina Slutskaya online Photo Gallery > Online Photo Gallery > 2002World Figure Skating Championships in Nagano copyright Masami Usui
16 photos

ROMANTIC STAGE 別館 > '02 世界選手権
> 女子シングル フリー その2 copyright SF

03/23 Award Ceremony
Irina Slutskaya online Photo Gallery > Online Photo Gallery > 2002World Figure Skating Championships in Nagano copyright Masami Usui
4 photos

The Art's Room > Photo Gallery
> Worlds '02 - Award Ceremony & e.t.c
copyright Eriko&S.Takado

The Men Who Skate The Soul > Report > '02世界選手権写真 Worlds 2002 > イリナ・スルツカヤ Irina Slutskaya copyright Arte

The Skating Beauty and... Beast > Photo Gallery > 2002 World Championships in Nagano copyright BB-Staff(Satoko)

Michael Collins > Irina's calendar

03/24 Official Practice for Exhibition
Irina Slutskaya online Photo Gallery > Online Photo Gallery > 2002World Figure Skating Championships in Nagano copyright Masami Usui
4 photos

The Men Who Skate The Soul > Report > '02世界選手権写真 Worlds 2002 > イリナ・スルツカヤ Irina Slutskaya copyright Arte

03/24 Exhibition
captured images from EUROSPORT

Irina Slutskaya online Photo Gallery > Online Photo Gallery > 2002World Figure Skating Championships in Nagano copyright Masami Usui
8 photos

The Men Who Skate The Soul > Report > '02世界選手権写真 Worlds 2002 > イリナ・スルツカヤ Irina Slutskaya copyright Arte

ROMANTIC STAGE 別館 > '02 世界選手権
> EX1位 copyright SF

フィギュアスケートのページ > 世界選手権2002(第2部)
copyright Chibiko

Ekoのページ > 2002世界フィギュアスケートエキシビション
2002figure-surutukaya.jpg 2002figure-end.jpg

News ニュース :
The St. Petersburg Times
Issue #756(22), Tuesday, March 26, 2002
Slutskaya Takes World Title As Kwan Misses Out Again
(AP, Reuters)

NAGANO, Japan - One month after failing to win the Olympic gold medal, Michelle Kwan is no longer even the world champion.
Kwan lost the world title she held for the last two years, finishing second to Russia's Irina Slutskaya on Saturday at the World Figure Skating Championships. "After the Olympics a lot of people decided not to come," Kwan said. "For me it is like, if you don't show up, you don't gain anything, but also don't lose anything. I gained a lot by coming here."
Not as much as Slutskaya, who beat Kwan for the fifth time this season to win her first world championship. Slutskaya had finished second to Kwan three times, including the last two years. "A couple of times I was so close and now I am just so happy as I feel the medal," Slutskaya said. "It's sport and competing. Sometimes someone else wins. We are just competing. Maybe I am just lucky tonight."
Kwan led at the Olympics after the short program, but settled for the bronze medal when Slutskaya beat her out for second in the long program, giving the gold to American Sarah Hughes. Hughes skipped the world championships, citing lack of training following the Olympic triumph. Fumie Suguri of Japan finished third and Sasha Cohen of the United States was fourth. American Jennifer Kirk withdrew with a hip injury before the free skating.
Slutskaya won the free skate ahead of Kwan although both did six triple jumps and didn't make a mistake. Slutskaya had six of nine firsts in the free skate to her routine from "Tosca." Her marks were all 5.8 and 5.9 except for a lone 5.7. Kwan's routine to "Scheherazade" also had six triples, including two triple-double combinations like Slutskaya. But her landings were less secure than Slutskaya and the technical marks reflected it. Five of the technical marks were 5.7, the rest 5.8. Slutskaya had one 5.9 with seven marks of 5.8 and the 5.7.

Газета "КоммерсантЪ" 50(2419)
Ирина Слуцкая получила настоящее "золото"


Многочисленные поклонники Ирины Слуцкой до сих пор не могут понять, почему на Олимпиаде в Солт-Лейк-Сити судьи предпочли ей американку Сару Хьюз. В Нагано Ирина Слуцкая наконец получила официальный титул сильнейшей. С подробностями о третьей золотой медали, завоеванной на чемпионате мира российской сборной,-- корреспондент Ъ АЛЕКСЕЙ Ъ-ДОСПЕХОВ.

В Нагано Сара Хьюз (Sara Hughes), утомленная послеолимпийскими интервью и шоу, не приехала. Однако отсутствие чемпионки ничуть не ослабило интерес к турниру. Мишель Кван (Michelle Kwan) и Ирина Слуцкая -- этих двух имен было вполне достаточно, чтобы трибуны оказались заполнены.

На пресс-конференции призеров японка Фуми Сугури (Fumie Suguri) призналась, что ей как-то непривычно сидеть рядом с этими прославленными фигуристками. И ее можно понять: многолетнее соперничество Мишель Кван и Ирины Слуцкой -- своеобразная квинтэссенция женского фигурного катания. Когда же побеждают другие, например Сара Хьюз, это лишь наводит на мысль о том, что и в спорте иногда происходят случайные вещи.

Они сами настолько привыкли к тому, что соревнуются именно друг с другом, что даже не называют себя соперницами. Мишель Кван делает комплимент за комплиментом Ирине Слуцкой, Ирина Слуцкая отвечает тем же Мишель Кван. Странные в общем-то в фигурном катании отношения.

Они разные. Одна -- очень мягкая и, кажется, чересчур субтильная для этого достаточно трудного вида спорта. Другая, наоборот, резкая и атлетичная. Тоже, может быть, чересчур -- так, по крайней мере, посчитали судьи на Олимпиаде. Мишель Кван с ее мягкостью, которую уже давно принято называть в женском катании эталоном артистизма, выигрывала гораздо чаще и выигрывала самые важные турниры. И поэтому утверждает, что серебряной медали, которую получила в Нагано, тоже рада. Хотя выражение лица Мишель Кван, увидевшей свои оценки за произвольную программу, заставляло усомниться, что она и в самом деле рада. Но выиграть у Ирины Слуцкой в Нагано американка не могла при всем желании.

"Я думала, что чемпионат мира по сравнению с Олимпийским играми -- это просто,-- говорила россиянка.-- Оказалось, что все совсем не так. Еще труднее! После Олимпиады у меня ведь совершенно не было времени на подготовку: встречи с президентом, мэром..." И тем не менее подготовилась Ирина Слуцкая отлично. Две "шестерки" за короткую программу, такая же безупречная произвольная... При этом артистичность исполнения "Тоски" на сей раз была оценена арбитрами гораздо выше, чем на Олимпиаде. И Ирина Слуцкая, конечно, пошутит по этому поводу: "Наверное, за месяц смогла здорово прибавить в данном компоненте".

Ей могло помешать, пожалуй, только одно -- первый стартовый номер. Перед выходом на лед Ирина Слуцкая о чем-то долго беседовала со своим тренером Жанной Громовой. "Разминка показалась совсем короткой. Вот я и старалась успокоиться и раскрепоститься с ее помощью. И тренер сказал мне эти... как бы сказать... волшебные слова",-- объяснит она. Слова, скорее всего, были нужны, потому что в начале программы у Ирины Слуцкой -- два сложнейших каскада из тройного и двойного прыжков. После соревнований она призналась, что планировала добавить один оборот ко второму прыжку -- тогда выступление выглядело бы еще убедительнее, но так как первые приземления были немножко неуверенные, она решила не рисковать. С трибуны эта неуверенность в приземлениях, впрочем, осталась незамеченной, и выступление с точки зрения техники выглядело идеальным. Судьи, конечно, оставили зазор для остальных, не доводя баллы до 6,0, но небольшой.

Остальные -- это Мишель Кван, которая уже ошиблась в короткой программе, и Фуми Сугури. Американка, как и Ирина Слуцкая, выступила чище, чем на Олимпиаде. И как обычно, получила свою традиционную порцию оваций. Но на сей раз ни ее техника, ни артистизм не были восприняты судьями как эталон. И Мишель Кван с грустным лицом в сопровождении утешающего ее отца ушла в раздевалку. Японка также выступила без ошибок. Однако и она не решилась сделать, может быть, единственный спасительный, сулящий "золото" ход -- комбинацию из двух тройных. Но, похоже, Фуми Сугури на "золото" не рассчитывала, и ее радость по поводу "бронзы", в отличие от той, что пыталась демонстрировать Мишель Кван, выглядела абсолютно искренней.

А Ирина Слуцкая как будто и не радовалась. По крайней мере не так должен бы радоваться человек, который семь лет участвует в чемпионатах мира, столько раз был в шаге от золотой медали и наконец завоевал ее. "Сезон начался так рано и был таким трудным. Я так устала",-- улыбаясь, объяснила она.

Вопрос насчет того, не решила ли Ирина Слуцкая переходить в профессиональный спорт, где эмоций и усталости на порядок меньше, естественно, тут же возник. Но ее ответ оказался довольно неожиданным: "Я, конечно, посмотрю на все имеющиеся у меня варианты. Может быть, сезон пропущу. Но в принципе я хочу кататься в любителях. Просто очень люблю соревноваться".

United States Olympic Committee
March 22, 2002
Michelle Kwan in third after short program at 2002 World Championships

NAGANO -- Four-time World champion Michelle Kwan (Torrance, Calif.), stumbled in the short program on Friday in her attempt to claim a fifth career and third straight World title at the 2002 World Figure Skating Championships in Japan.
The Olympic bronze medalist entered the short program in good position to defend her World title after winning her qualifying group on Wednesday. Kwan, skating to "Rachmaninoff" had difficulty on the first of the eight required elements when she fell out of the triple lutz. Kwan recovered quickly to complete a double toe but the damage was done. Facing a mandatory deduction in the short program for the error, Kwan received marks of 5.2-5.4 for required elements and presentation marks of 5.7-5.9, to finish the day in third overall. Kwan must now win the free skate and have Irina Slutskaya finish no higher than third to claim her fifth World title. "Going into the combination, I felt a little too fast…I think I just leaned back too much," said Kwan. "I'll just have to come back strong tomorrow. I have been in this position before (2000 World Championships in Nice, France), the difference is this time I am aware of it."
Three-time World silver medalist Irina Slutskaya of Russia received two 6.0s for presentation to take one step closer to an elusive World title that has eluded her in six previous attempts. Skating last in the final group, the Olympic silver medalist was clean on all eight elements and received unanimous first place marks from all nine judges. The perfect marks were the first of Slutskaya's career at a World Championships.
"It's the first time I have received a 6.0 for presentation in the short program at Worlds," said Slutskaya. "I skated well today but I will now forget this and focus on skating well again tomorrow."
Japan's Fumie Suguri capitalized on the mistakes of the day by skating a clean program to finish in second overall. Suguri, who received second place marks from eight of the nine judges, can claim her first World title and first ladies title for Japan since 1994 with a win in the free skate on Saturday.
Reigning U.S. silver medalist Sasha Cohen (Laguna Niguel, Calif.), suffered a similar fate shared by her U.S. teammates in the short program. After skating clean through the first five elements, Cohen fell on her double Axel attempt and fell to fifth overall. Cohen, who was second in her qualifying group, must now have a clean free skate and hope for help to have an opportunity to claim a medal at her first World Championships. "I was disappointed by my performance today," said Cohen. "I really don't know what happened. I have been skating good programs all week and I felt prepared."
Note: 1999 World champion Maria Butyrskaya of Russia officially withdrew from the 2002 World Championships on Friday morning. According to an official communication from the event organizers, Butyrskaya withdrew from the event due to "physical and mental fatigue". Butyrskaya placed sixth in qualifying group A on Wednesday.
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Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Games ソルトレークオリンピック


2002/03/11 純金メダルを贈られる Pure Gold Medal

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Games ソルトレークオリンピックに出場し、銀メダルを獲得しました。

日程 Schedule :
02/19 17:15 Short Program
02/21 17:50 Free Skating
02/22 Ex

会場 Place :
Salt Lake Ice Center (アイスセンター) - Salt Lake City, Utah USA

成績 Result :
FPl. Name Nat. Points SP FS
1 HUGHES Sarah USA 3.0 4 1
2 SLUTSKAYA Irina RUS 3.0 2 2
3 KWAN Michelle USA 3.5 1 3

プログラムと動画 Program & Video :
SP : Serenade by Schubert
 Video : YouTube
FS : Tosca by Puccini
 Video : YouTube, YouTube, YouTube, YouTube, YouTube
EX : Cotton Eye Joe (Old Pop In An Oak) by Rednex
 Video : YouTube, YouTube, YouTube

Other Video : Medal Ceremony, Irina & MK

写真 Photo :
● SP
CNNSI > Salt Lake 2002 > Photos > Day 12

● FS

● Medal Ceremony
shismk07.jpg shismk06.jpg

● EX
CNNSI > Salt Lake 2002 > Photos > Day 15

05.jpg OLYfigskate.jpg

ニュース News :
●英語 English
CNNSI > Salt Lake 2002 > Figure Skating
> ISU reject Russia protest at Slutskaya defeat

> Russia protests Slutskaya defeat in figure skating

> Slutskaya finishes second in a stunner
"Olympic Games can't be easy for anyone," Slutskaya said. "Everyone fights and everyone wants to win."
"I was so surprised about my second mark. It's a very interesting situation," Slutskaya said. "I worked so hard this year for the second mark. In all my competitions, I have higher mark second. "Here, I see 5.6s. I have shock, that's it."
"I feel like a star," she said, giggling. "I skated good today. I'm really happy because it's so hard to skate after Michelle. I was so nervous today, so I'm happy."
"I didn't say anything about Sarah Hughes. Sarah skated great today, too," Slutskaya said. "I'm just surprised. Yeah, I'm a good skater, it's true. I skated good today. But judges take their choices. That's it."
"Very interesting story," she said. "They have some interesting stories, but it's not my job to talk about it."

