COI 2006 in Providence


ISFF > Champions On Ice Experience--!!!! にレビュー。しかし、具体的記述なし。


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)のChampions on Ice 2006 tour (COI2006, チャンピオンズオンアイス)13日目は、NYから300キロ東北のロードアイランド州プロビデンスです。

日時 Date : 2006/04/30 15:00 (日本時間 05/01 04:00)

会場 Place : Providence, RI - Dunkin' Donuts Center
google map Irina is here ! ここ♪

チケット Tickets : US $147, $97, $67, $42
       Backstage VIP Package 最低落札 $300.00


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COI 2006 in East Rutherford


在米のneon98さんのblog LLM留学日誌〜留学2年目NYLife Champions on Ice 2006

MKF > All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here! #651
Champions on Ice 2006
2006.04.29 COI   5891re2.jpg2006.04.29 COI   a119re2.jpg

MKF > All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here! #656
Irina was very charming in her skate.



ISFF > Champions On Ice Experience--!!!!

I've attended the COI show in NJ on April 29. It was fantastic. Irina did a wonderful routine and was greeted very well by the audience. You could hear "Bravo, bravo..." all over the place. And I was lucky to go backstage. Skaters gave autographs and posed for pictures with fans. Irina was smiling and got a box of chocolates. I thanked her for the great performance and invited to come to the USA more often
ISFFでチョコはイタリアの Ferrero との話です。フェレロ

Ирина Слуцкая Форум > Ирина > Champions On Ice - 2006 p5-p9
iraautograph7xj.jpg iraposter3xf.jpg
irina0oi.jpg posters4ga.jpg

Ирина Слуцкая Форум > Пресса (чего не дослышат...)
kppart10ap.jpg kppart27de.jpg



The Michelle Kwan Fan Page! > Media > Photo > 2006COI > Backstage Pictures - New Jersey
copyright Heather Winfield
2006.04.29  IMG_7579.jpg


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)の Champions on Ice 2006 tour (COI2006, チャンピオンズオンアイス)12日目は、マンハッタンから15キロの所で、ダブルヘッダーです。

日時 Date : 2006/04/29 14:00 (日本時間 04/30 03:00)
                20:00 →          09:00

会場 Place : East Rutherford, NJ - Continental Airlines Arena

google map Irina is here ! ←ここ♪

チケット Ticket : US $25.00 - $125.00

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Skating clinic in Columbus スケート教室で "数年休むかも"

※ added 2006/06/04 追記

Champions on Ice > behind the scenes
Irina Slutskaya leading a Clinic for local skaters in Columbus, Ohio


※ added 2006/05/06 追記

2006/05/05 スルツカヤ、COIツアーを語る【COLUMBUS DISPATCHインタビュー】

May 05, 2006
Russian skater spins tales about touring show
2006.05.05 Russian skater spins tales about touring show.jpg


※ posted 2006/04/28 投稿

FSU > Irina Slutskaya At Chiller Ice Rink This Thursday In My Hometown
MKF > Irina Slutskaya At Chiller Ice Rink This Thursday In My Hometown

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、Champions on Ice 2006 tour の宣伝のため、 Columbus, Ohio オハイオ州でスケート教室とインタビューを行いました。 

日時 Date : 2006/04/27 16:00 (日本時間28日05時)

場所 Place : Columbus Chiller Easton - Columbus, OH
google map ←ここ Irina is here !

 母親が COI in Las Vegas に来る(←最終日8月16日)

MKF > Irina Slutskaya At Chiller Ice Rink This Thursday In My Hometown より抜粋

So anyhoo, after the FreeStyle Skate is over, the head lady from Champions On Ice calls everyone over and she picks out some little girls to show Irina their.......Do I HAVTA type this word?.......BEILMAN!!! It's Attack Of The Beilman time. *Runz Away*
So after the Beilman-Fest, I finally get brave enough to skate over to where my daughter and the other skaters are, and "hang out" LOL! After everything is done, about 5 photographers want a picture with IRINA in the middle, and all the other skaters, coaches, etc all around her.

