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イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)が病気について語ったインタビューがカリフォルニア州Stocktonの地元紙に出ました。Champions on Ice in Stockton の翌日発行です。写真あり(クリックすると大きくなります)。

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The Record
Published Tuesday, Aug 8, 2006

Sara Cardine
Record Staff Writer

After battling heart disease and vasculitis, a painful inflammation of blood vessels that causes bruising and swelling in the legs, Irina Slutskaya won a bronze medal in the Olympics. She was in Stockton on Monday as a member of the Champions on Ice Tour.
Credit: Craig Sanders/The Record

In an interview with The Record, Russian Olympic skater Irina Slutskaya discussed her struggle with heart disease, including vasculitis, a painful inflammation of blood vessels that causes bruising and swelling in the legs.

After she won a silver medal in the 2002 Olympic Games, the diagnosis of her illness in 2003 temporarily halted her career. But she battled back, and this year, she captured a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Turin, Italy.

Q: Where are you from?

A: Russia. Moscow. I live there now with my family.

Q: There's word going around that you are turning the spotlight on health issues. Explain how you became a health advocate.

A: A couple of years ago, I got sick with a real serious illness (vasculitis). Before I had asthma and pericarditis (inflammation of tissue around the heart.) Now, I'm just trying to tell everybody: You may think, "Something won't happen to me," but it could happen to everybody. You have to be healthy. You have to love your heart. Go to the doctor. If you do all this, if you eat right, everything will be OK.

Q: How did you learn about your own heart illness? What does it feel like?

A: I have an illness called vasculitis. I felt not really good a couple of years ago. Now I'm taking pills and checking my blood with my doctor. This illness is really similar to other illnesses. It takes a couple months (to show up). What I hated was the asthma. I had swollen legs and arms, bruises around my body.

Q: How did it change your professional life?

A: My professional life was great. But my life has changed. It's really hard. When (the vasculitis) is happening, I can't skate.

Q: And your personal life?

A: This is my life. I have just one life. I have to love my life, my fans, my parents, everything around me. When I'm sick, I can't walk. I can only go a couple steps. I missed my life. Now, I'm under doctor's control. I know nothing will happen to me.

Q: What helped you get back on top of your game?

A: My desire to skate. (And) of course my parents, my husband and my coach trying to help me. If I had a decision between my health and my skating, I would pick my health.

Q: Do you have to modify your performances or practice sessions?

A: I need to not push really hard right now.

Q: What message do you bring with you to Stockton?

A: I think when people don't work, (when) they just sit at home, they are dying. It doesn't matter if you have some problems, you have to live a normal life. You have to go shopping, meet with your friends. Do anything to feel you are an alive person.

Q: Does your celebrity status help the cause?

A: Of course. I'm like a role model for everybody. I have to work hard, and I can show everybody that everything's possible in this life. It's not magic. I'm just one who has this problem. My doctor said lots of people have this disease. I want to show everybody it's possible. It's possible to be normal. This is an important thing to under-stand: You're like everybody else.

Q: Has your illness made you humble?

A: Maybe. When you go (so far), you start thinking, "OK, what's next?" It's opened for me so many new ways. It happened to me, it's bad, but I find new ways, new places, new things in my life.

Q: Can one person make a difference?

A: I hope. My aim is not so great, but I hope.

Q: What have you learned through all of this?

A: We never decide our illness. Illness decides us. Life happens. I think I'm pretty healthy now, but you never know what will happen in the next days. I'm sure everything will be OK.
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