> Hughes edges Slutskaya, Kwan for gold
"I fight with my nerves and I skate good," Slutskaya said, "and I was so surprised after my free skating about my second marks. It's very interesting, every year I have good first marks and down second marks. "But it is sport, but really a shame."

> Triple-jumping women pushing the limits warn experts

> War on Ice begins as Kwan leads Slutskaya
"I love competing with skaters like Michelle and Sarah, it's so nice. You feel here a 'War on Ice'," said Slutskaya.
"I was injured there and everything was sleepy. Here I am ready to fight,"

> Focus turns on Kwan and Slutskaya
"I really want to try to do something interesting," "I'm ready for the competition. I took one week off after the Europeans. I was so tired. But I feel right now, so good. I hope so anyway."
"For me competiting in my own country is harder. For those girls there will be pressure. Me I'm free." "I just want to say to everyone, don't forget about me."

> Penpix of Olympic women's figure skating challangers

●日本語 Jpanese
> (2/23)4年前の雪辱ならず・女王スルツカヤにも五輪の魔物

今日のモスクワ2002年5月号 > イリーナ・スルツカヤへのインタビュー

今日のモスクワ2002年1,2月号 > ロシア、ソルトレークシティオリンピック騒動。

共同通信 > ソルトレークシティー冬季五輪
> 22日 > 米のヒューズ逆転V フィギュア女子シングル
> フィギュア
 > 22日 若さ、勢い、一気に頂点 新星、ヒューズ「最高」
 > 21日 22日女子の自由演技 フィギュア2強激突
 > 20日 華やかなドラマの予感 女王争いは2強対決
 高く大きなジャンプ。鋭く速いスピン。鮮やかなステップ、優雅なスパイラル…。スルツカヤはロシアがこのスポーツでもつ限りない底の深さを漂わせる。 ここ2シーズン、クワンとの直接対戦は5勝2敗。今季は3度戦って3度とも勝っている。実力を出し切れば、逆転で金メダルを獲得する可能性は大きい。問題は、クワン一辺倒の場内の声援か。「きょうは自分の演技が終わったばかりで、気にすることもなかった。もちろん米国選手が熱烈的な声援を受けると思う。でも米国のファンはわたしのことも好きなはず」と言った。敵地に乗り込んでの決戦は、間違いなくこれまで最大の重圧との戦いになるだろう。(共同=竹内浩)
> 敗者の軌跡 > 私も仲間入りしたかった 五輪女王を逃したクワン
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European Championships 2002 欧州選手権

※ posted 2007/02/04 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、スイス・ローザンヌで行われた European Figure Skating Championships 2002 欧州選手権に参加し2位でした。

日程 Schedule : 2002/01/14-20
01/16 11:00 Qualifying Free Skating A #6
01/18 13:00 Short Program #30(last)
01/19 13:24 Free Skating #19

会場 Venue : Malley Ice Rink - Lausanne / SWISS

成績 Result : 2nd (QR 1st, SP 3rd, FS 1st)

写真 Photos :
Qualifying Free Skating
BBC > SPORT > PHOTO GALLERIES > Slutskaya out in front
Wednesday, 16 January, 2002, 15:55 GMT
Defending champion Irina Slutskaya crashes to the ice after fluffing a double-axel but still leads Group A with 0.4 points
Irina Slutskaya strikes some more familiar poses after recovering from her earlier tumble

Free Skating & Medal Ceremony
BBC > SPORT > PHOTO GALLERIES > Russian medal sweep
Saturday, 19 January, 2002, 20:29 GMT
European champion for the last two years, 22-year-old Irina Slutskaya came second
The three Russians, Irina Slutskaya, Maria Butyrskaya and Viktoria Volchkova on the podium

ニュース News :
2002 January 17, 3:38 AM ET
Associated Press
Slutskaya, Butyrskaya off game in qualifying round

Irina Slutskaya fell on a routine double axel.

LAUSANNE, Switzerland -- Michelle Kwan's Russian rivals for Olympic gold stumbled through the opening round of their last competition before the Salt Lake City Games.
Defending champion Irina Slutskaya fell face-first on a routine double axel, and teammate Maria Butyrskaya failed to make a required jump combination during qualifying rounds of the European Figure Skating Championships on Wednesday.
But as the skaters said, it was only qualifying. And despite the falls and sprawls, both women won their groups. "It's good it's right now," Slutskaya said. "We are just warming up for a good competition."
The heat was turned high going into the women's short program Friday -- a contrast to the men's and pairs events, which are missing last year's champions. Both Russian women have been European champions and both have beaten Kwan in the past: Slutskaya in six of their last eight major meetings, Butyrskaya at the 1999 worlds. And both want to prove they are in shape to defeat her again at the Olympics.
Slutskaya has an expressive free skate program to Puccini's "Tosca," and on a good day it's packed with seven triple jumps, including one triple-triple combination, though she aspires to do two. The defending champion, Slutskaya, 22, touched down on a triple loop, singled and then two-footed an intended triple lutz to keep from falling -- and added the puzzling double axel debacle. "I was as surprised as you guys," she said. "I don't know, my legs (were) going somewhere."
Despite the falls, she hit four triples, including two triple-double combinations. Her technical marks were mostly in the 5.3-to-5.5 range, with one 5.8. The presentation marks were slightly higher, mostly 5.4s-to-5.6s.
Another Russian, Victoria Volchkova, skated flawlessly and hit five triple jumps -- yet she was placed lower than Slutskaya, with marks of 5.3 to 5.7. Silvia Fontana of Italy was third.
Butyrskaya, 29, is still testing her Olympic long program, showcasing her graceful, deliberate poses to a horn-dominated score called "Tale of a Journey." She performed it for only the second time in competition Wednesday. Her season was interrupted by minor surgery in November. She hit only four triples, touching down with both hands on a triple toe loop that was to have led into a required combination. A mandatory deduction was reflected in technical scores of 5.2 to 5.5. The presentation scores were in the 5.6-to-5.8 range. "This program is still quite new and quite raw for me. I wanted to test it," Butyrskaya said.

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Russian National Championship 2002 露選手権

※ posted 2007/09/02 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、モスクワで行われた Russian Figure Skating Championship 2002 ロシア選手権に参加し、2000, 2001, 2002 と3年連続優勝を果たしました。

日程 Schedule : 2001/12/27-30
12/27 16:00 Short Program
12/28 18:45 Free Skating
12/30 14:00 Awards & Exhibition

会場 Venue :
Дворце спорта "Сокольники" Sokolniki Arena - Moscow

成績 Result : 1st (SP 1st, FS 1st)
Fi. Name SP FS TFP
1 Irina SLUTSKAYA 1st 1st 1,5
2 Mariya BUTYRSKAYA 2 2 3,0
3 Viktoriya VOLCHKOVA 4 3 5,0
4 Elena SOKOLOVA 3 4 5,5
5 Kristina OBLASOVA 6 5 8,0
6 Ludmila NELIDINA 7 6 9,5

プログラム Programs :
SP : Serenade
FS : Tosca
EX : Timeless

写真とレポート Photo & Report :
◆12/27 SP
Cheers For Irina Slutskaya > Pictures > 2002 Russian Nationals
Фотоархив сайта Фигурное катание online > Ladies > Slutskaya, Irina > 2001-2002 copyright : Anna Kondakova

ISFF > “New old photos :)”

◆12/28 FS
Cheers For Irina Slutskaya > Pictures > 2002 Russian Nationals
Фотоархив сайта Фигурное катание online > Ladies > Slutskaya, Irina > 2001-2002 copyright : Anna Kondakova

Anke's Photography Page > Skating Pictures > 2001/2002 Russian Nationals > Irina Slutskaya copyright : Anke

◆12/30 Medal Ceremony
Russia On Ice (copyright : Yuri Ronzhin)

◆12/30 EX
Kommersant Photo Archive

30.12.2001 Irina Slutskaya performs during the Russian National Figure-Skating Championship.

◆Off Ice
Cheers For Irina Slutskaya > Pictures > 2002 Russian Nationals
copyright : Yuri Ronzhin

◆レポート Repot :
Russia On Ice (copyright : Yuri Ronzhin)
Irina Slutskaya had new dresses for both programs. I thought they (costumes) were so good - simpler and elegant. Funny thing: the security guards once didn't allow Irina to enter the rink, so she took out her dress from the bag and showed it to the guard as a proof that she was a skater!

Unfortunately, both programs of Ira weren't clean. But good she was brave to try both 3-3s in the FP. Every skater has a heart, and Irina was very nervous about her performance at Nationals. Those who think that she has a safe place for the Olympic team are plain wrong. Good luck to Irina in the future.

Slutskaya's 'Timeless' was a beauty.
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Grand Prix Final 2001/2002

※ posted 2006/12/25 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2001/2002 で完全優勝し、2連覇しました。

ISU > 2001/2002 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final
USFSA > 2001 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final

スケジュール Schedule : 2001/12/13-16
12/14 Short Program
12/14 1st Free Skating
12/15 2nd Free Skating
12/16 Exhibition

会場 Venue : Kitchener Memorial Auditorium

成績 Result : 1st
Short Program : 1st
3 Michelle KWAN USA 1.2
4 Sarah HUGHES USA 1.6
5 Tatiana MALININA UZB 2.0
6 Yoshie ONDA JPN 2.4

1st Free Skating : 1st
2 Michelle KWAN USA 1.2
3 Sarah HUGHES USA 1.8
5 Tatiana MALININA UZB 3.0
6 Yoshie ONDA JPN 3.6

2nd Free Skating : 1st
2 Michelle KWAN USA 2.0
3 Sarah HUGHES USA 3.0
5 Yoshie ONDA JPN 5.0
6 Tatiana MALININA UZB 6.0

Final Result : 1st
FPl. Name Nat. Points SP F1 F2
1 Irina SLUTSKAYA RUS 2.0 1 1 1
2 Michelle KWAN USA 4.4 3 2 2
3 Sarah HUGHES USA 6.4 4 3 3
4 Maria BUTYRSKAYA RUS 7.2 2 4 4
5 Yoshie ONDA JPN 11.0 6 6 5
6 Tatiana MALININA UZB 11.0 5 5 6

プログラムと動画 Programs & Videos :
SP : Serenade by Schubert
1st FS : Don Quixote by Leon Minkus
 動画 Video : YouTube
2nd FS : Tosca by Puccini
Ex : Samson et Dalila by Saint Saens (American Pie ?)

写真 Photos : > Grand Prix Final 2001 > Irina Slutskaya

Pixieworld > Skaters > Irina Slutskaya > Photos > Grand Prix Final 2001/2002

Golden Blades! > Pictures > Grand Prix Final 2002

The Skating Beauty and... Beast > Photo Gallery > 2002 GRAND PRIX FINAL

The Tribune, Chandigarh, India > Sports > December 17, 2001
Irina Slutskaya of Russia picks up stuffed animals after her win at the ISU Grand Prix final in Kitchener, Ontario, on Saturday. Slutskaya finished in first place, with Americans Michelle Kwan in second and Sarah Hughes in third. - Reuters

Ирина Слуцкая Форум > Фотографии > Фото Ирины разных лет p11

Heart of a Champion, Michelle Kwan > Photo > Michelle Kwan > J.Barry Mittan, 2001 Grand Prix Final

Sarah Hughes Webpage > Photo Gallery > 2002 Grand Prix Final

レポート Report :
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2001-02 Grand Prix Final of Figure Skating Championships
Figure Skating Highlights
December 17, 2001
In comparison, Slutskaya had four clean triples and one slightly flawed triple with several shaky landings and slight missteps. Many in the arena thought that even World bronze medalist Sarah Hughes had out skated Slutskaya. In the end, three judges had Slutskaya third and four had her first, rendering the audience speechless. Slutskaya dominated the short program and initial free skate with unanimous ordinals and perhaps received some leeway from the judges on account of this.

Ice Skating International: Online > ARCHIVE > 2001/02 Season Grand Prix Final > Ladies Results
Short Program
Last to skate was Irina Slutskaya who was the unambiguous winner of the short program. She skated clean with all four jumps solid. Her presentation was strong and confident and distinctly better than her effort at Skate Canada. The only serious weakness to the program is the funky takeoff pattern and position she uses on her triple Lutz.

First Free Skate
Skating last again was Irina Slutskaya. She skated her "Don Quixote" routine with good speed and energy, with a strong presentation. She landed four clean triples and a double Axel.
Slutskaya opened with triple Lutz but omitted the double loop of the intended combination. Next came a clean triple Salchow - double loop combination followed by a flying camel spin. A planed triple Lutz next ended up a double Lutz - double toe loop combination and following another spin she put her hand down on a triple loop with a poor landing edge. In the last third of the program she landed a triple flip, a double Axel and a triple toe loop. She received unanimous first place marks for her effort.