At 4:00pm, we all pile into the "Party Room" for an Autograph & Q-and-A session. All the little kids ask general questions about: "How old were you when you first started skating"? and "How many medals have you won"? And "Whose Your Favorite Skater"? Irina was about 4 when she started skating she said, She's won about 7 Euros, blah blah blah, the stuff we already know, and she said she really didn't have a favorite skater but that she did look up to Katarina Witt.

Of course, I got to ask two questions: "Do you get to pick your own music? Meaning, do you surf the Classical Music stations and just kinda listen or, do you have movie soundtracks at home or"??? And she said it's basically up to her choreographer and her coach and she kind of doesn't have a say in that. Shocked me, geez, doesn't a skater have any say in what friggin' music she uses? LOL!!!

Anyhoo, I asked IRINA another question: "You are not retiring right? Are you gonna keep going toward Vancouver? You're coming back next year for Russian Nationals right? Or??" And she gave the same answer as Michelle (Michelle is just fly-to-honey isn't she? All the skaters are eating up her answers LOL!) "I'm not sure right now. I'm not deciding very quickly. I'll probably take a few years off". Mmmmmkay, that right there screams to me: "Yes I'm really retiring but, it's not kosher to {announce} that sort of thing right now" LOL!!

One of the little girls happened to ask: "What age were you when you first started skating"? and I guess the question was asked already because IRINA just kinda squinted her eyebrows and acted SLIGHTLY miffed and said: "That question was already answered". Give the kid a break. She was what? 6 or 7 maybe? And it's not like she could hear ya when she's all the way in the back of the room *sigh*

One little girl asked: "Why did you start skating"? And she said that she was sick when she was little and her doctor told her to start skating as a way to get healthy --- then Irina starts to flex her upper arm muscles ala ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER --- HA! It was cute! Looking back now, I wish I had gotten a picture of that but, I didn't think about it at the time. Another little girl asked her: "How many gold medals have you won"? Oh NO! LOL! I'm just waiting to see how IRINA shmozzed her way outta THAT one. But she saved herself and said: "7 Europeans" blah blah blah....you know the rest. She rattled off everything she has won since she won the Juniors.

I remember while we were all still watching the kids with IRINA, I happened to start talking to this lady who was the Champions On Ice official who happened to be travelling with Irina. I said to her: "How is Irina's mother and how has Irina been holding up with her heart"? She said IRINA'S mother is doing really good and that she hopes to join IRINA when she goes to the COI tour in Las Vegas, Nevada this year.

I asked her if IRINA's mother is still on dialysis and she says "yes" and I asked her if she was still on the waiting list for a transplant and she said: "Yes" and I asked her: "How far is she up on the list"? And the COI official wasn't sure but she said sometimes patients wait YEARS for a transplant.

Since my mom taught me to be fashion conscious because she used to be a fashion consultant, IRINA was wearing a white blouse with black swirlys, a beige colored hoody with a black jacket. She had on blue jeans with purple-looking sequins on each of her back pockets, and she had gold blades on her skates. She also had 4 or 5 ear piercings in her left ear....OUCH already!

Edited To Add At 11:48pm EST
The COI official also said that Irina did one of these skating clinics for an inner city kids club in Denver right before she came to our rink in Columbus Ohio and that sometimes Irina's husband {sergei?} comes and helps her out with the kids.

There were about 50 kids there ranging from age 13 to 5.

Thanks for your report. I remember when Irina was here a few years ago for a clinic at the University of Denver, or that's what I seem to remember. I wanted to go, but had to work. I wish I could have gone. It would have been interesting to see Irina ~ despite recent quotes from her I get the impression that she's a pretty cool person.


