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イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)が病気とトリノオリンピック銅メダルについて語ったインタビューが、チャンピオンズ・オン・アイスChampions on Iceに掲載されました。

ISFF > News article from Virginia によると、元記事は、バージニア州Hamptonの地方紙「Daily Press」の4月12日の記事です。

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When Irina Slutskaya was diagnosed with vasculitis in 2003, she didn't understand

"The doctor said, 'Irina, you have a big heart,' " she recalls. "And I told him, 'Yes, I am a sports person. I am supposed to have a big heart.' "

For Slutskaya, a Russian figure skater who had won the world championship and the Olympic silver medal one year earlier, the idea that something could be seriously wrong with her heart simply didn't make sense.

But the persistent cough and fever that she thought was just a cold or a flu bug turned out to be something far more serious - a heart condition that threatened to end her skating career.

Three years later, after her second world championship in 2005 and the bronze medal at this year's Olympics, she has her career back on track and is serving as an international spokeswoman for the American Heart Association's "Go Red" campaign, which focuses attention on women's heart problems.

Slutskaya will skate at the Hampton Coliseum Thursday night as part of the Champions on Ice tour.

"Every time I skate now, I want to show people with illness that they can still believe in the best things," says Slutskaya, 27, in heavily accented English. "If you are sick, this does not have to be the end of your life or your career. Everything can be. You can still do what you like to do."

That was harder for her to believe when she was sidelined for a full year to get her heart condition under control. Even when her doctors cleared her to skate, Slutskaya's energy level was so low that she could not train at the pace necessary to maintain elite skills.

Asked how much medication she takes each day, Slutskaya chuckles and says, "Just one pill - but it's really strong."

It took her a while to get used to the effects of the medication. She gets tired more quickly than she used to, and it sometimes causes her legs to swell and ache. But that doesn't bother her. She's skating again.

She gradually began building her strength back up, and when she returned to competitive skating at the 2004 world championships, her ninth-place finish was hailed as a remarkable accomplishment. But she was just getting started. Last year she won the Russian, European and world championships.

"I always believed I would skate again," she says. "My life and my health now are much more important than some results from skating. I cannot say skating is not important, because it is a big part of my life. But if I have to choose between my health or my skating, I will decide my health."

That philosophy helped her put this year's Olympics in perspective. After winning her seventh European championship, she arrived at Turin, Italy, as the favorite to win Olympic gold. She was in second place after the short program, but in the long program she fell on one of her triple jumps and had to settle for the bronze medal.

Some skaters would have been disappointed.

Not Slutskaya.

"Of course - of course - I'm happy," she says. "I'm happy because I can never forget what's inside of this medal. It's my life. My tears and my illness and my fighting to skate. Everything's in there. The work of my coach and the love of my husband and my mom - it's all there inside this medal."
「もちろん、もちろん、私はハッピーです」「このメダルの中に込められたものを思い出すたび幸せな気分になります。私の人生、私の涙、私の病気、私のスケートへの挑戦。すべてがその中に入ってます。私のコーチの仕事、私の夫と私のママの愛情 - 全てがこのメダルの中にあるのです。」
                        (Lynn Plage記者)

American Heart Association's "Go Red" campaign アメリカ心臓病協会
The following women have graciously agreed to lend their voices and energy to educate the public about Go Red For Women, the American Heart Association's national campaign to raise awareness and fight heart disease in women. Throughout the 2006 calendar year, these women will help the American Heart Association communicate that heart disease is largely preventable and each woman has within herself the ability to live a healthier life.
Irina Slutskaya
Aida Turturro
Karen Duffy
Debbie Mazar
Jennie Garth
Lorraine Bracco
Andy Paige
Dr. Reichman
Kathy Kaehler
Frederique van der Wal
Laurie Smith
Hilda Santo-Tomas
The Miami Bombshells

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