Second Free Skate
In the second free skate, Irina Slutskaya once again closed the show. Off-ice Slutskaya has had a ready smile and appears at ease, but she is under as much pressure as Kwan and gave a hint of this in the long interval during the marking of Kwan's peformance. For what felt like several minutes Slutskaya intensely paced and stroked from one end of the ice to the other, executing several double jumps and giving every impression of a caged animal waiting to pounce.
Slutskaya skated her "Tosca" routine with good speed and with a strong artistic presentation that was unquestionably first rate, but she landed only four or five triples (depending if you count the triple flip) and made several sloppy errors. Her second free skate was also another example of some skaters doing the exact same elements in both free skates in only a trivially different order.
On her opening triple Lutz - double toe loop a poor landing on the Lutz forced a loop edge in between. A triple Salchow - double loop combination was clean but after a flying camel she popped a triple Lutz to a double. Her solo triple loop was clean but she had a late step out of a triple flip. She also had a very poor landing on a double Axel that was nearly a fall, but near the end of the program came back to land a triple toe loop. As noted above, her first place finish was a controversial result. Her presentation was stronger than Kwan's and she skated with more speed and with stronger jumps for the ones she landed, but she made so many errors and was so sloppy in so many places the result does seem questionable.

ニュース News :
CNN/Sports Illustrated
December 18, 2001
A Real Downer
Another puzzling loss left Michelle Kwan struggling to right herself for the Games

The Grand Prix had an all-star field, including Russia's Irina Slutskaya, who had beaten Kwan all three times they'd met this season and six of seven times in the past two years.
Kwan spun out of her combination jump during Friday afternoon's short program, finishing third. Then she fell on a triple loop during Friday night's free-skating program. Finally, on Saturday night, during the second free skate (an oddity of this competition), Kwan fell on her final triple toe loop. She never showed spark and wound up second, behind Slutskaya.

It wasn't as if Slutskaya, 22, who's the clear Olympic favorite, skated like a house afire. After a fine short program she lost much of her fizz in the free skates, landing only four clean triple jumps (of six planned) in each and making several errors. Her speed, however, was better than Kwan's, her spins more difficult, and her obvious pleasure while skating a plus. Kwan used to be guaranteed the higher presentation marks, but Slutskaya outscored her in Kitchener. That bodes badly for Kwan in Salt Lake City.

As for Sarah Hughes, the 16-year-old from Great Neck, N.Y., who put herself in the spotlight by beating Slutskaya and Kwan this fall at Skate Canada, she clearly performs better coming out of the shadows. Considered an upset threat, Hughes fell in her short program and made several mistakes in Friday's free skate to stand fourth going into the final. With no chance to win, she skated superbly on Saturday -- three of the seven judges placed her ahead of Slutskaya -- and finished third overall, the same placement she had a year ago in this event.

Journal Sentinel Inc.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Sunday, December 16, 2001
Russian beats Kwan in Grand Prix Final

Russia's Irina Slutskaya edged American star Michelle Kwan in figure skating's Grand Prix Final for the third straight year Saturday night in Kitchener, Ontario.
After the first two Grand Prix losses, Kwan rebounded to beat Slutskaya in the world championships. The American will have another chance to top the Russian in the Salt Lake Olympics in February.
Slutskaya, who entered the free skate in first place, was a bit off technically but still received four first-place votes from the seven-judge panel.
Kwan had six triple jumps compared to Slutskaya's four, but Kwan fell on her last attempt.
American Sarah Hughes had seven triples in her free skate and finished third.

Journal Sentinel Inc.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Saturday, December 15, 2001
Associated Press
Kwan falls, trails Russian

Michelle Kwan bounced up from a quick fall and moved up to second place Friday night as figure skating's Grand Prix final opened in Kitchener, Ontario.
Kwan still trailed Russia's Irina Slutskaya after the second program of the day and has only a slight mathematical chance of overtaking her today in the second free program, worth 50% of the total score.
Slutskaya, who has made a habit of beating Kwan in Grand Prix finals but losing to her at world championships, led after the short program and maintained it in the first of the free programs.
Kwan, a four-time world champion and five-time U.S. champion, fell on a triple loop seconds into her routine. She got up to complete five triple jumps -- the most of the night by any of the women -- but still lost to Slutskaya, who did four clean triples.
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Cup of Russia 2001

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イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Cup of Russia - Gallina Blanca 2001 に参加し、完全優勝しました。

Official Site

日程 Schedule : 2001/11/22-25
11/22 12:00-12:45, 16:00-16:45 Practice
11/22 20:30-21:30 Draw
11/23 09:15-09:30, 10:00-10:30 Practice
11/23 16:30-17:00 Opening Ceremony
11/23 17:00-18:30 Short program (StartNo.5)
11/24 07:00-07:45, 08:00-08:45 Practice
11/24 15:00-16:45 Free skating (StartNo.6)
11/25 09:30-10:00 Exibition Practice
11/25 14:00 Awards
11/25 16:30 Exibition

会場 Venue : Ice Palace - St.Petersburg

成績 Result : 1st
Short program Result
Rank StartNo Name Country
1 5 Irina Slutskaya RUS
2 10 Angela Nikodinov USA
3 7 Elena Sokolova RUS
4 6 Viktoria Volchkova RUS
5 9 Elena Liashenko UKR

Free skating Result
Rank StartNo Name Country
1 6 Irina Slutskaya RUS
2 10 Viktoria Volchkova RUS
3 9 Angela Nikodinov USA
4 8 Elena Sokolova RUS
5 3 Jennifer Robinson CAN

Final Result ISU
Pl Name Nation Tot.Points SP FS
1 Irina SLUTSKAYA RUS 1,5 1 1
2 Viktoria VOLCHKOVA RUS 4,0 4 2
3 Angela NIKODINOV USA 4,0 2 3
4 Elena SOKOLOVA RUS 5,5 3 4
5 Jennifer ROBINSON CAN 8,0 6 5
6 Elena LIASHENKO UKR 8,5 5 6
7 Zoya DOUCHINE GER 11,5 9 7
8 Galina MANIACHENKO UKR 12,5 7 9
9 Kanako TAKAHASHI JPN 13,0 10 8
10 Tamara DOROFEJEV HUN 14,0 8 10

プログラム Programs :
SP : Serenade
FS : Tosca
EX :

写真 Photos :
Official Site > pictures > pic2

Official Site > winners

Cheers For Irina Slutskaya > Pictures > 2001 Cup of Russia

Evgeni Plushenko King on Ice > Cup of Russia 2001 Photos copyright Mika

ニュース News :
November 26, 2001 | 12:58 PM ET
Russians nearly sweep St. Petersburg figure skating


Slutskaya, who is currently ranked second in the world, played it safe in her long program after falling during her short program, scaling down her more difficult elements.

"It was much better (Saturday). But still I haven't put all the elements I want into the program," she admitted afterward.

English Translation by Free Online Translator "PROMT"
24.11.2001, 18:25:33
Ирина Слуцкая выиграла "Гран-При" по фигурному катанию Cup of Russia
Irina Slutskaya won "Grand prix" on figure skating Cup of Russia

Россиянка Ирина Слуцкая стала победительницей турнира серии "Гран-При" по фигурному катанию Cup of Russia, который завершился в Санкт-Петербурге, сообщает "Спорт-экспресс".
Russian Irina Slutskaya became the winner of tournament of a series "Grand prix" on figure skating Cup of Russia which come to the end in St.-Petersburg, informs "Sports-express train".

Второе место заняла еще одна российская фигуристка Виктория Волчкова, а замкнула тройку призеров подопечная легендарной Ирины Родниной, американка болгарского происхождения Анжела Никодинова (Angela Nikodinova).
The second place was one more Russian figure skater Victoria Volchkova, and American of Bulgarian origin Angela Nikodinova closed a three of prize-winners подопечная legendary Irina Rodninoj.

Ирина Слуцкая, которая лидировала после короткой программы, открыла выступление в группе сильнейших фигуристок, но не смога показать своего лучшего катания, выглядев немного тяжеловато.
Irina Slutskaya who was in the lead after the short program, opened performance in group of the strongest figure skaters, but not смога to show the best skating, выглядев it is a little тяжеловато.

И даже, несмотря на то, что Ирина чисто не исполнила ни одного каскада, российская фигуристка получила довольно высокие отметки от судей: 5,5 - 5,7 - за технику, 5,7 - 5,9 - за артистизм.
And even, in spite of the fact that Irina purely not executed any cascade, Russian figure skater received high enough marks from judges: 5,5 - 5,7 - for technics, 5,7 - 5,9 - for virtuosity.

Несмотря на то, что запас Слуцкой, был не очень большим, ни одна из ее соперниц так и не сумела догнать лучшую российскую фигуристку: Елена Соколова слишком много ошибалась, а Анжеле Никодинов не удалось повторить своего блестящего катания в короткой программе.
In spite of the fact that stock Slutskaya, was not so greater, any of her competitors and not managed to catch up with the best Russian фигуристку: Elena Sokolova was mistaken too much, and Angela Nikodinov did not manage to repeat the brilliant skating in the short program.

И только Виктории Волчковой в конце произвольной программы удалось порадовать зрителей, исполнив несколько тройных прыжков, за что она получила довольно высокие отметки и заняла второе место на этих соревнованиях.
And only Viktoria Volchkova in the end of the any program managed to please spectators, executed some triple jumps, for what she received high enough marks and taken the second place at these competitions.
November 23, 2001 | 6:03 PM ET
Russian figure skaters take leads in St. Petersburg

Home ice proved very hospitable to Russian skaters on the first day of the Cup of Russia Grand Prix figure skating meet in St. Petersburg on Friday.
Irina Slutskaya recovered from a fall in her routine to place first in the women's short program, while Canadian champion Jennifer Robinson was sixth.

In a year that has seen such Olympic favourites as world champion Michelle Kwan of the United States perform inconsistently, Slutskaya, currently ranked second in the world in women's singles, wiped out while landing a triple flip. Still, she remained upbeat and countered technical marks that dipped as low as 5.0 with top marks for presentation.

"It's all right," Slutskaya said, unfazed by her fall. "It's just the beginning of the season."
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Goodwill Games 2001

※ posted 2007/09/07 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、オーストラリア・ブリスベン Brisbane で開催された Goodwill Games 2001 グッドウイルゲームに参加し、完全優勝しました。

日程 Schedule : 2001/09/05-09
09/06 Short Program
09/08 Free Skating
09/09 13:00-15:00 Exhibition

会場 Venue : Brisbane Entertainament Center / Australia

テレビ TV : TNT
Thursday, September 6 - Ladies Short
Irina Slutskaya feature
Irina Slutskaya - Serenade by Schubert

Saturday, September 8 - Ladies Free
Irina Slutskaya - Tosca
Irina Slutskaya interview
Medal ceremony with anthem played

Sunday, September 9 - Exhibition
Irina Slutskaya - Timeless
Irina Slutskaya interview

プログラム Programs :
SP : Serenade
FS : Tosca
EX : Timeless

成績 Result : 1st (SP 1st, FS 1st)
FPl. Name Nat. FP SP FS
1 Irina SLUTSKAYA RUS 1.5 1 1
2 Michelle KWAN USA 3.0 2 2
3 Fumie SUGURI JPN 4.5 3 3
4 Sasha COHEN USA 6.0 4 4
5 Elena LIASHENKO UKR 8.5 5 6
6 Maria BUTYRSKAYA RUS 9.0 8 5
7 Viktoria VOLCHKOVA RUS 10.5 9 6
8 Stephanie ZHANG AUS 13.0 10 8
9 Silvia FONTANA ITA 13.0 6 10
10 Elena SOKOLOVA RUS 14.5 11 9

写真 Photos :
Cheers For Irina Slutskaya >   Copyright : J.Barry Mittan

Leigh Meydrech's Home Page > Irina Slutskaya > 2001 Goodwill Games Copyright : J.Barry Mittan

Pixieworld > Irina Slutskaya > Photos > Goodwill Games 2001 Copyright : J.Barry Mittan

The Skating Beauty and... Beast > Photo Gallery > 2001 Goodwill Games in Brisbane Copyright : BB-Staff

Getty Images

ニュース News :
Cheers For Irina Slutskaya > Latest News(2000 - 2002)
Saturday September 08, 2001 9:09 AM
Slutskaya wins figure skating gold

BRISBANE, Australia (AP) -- Irina Slutskaya got one back from rival American Michelle Kwan on Saturday, reversing their finish at the world championships to win gold at the Goodwill Games figure skating competition.

In Vancouver, Canada, in March, Slutskaya led after the short program but Kwan surpassed her in the free skate to take the 2001 world title.

Slutskaya, who settled for silver in Vancouver, led here after the short program but this time held on to skate a perfect long program and win the $40,000 first prize.

On Saturday before a capacity 6,000-plus crowd at the Brisbane Entertainament Center, the Russian scored mostly 5.9s from the judges for presentation after Kwan had missed two triple jumps in her long program.

The result left Kwan settling for silver and Japan's Fumie Suguri taking bronze ahead of fourth-place American Sasha Cohen.

"I was pretty nervous again tonight, it's a new program," said Slutskaya. "I've worked hard on my artistic program and I think it's making a difference."

Kwan said although she was happy with her program, she knows she could have done better. "I've practiced this new program but it's different doing it in front of an audience," said Kwan. "The music and the choreography is strong -- now I just have to back it up with some strong and powerful skating."
Kwan paid credit to Slutskaya, "Irina skated really well," said Kwan. "I have to sit back and analyze my skating. I know I can do a better job."

2001 Goodwill Games official site > FIGURE SKATING
The world's best Figure Skaters will take to the ice at Boondall's Brisbane Entertainment Centre (BEC) for four days of spell-binding competition during the 2001 Goodwill Games.

The contest will take place from Wednesday, September 5 to Saturday, September 8, with an Exhibition of Champions on September 9.

The 2001 Goodwill Games marks the first time world-class, senior skaters have competed in a major international event in Brisbane. The blue-ribbon event of winter sports is one of the three most watched sports on world television, and promises to provide excellent entertainment.

The contest will see 28 of the world's best male and 28 of the world's best female Figure Skaters compete for Goodwill Games gold. Four figure skating events will be contested - the Ladies, Mens, Pairs and the spectacular Ice Dance.