転倒集 トリノオリンピック採点

blog 幕僚日誌V 06/02/24“愛の金メダル記念フィギュアスケート転倒集”より


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コーエンファンのフォーラム Sasha Fans Forum をちゃんと見たらもう少しありました。クワン・フォーラム(MKF)と比べると自由というかいい加減というかスレッド乱立で、書きこみも改行しない人が多くて探しづらい。また、MKFからの引用も多いです。
プルシャンコについては、Evgeni Plushenko Devotion というフォーラムが一番盛んなようなのですが、やってることはなんと自分と同じで、MKFやFSUからのレビュー・記事の引用でした(元の投稿者の名前まできちんと記載してますが)。今のところスルツカヤ情報はなかったと思います。

4/23 スルツカヤ、COIツアー in Long Island, NY

4/07 スルツカヤ、COIツアー フロリダFort Myersです

4/12 ★スルツカヤ、マーシャルズ・ショウケースで“Hey Big Spender”
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ちんさんのblog パームボンチメロウライフ の“今日のタコ殴りは明日のフライトアテンダント


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COI in NY、現地の方のblogです♪

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)が参加中のCOI in NY について、現地の方のblogに詳細なレビューが掲載されました!
ny-cafeさんのblog m's New York cafe の“Champions on Ice”です。

その下のEaster Paradeという記事の右側の4枚目に写っている青い服に赤い帽子の人は、○十年後のスルツカヤか?!

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horipuroさんのblog フィギュア祭り の“イリーナ・スルツカヤ壁紙館”で、壁紙の紹介をされてます!
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Michelle Kwan Forum“All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here!”から、イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)参加のCOIの写真とレビューなどを追記しました。

4/23 スルツカヤ、COIツアー in Boston, MA

4/22 スルツカヤ、COIツアー in Hartford, CT

4/18 スルツカヤ、COIツアー in Reading, PA

4/17 スルツカヤ、COIツアー in Philadelphia, PA
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Champions on Ice ツアー中のイリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)、ちょっといい話です。

FSU > Irina Slutskaya At Chiller Ice Rink This Thursday In My Hometown

04-26-2006, 09:14 PM,Mishanyaさん(38歳ニューヨーカー)投稿
和訳 by vivais

I know Irina for almost ten years and don't remember her acting disrespectful in any way to people surrounding her.

Just one example of Irina's behavior I have observed last week - after skating two shows in Boston and arriving to Long Island at 4 am after nearly 5 hours on the bus, then getting up at 8 am to be at the rink by 9, skating another show at 2 pm, then after signing a few hundreds autographs to all "after the show " guests she is bagging me do get her out of there, but as we drive out from the loading dock, we sees a large group of people standing in the light rain.
ほんの一例に、私が先週見たイリーナの行動を話します。ボストンでの2つのショーの後、バスで5時間近くかかってNYロングアイランドに到着したのが朝4時、リンクに9時に集合するために8時に起床して、午後2時からショーをやり、その後“アフターショー”[パス]のお客さん全てに数百のサインをしたところで、彼女は私を捕まえてそこから出ました(←?。she is bagging me do get her out of there)。しかし、車が楽屋口(?。loading dock)を出たところで、多くの人々が小雨のなか立っていました。

What Irina does? She asks me to stop, then signs everyone, then comes out and takes pictures with people. If you ask me, who else from COI did that, I will tell you - nobody. She respects everyone, who shows respect to her.

04-27-2006, 03:20 PM 本人追加投稿

But I didn't see her pushing away anyone, who would ask for an autograph, even if the person doesn't really know who she is. And I don't mean "pushing" literarily

And you would be surprised - it happens almost everywhere - some of those people, who get those backstage "aftershow" passes, have no clue...