Don't miss your chance to catch this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch this most spectacular of Olympic winter sports. The innovative 2001 Goodwill Games competition format means there is something on offer for all sports fans!
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Russian National Team 2001 Test Skate

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イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、2001年8月にモスクワで行われたロシアチームのテストスケートに参加しました。

日程 Date : 2001/08/29-30

会場 Venue : Sokolniki Rink - Moscow

写真 Photos :
Cheers For Irina Slutskaya > Pictures > 2001 Test Skate copyright Anna Kondakova
Short Program "Serenade"
Long Program "Tosca"

Russia On Ice > Russian National Team's Kontrolnye Prokaty 2001 (test skate) > Ladies copyright Yuri Ronzhin
slute008.jpgComments by Yuri Ronzhin
Irina looked great despite some mistakes she did. No one ever doubted her strength and power.
SP: Pink-yellow dress, looking 'soft'. Music is Serenade. 2L-2t (close at boards), 2A great, 2f. Good layback, spirals. Programs is good.
FP: Tosca. Dress is dark blue with some flying elements, nice. 3L, 3S, 2f, 2l, 3f 2-footed, 2A - fall, would you believe it?, got up and smiling. Interesting choreography, good presentation. She looked confident and knowing what she was doing anyway.

> Off-Ice photos copyright Yuri Ronzhin

Evgeni coaches Irina...
These three photos also in Cheers > 2001 Test Skate 
これら3枚はCheers For Irina Slutskayaでも見れます。

Самый Злобный Сайт о Фигурном Катании

ニュース News :
Cheers For Irina Slutskaya > Latest News (2000 - 2002)
Today is Russian Test Skate. Good luck Irina !!!
Here you can see a video clips of Serenade from her the courtesy of Irina Slutskaya and Alexander Kuznetsov.

Irina debuted her new programs yesterday at Novogorsk, under the members of trainer`s council and by the Russian international judges, also by president of Russian Figure Skating Federation.
On the August 29th and 30th, Irina will show her new programs in public at "Sokolniki".

The Russian National Skate Test(Control skating of the new programs) is going to be held around August 22 in Novogorsk.(not far from Moscow)
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World Championships 2001 世界選手権

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イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、カナダ・バンクーバーで行われた ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2001 世界選手権に参加し、2位でした。

日程 Schedule : 2001/03/18-25
03/21 11:15 Qualifying Free Skating Group B #8
03/23 10:30 Short Program #26/30
03/24 16:09 Free Skating #22/24
03/25 EX

会場 Venue : General Motors Place - Vancouver / CANADA
Google Map

成績 Result : 2nd 3.0
QB 1st 0.4 (QA 1st Kwan 0.4)
SP 1st 0.6 (2nd Kwan 1.2, 3rd Nikodinov)
FS 2nd 2.0 (1st Kwan 1.0, 3rd Butyrskaya)

FPl. Name Nat. Points QB QA SP FS
1 Michelle KWAN USA 2.6 1 2 1
2 Irina SLUTSKAYA RUS 3.0 1 1 2
3 Sarah HUGHES USA 7.2 2 4 4
4 Maria BUTYRSKAYA RUS 7.6 4 5 3
5 Angela NIKODINOV USA 8.0 3 3 5
6 Viktoria VOLCHKOVA RUS 10.4 2 6 6
7 Fumie SUGURI JPN 13.2 5 7 7

レポート Report :
ISU > 2001 World Figure Skating Championships > Day Six
Ladies Free Program
Next to skate was European champion and Grand Prix winner Irina Slutskaya (RUS), in first place after the Short. Knowing she had to outdo Kwan, Slutskaya produced a fine performance, reeling off a triple Salchow/triple loop/double toeloop combination at the opening of her Don Quixote program, becoming the first Lady to ever do so at an ISU Championship. The Russian dazzled the audience with her upbeat choreography and went on to include a triple lutz/triple loop/double toeloop combination, but she stumbled on the landing of the loop. Slutskaya’s program also included a triple flip and a double Axel and she finished with her trademark double Biellmann combination spin. She was rewarded with the highest technical merit marks of the night - including two 5.9s and five 5.8s - but her presentation marks ranged from 5.7 to one 5.9. Kwan had beaten Slutskaya by a majority verdict of seven judges to two. Slutskaya said: “I’m very happy with my skating. I did two triple-triple combinations which I have never done in one program this season so far. It was my best Free program this year. What happened, happened. It’s sport.”

ISU > 2001 World Figure Skating Championships > Day Five
Ladies Short Program
Next to skate was European champion and Grand Prix winner, Irina Slutskaya (RUS) in joint first place after Qualifying Group B. Skating to “Culture” by Chris Speeris, the Russian opened her upbeat program with a solid triple lutz/double loop combination and went on to complete all the required elements with confidence, including intricate spins, her trademark double Biellmann spin combination, and spirals that demonstrated her strong technique and flexibility. She too earned a standing ovation from the audience. The Judges rewarded Slutskaya with two 5.9s for required elements and one more for presentation. “I’m happy with my program, I did what I wanted to do. Today was just a warm up for tomorrow. Today was important too, but whoever wins the Free Program wins overall. I waited so long for this Championship to come”, said a very determined Slutskaya.
So Slutskaya won the Short program by a seven Judges to two majority verdict over Kwan. Slutskaya leads the overall placings, ahead of Kwan and Nikodinov followed by Hughes, Volchkova and Butyrskaya.

ISU > 2001 World Figure Skating Championships > Day Three
The first Qualifying Group skated in the morning session with the second competing in the evening after the Pairs Free skating.
European champion and 2000 world silver medallist Irina Slutskaya (RUS) won the morning Group. She produced a confident performance of her Don Quixote program, landing five triples including an unusual triple salchow/double loop/double toeloop combination. Her marks included two 5.8s for technical merit and one 5.9 and four 5.8s for presentation. “I did what I wanted to do,” said Slutskaya. “This year I’m in the weaker Group, it’s like justice for having had to skate in the harder Group last year.” Asked about the rivalry with Michelle Kwan (USA) she said: “We are competitors on the ice but off the ice we are friends. Of course the competition with her is pushing me. I love to compete with Michelle.”

ニュース News :
San Francisco Chronicle
Sunday, March 25, 2001
Kwan Dazzles for Fourth World Title American is just plum excellent

Plum-colored and plum dandy, Michelle Kwan skated to another gold medal at the World Figure Skating Championships last night, her fourth in six years overall. The 20-year-old UCLA student and defending champion was a commanding presence on the ice at General Motors Place as she landed seven clean triple jumps while skating with characteristic lan. And what a time for her to win another World Championship. In ladies competition the year before the Winter Olympics, the winner of the World Championship has gone on to win Olympic gold 16 out of 19 times -- including the past four. "It has been such a rough year," Kwan said. "I had a few doubts whether I could make it through the year. Was it too late to get prepared or not? I guess not. I peaked at the right time. "It was make it or break it. That was my philosophy."
In any event, to win the gold medal, Kwan had to hold her breath (she was probably out of breath, anyway) when her main rival, Russia's Irina Slutskaya, took the ice next. Slutskaya had won Friday's short program and seemingly was headed for the championship until she faltered on a complicated three-jump combination.
Slutskaya opened with a triple Lutz then put together a dazzling triple Salchow-triple loop-double toe parlay before coming to the one glitch in her program. She attempted a triple Lutz-triple loop-double toe combination but under-rotated on the triple loop and came down on both skates before half- heartedly going through the double toe loop.
She remained poised through the rest of her program and actually scored higher than Kwan in technical marks, probably because of her first successful three-jump combo. But Kwan received higher marks for artistic presentation, garnering all 5.8s and 5.9s while Slutskaya had four 5.7s. In the end, Kwan had seven first-place ordinals to two for Slutskaya.
"My thing is to skate. It's the judges' job to give the marks," Slutskaya said through a translator. "I won't talk about the judges' marks or being ripped off. I skated and did everything. I'm glad about that."
Speaking of judges, it must be pointed out that one Mr. Davorin Orban of Croatia had Kwan third in the long program, behind Slutskaya and American Sarah Hughes, the 15-year-old who won the bronze medal.
Slutskaya went through a range of emotions after finishing her long program. She sat with her coach as the marks were posted, then stormed off after seeing that her artistic scores would not be enough to defeat Kwan. On the medal podium, she was a little trembly and teary, though she composed herself in a press conference a few minutes later.
It was Kwan who was best in show when it came to composure. Her plum- colored dress was a stunner and her skating was flawless. She opened with a triple loop and a few seconds later built up enough speed to execute a triple toe loop-triple toe loop combination. She had been considering whether to add another triple-triple combination but decided against it. "People were telling me, criticizing me, 'You need it, you need it," Kwan said. "I second-guessed myself. I'm not ready for it." Instead, Kwan landed another combination, a triple Lutz-double toe loop, and went on to cleanly land three more triples while displaying the kind of seamless grace between jumps that she's known for.
While Kwan and Slutskaya were expected to duel for the gold medal, the revelation last night was Hughes, the teenager from Great Neck, N.Y. She landed everything cleanly, including a triple Salchow-triple loop combination and, later, a triple Lutz-double toe. And her height enables her to look downright majestic when she skates with one leg extended high overhead.

Sunday, 25 March, 2001, 04:30 GMT 05:30 UK
Kwan pulls off major surprise
American Michelle Kwan pulled off the upset of the World Championships to beat rival Irina Slutskaya of Russia and win her second consecutive gold medal.
Until Saturday, Kwan had not beaten Slutskaya all season.
The now four-times World Champion was the only one of the four defending champions to retain her status as champion of the World.
The victory puts Kwan as the front runner to the Olympic gold medal in Salt Lake City next year.
The 20-year-old's elegance and grace won over the more physical ability of the Russian.
On the way to her victory, Kwan landed seven triple jumps with two in combination, a triple toe, triple toe.
"I was very emotional at the end because I was pushing all the way," said Kwan.
"Frank Carroll (her coach) said was one of my best performances. It was like a practice with a lot of people watching."
As for Slutskaya, stepping out of a triple loop jump could have cost her the title.
However, the Muscovite's programme was still more demanding technically.
She may have only landed six flawless triple jumps, but she included two three jump combinations - the only lady in the competition to do so.
The bronze medal went to another American Sarah Hughes.
The 15-year-old has been steadily climbing the world rankings, which has to put her in contention for a medal at next year's Olympics. Two years ago she was seventh and last year she was fifth.
Hughes landed seven triple jumps including a triple salchow, triple loop combination.
Russians and Americans dominated the top six positions, reinforcing the two countries' positions as the dominant forces in ladies skating today.

Saturday, 24 March, 2001, 03:51 GMT
Italians win first skating gold

Earlier, the ladies took to the ice for the short programme - and they were awesome.
It was one of the best ladies' short programmes in recent memory. There were no falls and only a couple of minor errors in the top twelve skaters - usually a rarity in the ladies event.
Irina Slutskaya of Russia continued her domination of the sport this season by taking victory.
But before winning, she had to endure the music stopping at the beginning of her programme.
The 22-year-old from Moscow said: "When the music suddenly stopped, I was shocked of course. This happened the first time to me."
The referee allowed her to restart and she went on to open with the most difficult jump combinations of the event, a triple lutz, double loop.
The two-times world silver medallist also landed a triple flip jump and the required double axel in her two-and-a-half minute programme.
The judges award her marks all the way up to 5.9 out of a possible 6.0.
Defending champion Michelle Kwan also put in a strong showing landing a triple lutz, double toe combination as well as a triple flip and a double axel. The American said: "I was a little off on one jump, but I was able to keep my nerves down and stay solid."
American Angelo Nikodinov ended up in third place. Her music also stopped at the beginning of her programme and she also had to re-group but she said it did not bother her.

Thursday, 22 March, 2001, 05:05 GMT
Canadian duo win pairs' title

Irina Slutskaya faces competition from Michelle Kwan

Earlier Irina Slutskaya of Russia won the first of the ladies qualifying events.
Skating to Don Quixote, the 22-year-old showed an air of confidence that makes her look like the one to beat.
The Moscovite included in her programme a three-jump combination, a triple salchow, double loop, double toeloop.
Her marks ranged between 5.6 and 5.9.
She said: "I did what I had to do."
Slutskaya has been undefeated all season.
If she wins here, it will be her first World title.
Of her main rival, three times World Champion Michelle Kwan of the United States, she said, "We are competitors on the ice, but off the ice we are friends.
"Of course, the competition with her is pushing me. I love to compete with Michelle."
Rounding out the top three were three times European bronze medallist Viktoria Volchkova also of Russia and 1997 World bronze medallist Vanessa Gusmeroli of France.
American ladies dominated the second ladies qualifier of the day.
Kwan came first, Sarah Hughes second, and Angela Nikodinov third. Kwan overcame a blade problem that happened during her warm up to win the group. Her heel came away from her boot during a double axel attempt ahead of her performance. But she had time to get the boot repaired, as she was the last skater in her group.
Of the incident, she said, "I was a little frightened, but that God, my dad, came down and helped me screw my heel back together." It may have unnerved her a little as she skated around for a good minute before she got into her position after her name was called. Her opening jump, a triple loop, looked a little tentative, but after landing a triple toe she seemed to settle down into her programme. The judges awarded the triple World Champion marks of 5.7 and 5.8 for technique and 5.8's right across the board for presentation.
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Grand Prix Final 2000/2001

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イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、東京で開催された ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2000/2001 に参加し、完全優勝しました。前年の初優勝に続きGPF2連覇です。

Official Site
> Entry -- Ladies' Single Skating > Irina Slutskaya

日程 Schedule : 2001/02/15-18
02/14 Practice
02/15 Official Practice, Opening Ceremony, Draw
02/16 Round 1 : Short Program #6
02/17 Round 1 : Free Skating A #6
02/17 Round 2 : Free Skating B (FINAL/SUPER FINAL)
02/18 Exhibition

会場 Venue :
国立代々木競技場第一体育館, 東京 Wiki
Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo / JPN
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プログラム Programs :
Short Program : Culture
Free Skating A (first Free Program) : Don Quixote
Free Skating B (Super Final) : Carmen Suite
Exhibition : Never Be the Same Again

Results & Reports :
Short Program (Round 1)
1. Irina Slutskaya (RUS) 0.5
2. Michelle Kwan (USA) 1.0
3. Maria Butyrskaya (RUS) 1.5
4. Elena Sokolova (RUS) 2.0
5. Sarah Hughes (USA) 2.5
6. Tatiana Malinina (UZB) 3.0
Day 1 (Round 1) Ladies
Today’s winner was Irina Slutskaya. Skating last to “Culture” by Chris Spheeris, the 21-year-old World silver medallist nailed a triple lutz-double loop combination, a triple flip, a high double axel and also produced high quality spins. “It was ok, considering the jet lag and all this”, Slutskaya said. “Since the second mark was lower than the first, I have to work on it (the presentation)!

Free Skating (Round 1)
SUPER FINAL (1 vs 2)
Fi Name             SP FS  TFP  Pl F1 F2 SF
1. Irina Slutskaya (RUS)   1   1  1.5   1        1
2. Michelle Kwan (USA)   2  2  3.0  2        2
3. Sarah Hughes (USA)   5  3  5.5   3      1
4. Maria Butyrskaya (RUS) 3   4  5.5   4      2
5. Tatiana Malinina (UZB)  6  5  8.0   5   1
6. Elena Sokolova (RUS)  4   6  8.0   6   2
Day 2 (Rounds 1 and 2) Ladies
The Ladies’first Free Programs followed by the Final/Super Final. Three-time World Champion Michelle Kwan (USA) and four-time European Champion Irina Slutskaya met again in the head to head Super Final as they had done last year. Both had shown strong performances in the first Free Program to advance to the Super Final. Slutskaya knew she had to fight for the gold medal. She went for the triple lutz-triple loop combination but fell on the loop. Encouraged by the crowd, the 21-year-old Muscovite got herself back together quickly and reeled off a triple salchowdouble loop combination as well as four more triples, a high double axel and excellent spins. This was enough to beat Kwan today. Slutskaya’s marks ranged from 5.7 to 5.9 for technical merit and from 5.6 to 5.9 for presentation. “There is nothing you can do, you fall, but you go on”, Slutskaya commented. “I’ve skated in this rink a couple of times, but I never won, so it’s great that I won today!

賞金 Prize Money :
1st place US$ 50,000.00
2nd place US$ 30,000.00
3rd place US$ 20,000.00
4th place US$ 10,000.00
5th place US$ 8,000.00
6th place US$ 5,000.00
extra bonus US$ 10,000

動画 Videos :
Super Final : YouTube, YouTube
Exhibition : YouTube

写真 Photos :
Irina Slutskaya Online Photo Gallery > 2000/2001 Grand Prix Final 46 photos

◆ Short Program
公式サイト Official site

ROMANTIC STAGE 別館 > '01グランプリファイナル copyright SF

◆ first Free Program
ROMANTIC STAGE 別館 > '01グランプリファイナル copyright SF

美和の、大好き!新体操・フィギュアスケート > 2001ファイナル(Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2000/2001)
Copyright Miwa M

News Chief > 2001/02/18 Kwan fails again against Slutskaya
Irina Slutskaya performs her routine during the ladies' free skate in the Grand Prix Final at Tokyo's Yoyogi Gym on Saturday. The Associated Press

◆ Super Final
ROMANTIC STAGE 別館 > '01グランプリファイナル copyright SF

◆ Medal Ceremony
Official site > Medallists

◆ Exhibition
美和の、大好き!新体操・フィギュアスケート > 2001ファイナル(Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2000/2001)
Copyright Miwa M

ROMANTIC STAGE 別館 > '01グランプリファイナル
ROMANTIC STAGE 別館 > サインボール投げ'01〜'03
copyright SF

Все о Ирине Слуцкой

The Skating Beauty and... Beast > Photo Gallery > 2001 GRAND PRIX of Figure Skating FINAL copyright Takami(left), Asako(right)
lir-s.JPG offss-s.JPG

ニュース News :
News Chief
Kwan fails again against Slutskaya
Associated Press
TOKYO -- Michelle Kwan doesn't often lose three times. At the Grand Prix finals, she lost three times within 24 hours, all to Irina Slutskaya. Maybe it was the punishing schedule. Maybe it was jet lag. Maybe it was Kwan experimenting with a new program. Still, Slutskaya won the GP final for the second straight time Saturday over Kwan in a competition marked by lackluster skating. "It was very hard to compete," Slutskaya said. "You go to the rink, you compete, you go back to sleep. Back to the rink ... I had only two hours' sleep last night." "It is difficult, especially doing two different programs in one day," Kwan said. "It was hard, but when you are on the ice, you don't think about it," Slutskaya said. "You just try to skate well."
Slutskaya beat Kwan in all three phases of the competition; she was more consistent throughout, while Kwan made minor mistakes Saturday. After the short programs Friday night, all skaters did long programs Saturday to determine placings for the final head-to-head duels. The women and ice dancers finished Saturday, the men and pairs end today.
Slutskaya, who also has beaten Kwan at Skate Canada and in a head-to-head duel in a team event, said the victories don't give her an edge heading into the World Championships at Vancouver next month.
In the first program Saturday, Slutskaya beat Kwan by a 4-3 judges' margin -- with even the American judge favoring Slutskaya.
Then in the "super final," it was 6-1 for Slutskaya, with the American judge favoring Kwan.
In the early programs, both skated their competitive routines from this year -- Slutskaya doing "Don Quixote," Kwan performing "Song of the Black Swan." Both made small errors -- including the Russian failing to complete a clean combination, Kwan scaling down two triple jumps to doubles. For presentation, Kwan was a little ahead but not enough to offset Slutskaya's technical advantage.
Less than six hours later, they skated against each other again. This time, Kwan used a completely new "Miraculous Mandarin" by Bartok, Slutskaya skated to an old "Carmen" routine. "It was difficult mentally with the new program," Kwan said. "I had it for two weeks. I was not familiar with it and that made me a little nervous." Kwan even missed a double jump and did a single axel.
Slutskaya fell attempting her triple lutz-triple loop, and laughed, then went on to finish with six triple jumps. Kwan's scores were mostly 5,7s and 5.8s, while Slutskaya's were mostly 5.8s and 5.9s, with her only 5.6 coming from the American judge.
American Sarah Hughes, 15, and a veteran of two World Championships, finished third. She completed a triple-triple combination in both programs and did not make any major errors. She didn't let the conditions affect her.
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Russian National Championships 2001

※ posted 2007/01/19 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、モスクワで行われたロシア選手権 Russian National Championships 2001 に参加し完全優勝しました。

日程 Schedule : 2000/12/26-29

会場 Venue :
Дворце спорта "Сокольники" Sokolniki Arena - Moscow

成績 Result : 1st (SP 1st, FS 1st)
Fi. Name SP FP
1. Irina Slutskaya Moscow 1 1
2. Viktoria Volchkova Moscow 3 2
3. Maria Butyrskaya Moscow 4 3
4. Elena Sokolova Moscow-St.Petersburg 2 4
5. Lyudmila Nelidina Moscow 5 5
6. Kristina Oblasova Moscow 6 7
7. Irina Tkachuk Samara 11 6
8. Maria Bubenikhina St-Petersburg 10 8
9. Tatiana Basova St-Petersburg 8 9
10. Anastasia Ratkovskaya Moscow 7 10
11. Tatiana Plyuscheva Moscow 9 11
12. Anna Agapova Len. obl. 14 12
13. Irina Bulysheva Moscow 12 13
14. Irina Derbina Len. obl. 13 14
R.: Irina Nikolaeva Moscow - -
R.: Svetlana Chernyshova Moscow - -
R.: Daria Timoshenko Moscow - -

写真とレポート Photos & Report :
Cheers For Irina Slutskaya > Pictures > 2001 Russian Nationals

Russia On Ice > Photos and Competitions > Russian Nationals 2001 (photos, review, results)
> Review
> Ladies > Slutskaya p0
> Slutskaya p1
> Awards Ceremony and the Exhibition p0
> Awards Ceremony and the Exhibition p2
> Awards Ceremony and the Exhibition p3
> Awards Ceremony and the Exhibition p4
> Awards Ceremony and the Exhibition p6
> Awards Ceremony and the Exhibition p9
> Awards Ceremony and the Exhibition p10
> Off-ice p2
> Off-ice p3
> Off-ice p5
> Bonus

ニュース News :
English Translation by Free Online Translator "PROMT"
27.12.2000, 04:55:48
Лучшие фигуристы мира выступают в Москве
The best figure skaters of the world act in Moscow

По традиции в последних числах уходящего года в Москве начался чемпионат России по фигурному катанию. Это соревнование, собравшее всех сильнейших российских фигуристов, является последним национальным первенством в XX веке. По результатам чемпионата будет сформирована сборная России, которая выступит на крупнейших международных соревнованиях в нынешнем сезоне. Первый день турнира не принес никаких сенсаций.
By tradition in last numbers of leaving year in Moscow the championship of Russia on figure skating begun. This competition which collected all strongest Russian figure skaters, is last national superiority in XX century. By results of the championship the combined team of Russia which will act at the largest international competitions in a present season will be generated. The first day of tournament not brought any sensations.

В соревновании танцевальных дуэтов после обязательных танцев список сильнейших возглавляют Ирина Лобачева и Илья Авербух. Второе место пока у Татьяны Навки и Романа Костомарова. Третьи - Наталья Романюта и Даниил Баранцев.
In competition of dancing duets after obligatory dances the list of the strongest head Irina Lobachyov and Ilya Averbuh. The second place while at Tatyana Navka and Roman Kostomarov. The third - Natalia Romanjuta and Daniel Barantsev.

В короткой программе у мужчин безукоризненно выступил Евгений Плющенко. Его главный конкурент - Алексей Ягудин - сорвал один из прыжков и занимает пока третье место, пропустив на второе Александра Абта.
In the short program at men Evgeni Plushenko irreproachably acted. Its main competitor - Alexey Yagudin - broken one of jumps and borrows while the third place, passed on the second Alexander Abt.

У женщин в короткой программе первенствовала Ирина Слуцкая. Елена Соколова получила вторые оценки дня, а Виктория Волчкова - третьи. На четвертом месте -Мария Бутырская.
Over women in the short program were taken priority by Irina Slutskaya. Elena Sokolova received the second estimations of day, and Victoria Волчкова - the third. On the fourth place-Мария Бутырская.
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2000 Hershey's Kisses Figure Skating Challenge

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、チーム対抗戦 " 2000 Hershey's Kisses Figure Skating Challenge " に参加しました。

USFSA > 2000 Hershey's Kisses Figure Skating Challenge

日時 Date : 2000/12/10

場所 Place : Palace of Auburn Hills - Auburn Hills, MI / USA

プログラムと動画 Program & Video :
IP : Schindler's List YouTube

テレビ TV : ABC

参加選手と成績 Results :
USFSA > 2000 Hershey's Kisses Figure Skating Challenge > RESULTS
Golden Skate > Pro Comp Results > Hershey's Kisses Challenge
チーム成績 Team Totals
1st Team USA 11 points
Todd Eldredge, 1492
Michelle Kwan, Beautiful World
Kristi Yamaguchi, Desert Rose
Sasha Cohen, To Love You More
Sarah Hughes, Fosse medley
Timothy Goebel, Henry V
Michael Weiss, William Tell Overture

2nd Team World 10 points
Alexei Yagudin, The Gladiator
Kurt Browning, Don't Fence Me In
Irina Slutskaya, Schindler's List
Maria Butyrskaya, Possession
Yuka Sato, Take My Hand
Brian Orser, Against All Odds
Surya Bonaly, Shadowland

個人成績 Individual Final Standings
Ladies 4 (vs Michelle KWAN)
2nd Michelle KWAN

ニュース News :
Monday, December 11
Slutskaya tops Kwan, but U.S. team wins at Hershey's Challenge
Associated Press

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. - - Russia's Irina Slutskaya upset world champion Michelle Kwan with a near-perfect program, but the United States contingent beat the World team 11-10 to win the Hershey's Kisses Figure Skating Challenge Sunday.
The made-for-TV event at The Palace of Auburn Hills pitted seven of America's top skaters against seven of the world's best performers in head-to-head competition. The winner of each match earned two points, the loser one, with a final score tabulated at the end.

Slutskaya, who finished second to Kwan at the 2000 World Championships in Nice, France, received three 5.8s and two 5.7s in skating technique and three 5.9s in presentation. Kwan scored a 5.9, 5.8, 5.6 and two 5.7s for her technique and one 5.9 and four 5.8s for presentation.

Slutskaya said she wasn't thinking beating Kwan, just having fun and getting ready for the Russian Nationals, which are at the end of December.

"Those world championships have ended," Slutskaya said. "This is a new season. I must think about new competition.

"I'm so happy I skated good. It was clean. I had lots of fun. ... I feel more relaxed."
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World Championships 2000 世界選手権

※ posted 2007/02/05 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2000 世界選手権に参加し2位でした。

日程 Schedule : 2000/03/26-04/02
03/29 Qualifying Free Skating Group B
03/31 Short Program
04/01 Free Skating
04/02 Gala Exhibition

会場 Venue : Nice / FRANCE

成績 Result :
QB 1st 0.4 (QA 1st Butyrskaya 0.4, QB 2nd Kwan 0.8)
SP 2nd 1.2 (1st Butyrskaya 0.6, 3rd Kwan 1.8)
FSa 2nd 2.0 (1st Kwan 1.0, 3rd Butyrskaya 3.0)
Result 2nd 3.6 (1st Kwan 3.6, 3rd Butyrskaya 4.0)

ニュース News :
International Herald Tribune
Monday, April 3, 2000
She Soars From 3d to Beat Russians for World Figure Skating Title : Fighting Back, Kwan Wins Gold

Not long after Michelle Kwan had finished third in the women's short program at these world figure skating championships, a sympathetic and slightly outraged fan approached her and told her, "I wish the Russians would fall, just for you." Kwan told her supporter to hope for something more constructive. "Wish for me to skate well," she said. According to Kwan, the fan agreed, and if she was watching Saturday as the American leaped and spun with uncommon resolve and then took her former place on the medal stand with a tear slowly rolling down her left cheek, the fan would know that it all had gone exactly as Kwan had hoped.
Though her Russian rivals Irina Slutskaya and Maria Butyrskaya did falter, they did not fall, and Kwan skated as well as she has ever skated under pressure to win her third world title: one that put an abrupt end to any suggestions that she might be in inexorable decline. "My dad always laughs at me and says I have to be up against the wall to fight back," Kwan said. "He always says, 'Why don't you fight back before?"' According to her coach, Frank Carroll, Kwan has never performed two more technically demanding programs back-to-back than she did in Nice. In the short program Friday, she inserted the trickier triple flip in place of a triple toe loop and had only a slight bobble on one of her landings. On Saturday, she landed six triple jumps with style in the first two minutes of her free program and finished with a total of seven, including a triple toe-triple toe combination which turned out to be the only clean triple-triple combination of the afternoon.
Slutskaya, the European champion, won silver and Butyrskaya, the defending world champion, bronze. The judges were impressed but not overwhelmed, giving Kwan marks ranging from 5.6 to 5.8 for technical merit and all 5.8s and 5.9s for presentation. They left narrow passing lanes for Butyrskaya, who finished first, and Slutskaya, who finished second, in the short program.
Butyrskaya went first, landing her first two triple jumps but then failing to complete her combination and downgrading a triple salchow to a double. She finished with five triples, two of them triple toes, the easiest of the big jumps. Though her presentation marks are typically her strength, Kwan beat her there, as well.
Butyrskaya could still finish second to Kwan in the free program and win the gold. Kwan needed Butyrskaya to drop to third, which was exactly what happened after Slutskaya skated well enough to beat her teammate but not quite aggressively enough to beat the American. In January, Slutskaya beat Kwan at the Grand Prix final by becoming the first woman to land two triple-triple combinations in the same program. On Saturday, she could not manage one. This being figure skating, the tears were soon flowing on the medal stand. "I've always been a very emotional person; I think I've cried 5,000 times," Kwan said. "I think it was more satisfaction and a feeling of 'this may not happen again. This moment, you have to cherish it."' Kwan knows that better than most 19-year-old multimillionaires. Many champions dominate for a stretch and then fade steadily from prominence. But her career has been less linear. She won her first world title in 1996, then lost to teammate Tara Lipinski in 1997 and at the 1998 Winter Olympics. With Lipinski no longer competing, Kwan regained her world title later in 1998, only to lose it again last year when Butryskaya became the oldest women's champion in history. Now, less than a year after leaving the familiar cocoon of her training center in Lake Arrowhead, California, and enrolling at UCLA, Kwan is back on top again in 2000. "What happened to the odd years?" Kwan said with a laugh. "I think this is the most satisfying championship for me," she said. "There was a lot of pressure from outside: 'You've got to do triple-triple; got to do this; got to up the ante.' And I was able to work after nationals with Frank for six straight weeks making the programs more difficult."

ISU > 2000 World Figure Skating Championships > Day 6

The stage was set for a fascinating conclusion to the Ladies' competition. Michelle Kwan (USA), in third place after the Qualifying Round and Short Program, was the first of the top group to skate. She knew that if the gold medal was to be hers that she would have to win the Free and another skater would also have to finish ahead of the overnight leader and defending champion Maria Butyrskaya (RUS). Kwan opened her Red Violin program with a fine triple loop. In the next minute of her program, she landed a triple lutz/double toeloop combination and the triple toeloop/triple toeloop combination that had proved so elusive all season. Four more clean triples (including a second lutz) followed in a performance packed with fine spins and the trademark spectacular Kwan spiral sequences. Her marks included four 5.8s for technical merit and four 5.9s and five 5.8s for presentation.

Butyrskaya was next of the top three to skate. She began her Swan Lake program with a fine triple lutz followed by a triple flip. But the jump sequence of triple toeloop, half-loop, triple salchow stuttered at the end when she had to step out of the landing. She completed the triple loop but then doubled her next attempt at the salchow before finishing strongly with a final triple toeloop. Her performance featured her characteristic fluid skating, good spins and intricate choreography but she knew the two small errors would cost her dearly. Her marks for technical merit ranged from 5.4 - 5.7 but her presentation marks included one 5.9 and three 5.8s.

Irina Slutskaya (RUS), in second place coming into the Free, knew if she won the Free the gold would be hers. She started well with a triplelutz/double loop combination but then doubled her first attempt at the salchow. She tried again and landed a triple salchow/double loop combination and four more clean triples in her Carmen program. It also featured fine spins, expressive artistic skating and good steps but no triple/triple combination. Her marks included one 5.9 and three 5.8s for technical merit and three more 5.9s and three 5.8s for presentation.

The judges divided seven to two in favour of Kwan and the US champion won her third world title at her seventh World Championships. Slutskaya took the silver to add to the silver she won in Minneapolis two years ago. Butyrskaya took the bronze. To the delight of the capacity crowd, Vanessa Gusmeroli (FRA) placed fourth in the Free to move up to fourth overall.

"I just felt really, really strong out there," said Kwan. "I felt very confident and really ready to do it. I think this is the most satisfying Championships for me because there was a lot of pressure. After I skated, I knew the possibility of me not winning because my marks were fairly low. I went back to the warm up area. There was a TV but I didn't watch. I was thinking - Michelle, you just skated your best performance in your life, so no matter what the outcome is, be happy. It was a long 30 minutes."

"I didn't skate really well or really bad," said Slutskaya. It's a shame that I didn't do all the combinations I had planned. But I came back and I didn't finish last. Michelle skated very well and deserved to win tonight. I'm happy to be second and I'm a bit angry at myself that I'm not first. But I showed everyone that I can skate and can compete with everybody.

"I'm quite pleased," said Butyrskaya. "I was confident. I showed nice skating and good jumps. I had trouble with the triple salchow, that's a bit upsetting because it's normally an easy jump for me. I've been world champion already so I fulfilled my dream. But everything is repeating itself. Michelle has been first, then second and first again - that's sport and that's a normal thing. Since I won the bronze medal in 1998, I always was up there -first, second or third in major competitions."

International Herald Tribune
Saturday, April 1, 2000
Slutskaya and Kwan Stay in Hunt for Gold : Elegant Butyrskaya Takes Initial Lead

When the music had stopped, Michelle Kwan laughed and shook the hand of Irina Slutskaya, but it was really another Russian woman who deserved the greatest respect Friday.
Skating the day after Alexei Yagudin defended his world figure skating title, Maria Butyrskaya put herself in position to do the same by finishing first in the women's short program with a performance of rare elegance. The 27-year-old Butyrskaya needed nothing less in light of the way her two younger rivals performed. Slutskaya, the reigning European champion, and Kwan, a two-time former world champion, both made no significant errors in their programs, which were slightly more difficult technically than Butyrskaya's. But Butyrskaya trumped them both as she skated to a song called "Scene d'amour" and got first place from seven of the nine judges with marks that ranged from 5.6 to 5.9 for technical difficulty and from 5.8 to 5.9 for presentation.
The other two judges preferred Slutskaya's program. Heading into the decisive free program Saturday, Kwan is in third place, 14-year-old Sarah Hughes of the United States in fourth and Vanessa Gusmeroli of France in fifth.
But only the Russian women control their own destiny. Either can seize the gold by winning the free program, which counts for 50 percent of the overall score. As for Kwan, even if she manages to regain some of her diminishing electoral pull with the judges and wins the free, she could still lose the gold medal if Butyrskaya finishes second.
There was a time when Kwan did not finish third in any stage of a skating competition, but her aura has eroded since she was beaten by her fellow American Tara Lipinski at the 1998 Games in Nagano, Japan. Last year, she was beaten by Butyrskaya at the world championships in Helsinki. She then enrolled in UCLA and took a full schedule of courses in the summer, living in an on-campus dormitory, before scaling back her academic workload to one class and moving out of the dormitory midway through the competitive season.
While there have been questions about Kwan's ability to juggle higher education and elite sport, she found out Friday that she is hardly alone. "I'm about to take my final exam," said Slutskaya, a physical education student, prompting surprised laughter and a handshake from Kwan.
Slutskaya, in the midst of a successful comeback, beat Kwan at the Grand Prix final, and Kwan then struggled to hold on to her national title after finishing third in the short program and falling on a triple toe jump last month in Cleveland. But her performance Friday was much more consistent and clean. Her only error was a slight bobble on the landing of a triple flip jump. Nonetheless, she finished ahead of Slutskaya on only three of the judges' cards. The Hungarian judge Judit Furst-Tombor placed Kwan fifth, giving her 5.4 for technical merit and 5.7 for presentation. "I'm very happy Michelle did all the elements. She didn't miss anything," said her coach, Frank Carroll. "But you can't open a tiny door. That I feel is what happened today." Asked if she was surprised to be third, Kwan answered: "Not really surprised. After seeing the other skaters and the way they skated, I'm glad to be in the top three."

ISU > 2000 World Figure Skating Championships > Day 5

The Ladies' competition continued with the Short Program, worth 30% of the final score. Michelle Kwan (USA), second in her Qualifying Group, was the first of the top group to skate. She opened her Lennon & McCartney "Day in the Life" program with a double axel followed by a fine triple lutz/double toeloop combination but stuttered on the landing to her triple flip. She completed the program with good spins and her unique spiral sequence. Her marks included two 5.9s and five 5.8s for presentation but for required elements they ranged from 5.4 - 5.7 and she knew that the small error had left the door open for the two top Russians. And they took full advantage. European champion Irina Slutskaya, the winner of Kwan's Qualifying Group, skated a high quality clean program. She opted for the same jumps as Kwan, and also produced good spins, including her trademark double Biellmann combination. She was rewarded with two 5.8s for required elements and one 5.9 and seven 5.8s for presentation to put her ahead of Kwan. Last to skate was defending champion Maria Butyrskaya, winner of the other Qualifying Group. Her performance was Butryskaya at her best: flowing, lyrical skating with flawless technique. She opted for a triple lutz/double toeloop combination and a triple loop in her Scene d'amour program. The marks included three 5.9s and two 5.8s for required elements and seven 5.9s for presentation. So Butyrskaya won the Short Program (by a seven to two majority of the judges) and goes into the Free in first place ahead of Slutskaya and Kwan, respectively second and third in the Short. Fourteen year old Sarah Hughes (USA), the youngest skater in the Championships, is in fourth overall (fifth in the Short). Butyrskaya revealed afterwards that she had hurt herself just before she began to skate: "I cut my finger right before I went out to skate when I cleaned my blade," she said. "It was good. I felt very confident today."

"I skated well today," said Slutskaya. "I landed all elements cleanly without the slightest mistake. You can't make the slightest mistake in the Short, therefore I'm more nervous."

"I felt really good out there," said Kwan. "I made a little bobble after the triple flip but I'm glad I went for it, that's for sure. I think they both - Maria and Irina - skated really well and right now I'm just glad to be in the top three."

ISU > 2000 World Figure Skating Championships > Day 3

European champion Irina Slutskaya (RUS) continued her dream season with an outstanding performance to win the first Qualifying Group. Her dramatic Carmen program included six clean triples, two in combination (including her triple salchow/double toeloop combination) and her unique double Biellmann spin. It earned three marks of 5.8 for technical merit and another four 5.8s for presentation and first places from five of the seven judges.

1999 world silver medallist Michelle Kwan (USA) placed second in this group. She too skated a high quality program with six clean triples (two in combination), excellent spirals and spins. Her only error came when she doubled her salchow. Her technical merit marks ranged from 5.5 to 5.7 but she received one 5.9 and four 5.8s for presentation. Third in this group was 14 year old Sarah Hughes (USA), the youngest skater in the Championships, who placed seventh last year. She landed five triples (two in combination) in her Turandot program.

"I didn't plan to do the triple-triple combinations. I wanted to save my energy for the long program," said Slutskaya. "It's been a long time since I skated at Worlds and it feels like the first time. I'm so glad to be here and yes, I want to prove something - like I can skate!"

"I felt that I could do a lot better this morning but there is a lot to learn about these qualifications," said Kwan. "I'm glad that this was sort of a warm-up before the event starts."
Defending champion Maria Butyrskaya (RUS) was the winner of the second Qualifying Group. She landed six triples (one in combination) in her lyrical Swan Lake program but put a hand down on her double axel. Her marks included five 5.8s for presentation. "It was good for the qualifying," said Butyrskaya. "I was quite relaxed because I skated in the easier group and I'm in good form."
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Grand Prix Final 1999/2000

※ posted 2007/06/05 投稿

USFSA > 2000 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、フランス・リヨンで開催された ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 1999/2000 に参加し、スーパーファイナルでクワンを逆転し初優勝しました。
スーパーファイナルでは「女子初」の記録を2つ出しました。すなわち、女子初の「トリプルルッツ−トリプルループコンビネーションジャンプ」。さらにトリプルサルコウ−トリプルループを跳んだので、女子初の「1プログラムでトリプル−トリプルジャンプ2回」。技術点で 6.0 が一つ出ました。

Golden Skate > Ferocious Fighter or Playful Pixie? by Barry Mittan
at the 2000 Grand Prix Final she set two more records: the first triple lutz/triple loop combination and the first woman to complete two triple/triple combinations in one program.

日程 Schedule : 2000/01/13-16
01/13 Official Practice
01/14 Free Skating (Round 1)
01/15 Short Program (Round 2) SN.4/6
01/15 Super Final (Round 4)
01/16 Exhibition?

会場 Venue : Le Palais des Sports de Gerland - Lyon / France
Palais des Sports de Gerland3.jpg

成績 Result : 1st
Free Skating (Round 1) :
1. Michelle Kwan (USA) 1.0
2. Irina Slutskaya (Russia) 2.0
3. Maria Butyrskaya (Russia) 3.0
4. Julia Soldatova (Russia) 4.0
5. Elena Liashenko (Ukraine) 5.0
6. Viktoria Volchkova (Russia) 6.0

Short Program (Round 2) :
1. Michelle Kwan 0.5 (1.5)
2. Irina Slutskaya 1.0 (3.0)
3. Maria Butyrskaya 1.5 (4.5)
4. Elena Liashenko 2.0 (7.0)
5. Viktoria Volchkova 2.5 (8.5)
6. Julia Soldatova 3.0 (7.0)

Super Final (Round 4, 1st vs 2nd) :
1 Irina Slutskaya 1.0
2 Michelle Kwan 2.0

プログラム Programs :
SP : Appasionata
FS (LP) : Carmen Suite
Super Final (LP) : Don Quixote
EX : ?

動画 Videos :

写真 Photos :

ニュース News :
The Michelle Kwan Fan Page > News > Articles About Michelle > 1999/2000 Grand Prix Events

U.S. Figure Skating Online
Thursday, January 13 -- Grand Prix Final Practices

Practices for the ISU Grand Prix Final got underway on Wednesday and official practices began Thursday in Lyon, France. Thursday's afternoon's practice location was changed from the Palais Gerland to the Rink Charlemagne due to problems with the ice surface melting in the main arena. Local organizers promise there will be ice Friday when competition begins. Hopefully, competitors will have their first practice on competition ice on Friday morning and afternoon. As first alternate, Alexander Abt replaced Alexei Yagudin in the men's field and all competitors are here and practicing.

US Figure Skating Online
Friday, January 14 -- First Free Skates

The ladies event kicked off the ISU Grand Prix Series final on Friday. Michelle Kwan had a solid performance to "Red Violin" with six triples while Irina Slutskaya had a six-triple dynamic performance to the opera "Carmen." Slutskaya scaled back her triple loop-triple loop combination to a triple loop-double loop and Kwan did a triple toe-double toe combination and a double loop but added a triple toe at the end of her program.
"It felt really solid on my jumps. I felt I took my time and didn't rush anything," Kwan said.

Saturday afternoon will be the short programs followed by the super final matchup between first and second and third and fourth place competitors in all disciplines.
"It will be tough to do a short program and a free skating program two hours apart but everybody is in the same boat. I think I am ready," Kwan said.
Saturday January 15, 2000 09:03 AM
Something old, something new
Kwan takes the opening round at Grand Prix

LYON, France (AP) -- After beating the top Russian figure skaters with her new routine, Michelle Kwan will attempt to deliver a victory with an old program.

In the International Skating Union's new formula for the Grand Prix final, the first round has one long program, the second has the short program and the final head-to-head matchup with another free program.

With most skaters not wanting to work on a completely new program for just one event, nearly all have polished up last year's programs.
Kwan, skating with grace and precision, took the opening round of the competition Friday skating to the "Red Violin" soundtrack, the music for her competition program from this season.
Kwan did six triple jumps and scaled down just one in her routine that had marks in the 5.8-5.9 range with only a 5.6 and 5.7 spoiling the scores.
"I wanted to feel comfortable with this program and worry about the rest later on," Kwan said. "I didn't rush through the program."
She intends to use last year's program based on Ariane music by Jules Massenet tonight.

After the short program, which should not alter the standings much, the top four skaters will go against each other in a super final, executing a second different long program with first against second and third meeting fourth.

She could meet Irina Slutskaya instead of current world champion Maria Butyrskaya. Slutskaya was as perfect as Kwan with six triple jumps, not backing off at all in her routine to "Carmen." She was barely a tenth behind Kwan in every mark.

Slutskaya nearly quit skating last year when she failed to make the Russian team after being second in the world in 1998. But she came back to take the Russian title over Butyrskaya last month.

Butyrskaya executed five triples, but fell once and had bad landings on two others and was in third behind Slutskaya.

The final brings together the top point scorers in the four events from a six-meet series between October and December last year.
The winners of each event get $50,000 and a $10,000 bonus.
Wednesday, November 15
Irina Slutskaya upsets Kwan, captures gold

LYON, France--A year ago, Irina Slutskaya could not get on the ice without feeling depressed. She lacked motivation, and practice sessions often ended in tears.
On Saturday, the Russian shrugged off last year's emotions and upset Michelle Kwan in the International Skating Union's Grand Prix final.
Slutskaya performed a jump combination that never had been successfully completed by a woman.
Kwan, the Olympic silver medalist and two-time world champion, also put in a good performance, but she had to be content with second in the face of Slutskaya's audacious jumping and rare 6.0 mark for technical merit.

Slutskaya, who failed to make the Russian team last year after winning two European titles, became the first woman to do a triple lutz-triple loop combination. Seconds later, she added a triple salchow-triple loop. Later, she had a triple toe loop-double toe loop combination, finishing with seven triples overall.
For her routine to music from the "Don Quixote" ballet, she earned marks of 5.9 and 5.8 with a 6.0 for technical merit from the French judge. Technical merit 6.0 marks are rare in competition with the judges giving more top scores for artistic impression.

Slutskaya nearly quit skating last year when she failed to make the Russian team after finishing second in the worlds in 1998. But she came back to take the Russian title, beating Maria Butyrskaya last month.
Now married and slimmer than last year, Slutskaya said she had trouble getting motivated after finishing fourth in the Russian championships and not qualifying for the European or world teams in 1999. At times, she could not practice without crying.
"My husband, my parents and my coach helped me a lot," Slutskaya said. "There was a time when I didn't want to do anything."

Kwan paid tribute to her rival.
"I was impressed by Slutskaya's triple-triple combinations," she said. "I don't get to watch other skaters, but here I was able to and I thought she was incredible.
"I know how difficult it is to put in triple-triple combinations, especially in the long program," added Kwan, who rarely does a triple-triple in competition and always does the simplest toe loop combinations.
Kwan did not miss anything major over the three rounds of the competition. She did six triples but scaled down a triple loop to a double loop and slightly touched down on a second, her only errors.
"I know I have ... to push myself because the technical difficulty is getting stronger and higher," she said.
Butyrskaya, who beat Kwan for the world title last March, finished third Saturday, ahead of Russian teammate Julia Soldatova.
Sunday January 16, 2000 01:29 PM
Upstart jumping
Slutskaya beats Kwan in Grand Prix final

Irina Slutskaya became the first woman to do a triple lutz-triple loop combination. AP

記事内容は Reuters と全く同じ。
Sunday, January 16
Kwan learns difficult lesson at ISU Final
Associated Press

LYON, France--It's back to school for Michelle Kwan. It's also back to work after losing at the Grand Prix Final where she learned some difficult lessons.
The American was beaten in the gold medal final by Irina Slutskaya, the Russian who has returned to the top after an off year in 1999.
Slutskaya nearly quit skating last year when she failed to make the Russian team after coming second in the world in 1998. But she came back last month to take the Russian title over world champion Maria Butyrskaya last month.

Now Slutskaya has beaten two-time world champion Kwan and she did it with moves that no one had seen before in competition.
Slutskaya became the first woman to do a triple lutz-triple loop combination. Seconds later, she added a triple salchow-triple loop, earning a rare 6.0 for technical merit.
It was more than enough to hand Slutskaya victory and send Kwan back to California where she will resume classes this week at UCLA.

But on the ice, Kwan will also do some homework. She has to come up with something to challenge Slutskaya's triple-triples when the two meet again at the world championships in March in Nice, France.
"I know what I have to do when I go home is to push myself because the technical difficulty is getting stronger and higher," Kwan said. "I have to satisfy that demand."
Kwan has rarely performed triple-triples and always the simplest toe loop combinations.
The American said she had worked on more difficult combinations in practice but was not yet ready to put them into her programs.
"Now the other skaters are doing it and I have to push myself harder," Kwan said.

Slutskaya is not planning to rest either. She said she is thinking about another triple-triple combination.
"Why not?," she asked. "I think I can do it. It is a good idea."

The women's event was the highlight of the competition which brought together the top scorers in the four events from the six-meet series between October and December.
There also was a new format with the top skaters competing three times within 24 hours, the last round being a head-to-head heat for first and second. That eliminated others from challenging for the gold medal, even if they skated well.
Monday January 17, 2000 02:51 PM
Raising the bar
Figure skating jumps to greater difficulty

Russsia's Irina Slutskaya became the first woman to do a triple lutz-triple loop combination. AP

LYON, France (AP) -- Now that the technical limit for male figure skaters has been raised, it's time for the women to play catchup.
And Michelle Kwan might play a major role in that.
The quadruple jump for men is almost commonplace, as all six men in the Grand Prix Final attempted it at least once. Yet only winner Yevgeny Plushchenko did it successfully in all three phases of the competition.

Irina Slutskaya and the Russian women showed that triple-triples might now be needed for the women.
Kwan must prepare something more difficult to challenge Slutskaya's triple-triples when the two meet again at the world championships in March in Nice, France.
Kwan, who finished second to Slutskaya, has rarely done triple-triples and sticks to the simplest toe loop combinations. She said she has worked on more difficult combinations in practice, but not consistently enough to put in her programs yet.
"Now the other skaters are doing it and I have to push myself harder," Kwan said. "I know what I have to do when I go home is to push myself because the technical difficulty is getting stronger and higher. I have to satisfy that demand."
Maria Butyrskaya - who beat an ailing Kwan at the world championships last March for the world title - and Julia Soldatova all had triple-triples planned for their programs but cut the second part of their combinations to doubles.

Slutskaya was the only one to complete hers, and she did it twice. She completed a jump combination that had never before been successfully done by a woman to beat Kwan in the final.
Slutskaya became the first woman to do a triple lutz-triple loop combination. Seconds later, she added a triple salchow-triple loop and even added a triple-double later. She earned a rare 6.0 for technical merit.

Slutskaya is not planning to rest either. She said she is thinking about another triple-triple combination.
"Why not? I think I can do it," she said. "It is a good idea."

Slutskaya nearly quit skating last year when she failed to make the Russian team after being second in the world in 1998. But she came back to take the Russian title over Butyrskaya last month.

The women's event was the highlight of the competition, which brought together the top scorers in the four events from the six-meet series between October and December.
It also had a new format where the top skaters competed three times within 24 hours, the last round being a head-to-head matchup for first and second.
That also eliminated others from challenging for the gold medal, even if they skated well.

Arena view > ISU グランプリ・ファイナル 2000
「6.0 が出るなんて思いもよらなかったから、最高! トリプル・ルッツ/トリプル・ループとトリプル・サルコウ/トリプル・ループを跳んだの。二度目のフリーを滑るのは大変だったわ。」

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Russian National Championships 2000

※ posted 2007/01/19 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、モスクワで行われた Russian National Championships 2000 ロシア選手権に参加し優勝しました。

日程 Schedule : 1999/12/23-26

会場 Venue :
Дворце спорта "Сокольники" Sokolniki Arena - Moscow

成績 Result : 1st (SP 3rd, FS 1st)
Fi. Name SP FS TFP
1. Irina Slutskaya Moscow 3 1 2,5
2. Maria Butyrskaya Moscow 1 2 2,5
3. Viktoria Volchkova Moscow 2 3 4,0
4. Julia Soldatova Moscow 4 4 6,0
5. Irina Nikolayeva Moscow 6 5 8,0
6. Elena Sokolova Moscow 5 6 8,5
7. Svetlana Bukareva Moscow 7 8 11,5
8. Darya Timoshenko Moscow 10 7 12,0
9. Anastasia Ratkovskaya Moscow 9 9 13,5
10. Kristina Oblasova Moscow 7 10 13,5
11. Svetlana Chernysheva Moscow 12 11 17,0
12. Natalia Ryzhova Moscow 13 12 18,5
13. Ekaterina Kasper Saint Petersburg 11 13 18,5
14. Tatyana Zaitseva Moscow 15 14 21,5
15. Olga Bobryashova Moscow 14 15 22,0
16. Olga Stepanova Perm 16 16 24,0

写真 Photos :
Russian Nationals 2000 Photos - The Exhibition p3

Russian Nationals 2000 Photos - The Exhibition p2
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Russian National Championships 1999

※ posted 2007/01/19 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、モスクワで行われたロシア選手権 Russian National Championships 1999 に参加し4位でした。このため、欧州選手権と世界選手権の代表には選出されませんでした。

日程 Schedule : 1999/01/04-07

会場 Venue :
Дворце спорта "Сокольники" Sokolniki Arena - Moscow

成績 Result : 4th
Fi. Name TFP
1. Maria Butyrskaya 1,5
2. Julia Soldatova 3,0
3. Victoria Volchkova 5,0
4. Irina Slutskaya 5,5
5. Elena Sokolova 7,5
6. Daria Timoshenko 9,0
7. Natalia Ryszova 12,5
8. Irina Nikolaeva 12,5
9. Svetlana Bukareva 14,5
10. Svetlana Tchernyshova 15,0
11. Julia Lebedeva 17,0
12. Anastasia Ratkovskaya 18,0
13. Irina Tkachuk 19,5
14. Tatiana Zaitseva 19,5
15. Tatiana Pliuscheva 22,0
16. Anna Zorina 22,0

ニュース News :
Figure Skating by Alina Adams
October 01, 2007
Irina Slutskaya: I would never come on stage looking inept.

Translation of an interview by Elena Koladina (EK) of a Russian language publication “Sojus. Belarus-Rossija” published on September 27, 2007

EK : How did you overcome your failure in 1999? When after winning the European title, your own Russian judges put you in the undeserved 4th place at the Championship of Russia, thus preventing you from all future high level competitions?

IS : I do not want to talk about it. Only recently I found out that my failure was “ordered” by some people.

EK : Did you want to drop figure skating at that time?

IS : Yes, I did. But then I decided to get married. I remember that my mom asked me what I would be doing and I told her that I was going to marry my boyfriend, Sergey. And I did marry him.

EK : Who was he?

IS : My husband is a PE teacher. We met in a sports camp - it was nothing special. He gives me the wisdom that I lack. He does not rush me. Remember that in 1999 I came out from the competition very upset. He took me in his car and was driving me around while I got myself together.

EK : When you learned about the reasons for your failure in 99, did you want to react somehow to those people?

IS : Why bother? I believe that in this life what goes around comes around. I was always a fair competitor and never fought off ice. I always believed that if you want to prove something, come out on the ice and do it.
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Nagano 1998 Olympic Games 長野オリンピック

※ posted 2007/02/05 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、Nagano 1998 Olympic Games 長野オリンピック に参加し5位でした。

日程 Schedule : 1998/02/07-22
02/18 19:00 Short Program
02/20 19:00 Free Skating
02/21 15:00 Exhibition

会場 Venue : White Ring - Nagano / JPN 長野

成績 Result :
SP 5th (1st Kwan, 2nd Lipinski, 3rd Butyrskaya)
FS 5th (1st Lipinski, 2nd Kwan, 3rd Chen)
Result 5th (1st Lipinski, 2nd Kwan, 3rd Chen, 4th Butyrskaya)

ニュース News :
International Herald Tribune
Monday, February 2, 1998
Women's Figure Skating From High-Speed Smashes to Bowling on Ice:: From High-Speed Smashes to Bowling on Ice: 5 Likely Highlights From Nagano (folo)

The 1994 Olympic showdown between Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding at Lillehammer became the third-highest rated sports event in U.S. history, beating all but two Super Bowls and every World Series baseball game ever televised. There is no Tonya this year, but there is a strong rivalry between the three American entries. Between the 15-year-old world champion mite Tara Lipinski, the 17-year-old former world champion Michelle Kwan and the 20-year-old former U.S. champion Nicole Bobek, there will be different favorites in every American household. In Lillehammer - while attentions were fixed on the Americans - Oksana Baiul of Ukraine swept past Kerrigan for the gold medal. This time Irina Slutskaya of Russia might do the same.
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European Championships 1998 欧州選手権

※ posted 2007/02/05 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、イタリア・ミラノで行われた ISU European Figure Skating Championships 1998 欧州選手権 に参加し、2位でした(3人が 3.5 点で並びました)。

日程 Schedule : 1998/01/10-18

会場 Venue : Milan / ITALY

成績 Result : 2nd 3.5
SP 3rd (1st Szewczenko, 2nd Bonaly)
FS 2nd (1st Butyrskaya, 3rd Szewczenko)

Fi. Name Nation SP FS TFP
1. Maria Butyrskaya RUS 5 1 3.5
2. Irina Slutskaya RUS 3 2 3.5
3. Tanja Szewczenko GER 1 3 3.5
4. Elena Liashenko UKR 7 4 7.5
5. Krisztina Czako HUN 4 6 8.0
6. Surya Bonaly FRA 2 7 8.0

レポート Report :
The Figure Skating Corner > Result archive > 1997/98 > European Championships 1998 - Report
Defending champion and compatriote Irina Slutskaya who was struggeling all season with her lutz, two footed it again in the short. Because of her good spins and her beautiful double axel she still got high marks and was placed 3rd. She proved to be a fighter in the free, when she did a triple lutz-double toe, a triple salchow-triple loop (the loop was landed on two feet) and a triple toe-double toe combination, which makes her program technically the most difficult. She was a bit dissappointed that she lost her title, but she recovered quickly from that setback.

ニュース News :
International Herald Tribune
January 19, 1998
Russia Sweeps All 4 European Skating Titles

The women's final Saturday had Maria Butyrskaya vaulting from fifth to first with her six triple jumps and moving past the two-time defending champion, Irina Slutskaya, and Tanja Szewczenko of Germany, who led after the short program. Now all are heading to the Olympics in Nagano, Japan, next month for another confrontation with two Americans, Michelle Kwan and Tara Lipinski.
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Sparkassen Cup on Ice 1997

※ posted 2008/04/15 投稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、ドイツ・ゲルゼンキルヒェンで行われた ISU Figure Skating Champions Series Sparkassen Cup on Ice 1997 スパルカッセン杯 に参加し2位でした。

日程 Schedule : 1997/10/30-11/02

会場 Venue : Gelsenkirchen / GERMANY

成績 Result : 2nd 4.5
SP 5th
FS 2nd

FPl. Name Nation Points SP FS
1 Tanja SZEWCZENKO GER 1.5 1 1
2 Irina SLUTSKAYA RUS 4.5 5 2
3 Elena LIASHENKO UKR 4.5 3 3
4 Zuzanna SZWED POL 5.0 2 4
5 Krisztina CZAKO HUN 7.0 4 5
6 Julia VOROBIEVA AZE 9.0 6 6
7 Shizuka ARAKAWA JPN 11.0 8 7
8 Eva-Maria FITZE GER 13.0 10 8
9 Jennifer ROBINSON CAN 13.5 9 9
10 Sydne VOGEL USA 14.5 7 11
11 Laetitia HUBERT FRA 15.5 11 10

プログラム Program :
SP : Piano Waltz by Rubinstein
FP : Ah Nastasia by Ossipov Balalaika Ensemble
EX :

動画 Video :
02] Ladies Hilites 1997 Nations Cup SP.avi
640x480 1m16s 12.2M
digest of SP and FP

写真 Photo :
from the video
1997.10 Sparkassen Cup SP01.JPG

from the video

The Skating Beauty... & Beast Photo Gallery > 1997 Sparkassen Cup on Ice, in Gelsenkirchen

レポート Report :
The Figure Skating Corner > Result archive > 1997/98 > Sparkassen Cup on Ice - Report

Slutskaya two-footed her triple lutz, doubled the loop and landed it also on two feet. She was only fifth.

Slutskaya recovered to take the silver, doing triple lutz-double toe, triple salchow-double loop, triple toe-double toe, triple toe and loop. She only doubled her flip. In her blue-green costume, skating to Russian folk music, Irina looked maybe a bit too girlish, especially compared to Szewczenko.

Ice Skating International > ARCHIVE > 1997/98 Season Nations Cup

Slutskaya had her share of problems in the short, missing her triple Lutz combination, and landing double loop on two feet.

Her long was a good deal better, landing triple Lutz - double toe, and triple toe - double toe for combinations. On the solo jumps she landed triple toe, loop, and Salchow, but only a double flip and a single Axel.
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Japan Open 1997 (Honda Prelude Cup)

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イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、1997年1月に東京で行われた Japan Open に参加し、銅メダルを獲得しました。

日程 Schedule : 1997/01/04-05

会場 Venue : Yoyogi, Tokyo 東京 代々木

プログラム Programs :
SP : Il Bel Canto from The Phantom of the Opera on Ice by Roberto Danova
IP : Delicado / Tico Tico by Raul di Blasio

成績 Results :
SP 2nd (1st Kwan, 3rd Sato)
IP 3rd
Result 3rd (1st Kwan, 2nd Sato, 4th Bonaly, 5th Witt, 6th Bobek)

写真 Photos :
The Skating Beauty... & Beast > Photo Gallery > 1997 Japan Open in Tokyo copyright Takami
97jo-27.jpg 97jo-33.jpg
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European Championships 1996 欧州選手権

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イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、ブルガリア・ソフィアで行われた ISU European Figure Skating Championships 1996 欧州選手権で初優勝しました。旧ソ連・ロシア女子初の快挙です。
Irina Slutskaya became the first Russian lady to win the European title.

日程 Schedule : 1996/01/22-27
01/?   Short Program
01/27 Free Skating
01/?   Ex

会場 Venue : Winter Sports Hall - Sofia / Bulgaria

成績 Result : 1st (SP 2nd, FS 1st)
FPl. SP FS Skater
1. 2 1 Irinia Slutskaya (RUS)
2. 1 2 Surya Bonaly (FRA)
3. 4 3 Maria Butyrskaya (RUS)
4. 5 4 Elena Liashenko (UKR)
5. 3 5 Tanja Szewczenko (GER)
6. 8 7 Krisztina Czako (HUN)
7. 7 8 Zsuzanna Szwed (POL)
8. 6 10 Vanessa Gusmeroli (FRA)
9. 9 9 Yulia Vorobieva (AZE)
10. 16 6 Mila Kajas (FIN)
11. 11 11 Olga Markova (RUS)

プログラムと動画 Programs & Videos :
SP : Aguas De Invierno by Raul Di Blasio YouTube
FS : Broadway Show Tunes-They're Playing Out Song, A Chours Line,etc by Marvin Hamlisch  YouTube YouTube YouTube
EX : ?

写真 Photos :



Medal Ceremony
Maria Butyrskaya Official site > M.Butyrskaya's
photo collection


レポート Report :
Ice Skating International Online > 1995/96 Season European Champ's

ニュース News :
The Washington Post
January 28, 1996
Russian Denies Bonaly 6th European Crown

Irina Slutskaya gained the first title for a Russian or former Soviet woman's singles skater as she ended Surya Bonaly's bid for a record-equaling sixth straight crown at the European Figure Skating Championships yesterday in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Russian, Ukraine and Soviet skaters have finished second 10 times in the women's event at the Europeans while dominating in pairs, ice dance and, recently, men's competition. Oksana Baiul, the 1994 Olympic champion, was second to Bonaly at the Europeans twice.

Slutskaya, 16, and last year's world junior champion, had an outstanding routine to a ...

The Palm Beach Post
January 28, 1996

Irina Slutskaya gained the first title for a Russian or former Soviet women's singles skater as she ended Surya Bonaly's bid for a record-equaling sixth straight crown at the European Figure Skating Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria. Slutskaya, 16, last year's world junior champion, had an outstanding routine to a medley of American music while easily landing six triple jumps, including two in combination. Bonaly failed in her attempt to tie Sonja Henie and ...
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World Junior Championships 1994

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イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、 ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships 1994 フィギュアスケート世界ジュニア選手権大会に参加し3位でした。14歳9か月です。

日程 Schedule : 1993/11/28-12/06

会場 Venue : Colorado Springs, Colorado / USA

成績 Result : 3rd
1 Michelle Kwan USA
2 Krisztina Czako HUN
3 Irina Slutskaya RUS
4 Tanja Szewczenko GER
5 Rena Inoue JPN
6 Hanae Yokoya JPN
7 Anna Rechnio POL
8 Zuzanna Szwed POL
9 Irena Zemanova CZE
10 Jennifer Robinson CAN
11 Nadezhda Kovalevskaya RUS
12 Malika Tahir FRA
13 Inna Zayets UKR
14 Astrid Hochstetter GER
15 Julia Lautowa AUT
16 Nicole Skoda SUI
17 Jenna Pitman USA
18 Andrea Westenhuber GER
19 Viktoria Dimitrova BUL
20 Hannele Lundstrom FIN
21 Yuko Fukuya JPN
22 Tamara Panjkret CRO
23 Laetitia Bajot FRA
24 Stephanie Main GBR

プログラムと動画 Programs & Videos :
SP : YouTube
FS : Symphony No.40 / Eine Kleine Nacht Musik / Turkisher Marsch,etc by Mozart YouTube
Medal Ceremony : YouTube

写真 Photo :
moro&megrinのメモ帳 > 微笑まない勝利の女神さま

ニュース News :
International Herald Tribune
MARCH 16, 2005
Nervous Slutskaya bears extra burden
Lynn Zinser The New York Times MOSCOW

At 24, Kwan is also considered old for the sport. She and Slutskaya first competed against each other at the 1994 junior world championships in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Kwan recalls seeing Slutskaya in a fluffy costume that looked more like a tutu than a skating dress and remembers her placing a small toy outside the boards for good luck before she skated.
Slutskaya does not remember the costume, but she remembers seeing Kwan skate for the first time and meeting her. "It was my first time in the States, and I didn't speak English at all," Slutskaya said. "I saw a girl and I think, 'This girl is really good.' I try to talk with her, and she's really surprised because I had black skates. She said, 'Wow, you have black skates.' It was really funny. It was all we had in Russia then."
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