That is why she stopped outside the rink to greet people - she appreciates real fans.
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COI 2006 in Long Island, NY


myleftsock > Champions on Ice







ISFF > Photos from COI 2006より
DPChallenge Forums >> Individual Photograph Discussion >> Champions on Ice - Figure Skating Photos
2006.04.23  326531.jpg2006.04.23  326532.jpg
2006.04.23  326533.jpg



Sasha Fans Forum > COI - Nassau, 4/23 (COI spoilers)”

Irina Slutskaya
Fun costume - fit just right for "Hey, Big Spender"! She really put a lot of personality into it and looked like she was having a great time.
楽しい衣装−"Hey, Big Spender"にぴったり!彼女の個性が良く出ていて、彼女自身楽しんでいるように見えた。

Irina S - her program really suits her personality. She has really grown as a performer over the years. Great jumps. Great smile.



FSU > COI at Nassau Coliseum

Irina was fun, did 3L and 3T.

Irina - this is a great program for her. It shows off her personality. Great jumps.

現地在住のny-cafeさんがblog m's New York cafe の記事“Champions on Ice”にレビューを掲載されてます。



MKF > All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here! #633

Irina-I think she's pretty tiny in person and her body looks a lot more feminine. Her cheeks are very red. She has nice ice coverage and speed. I like this program-it suits her. She didn't get the greatest response from the public and I felt for her...she deserved more for that performance.

MKF > All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here! #635
I believe there are 2 kinds of performers, the ones that are really audience connected, draw you in, almost command you to watch. IMO, from this cast, it was Michelle, Irina, Plushy, B/A, Vicktor, Rudy, Dan, Surya, Evan and Kimmie is almost there. It's not one specific thing, but everything from song choice to movement, the whole package.

The others, I called them "snow globe" skaters-TT/MM, Johnny, Marina/Gwendel and Sasha are all beautiful on the ice, they make sure pretty pictures. IMO, they seem very under their own spell, in their own world (hence the snow globe comment) and as if we are watching them, not so much they are inviting us in, if that makes sense. I loved them all, just a different kind of performer!

~Irina is adorable! So flirty and fun. For all the criticism over her "abused beillmanns", it seemed every single camera went off when she did one!

I thought the audience was pretty appreciative to all the skaters, not over the top, but everyone got a good response.


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)の Champions on Ice 2006 Tour (COI2006, チャンピオンズオンアイス) 11日目は、250キロほど南西に進んだニューヨーク、彼女の好きな街です。この後、5日間の休みです。

日時 Date : 2006/04/23 13:00 (日本時間 04/24 02:00)
会場 Place : Long Island, NY - Nassau Coliseum
                         16,000 seat
google map Irina is here ! ここ♪

チケット Tickets : US $22.00 - $96.00

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum3.jpgNassau Coliseum seat.gif
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ISFFのスレッド“Photos from COI 2006”にCOI写真が4枚追加されました!これは、若奥さん風でイイですねーー
Michelle Kwan Fan Page! > Multimedia > Photo Gallery > 2006 COI > Backstage Pictures copyright:Heather Winfield
Last updated April 18, 2006とあるのでそれ以前に撮影されたもの

★Champions on Ice 2006 tour 日程
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COI 2006 in Boston

liltraveler > synchro



あも。さんのblog“blog@amoamo.net”04/24 むっはー!!スケートショー行ってきた!!から、
生イリーナ・スルツカヤに大興奮。・・・ まだジャンプで少し転倒していたので、足の具合があまりよくなかったのかなあ・・・・。



MKF > All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here! #614
Both Sasha and Irina received a very warm reception.



Michelle Kwan Forum > All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here! #594
i just got back from COI Boston 8pm!
irina was nice. the song suits her and she has a lot of charm. at least in boston, fans were cheering loudly for her. so i know at least she can't possible be complaining about lousy reception here =ppp she did the Big Spender number. i think she hand touched the ice on 1 jump and doubled another.

Michelle Kwan Forum > All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here! #596
Irina's program was entertaining but she struggled with her jumps.

Michelle Kwan Forum > All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here! #597
2006.04 Boston2000   COI007.jpg2006.04 Boston2000   COI0241.jpg

Irina Slutskaya
She did her "Big Splendor" program, it was very cute.
2006.04 Boston2000   COI137.jpg2006.04 Boston2000   COI139.jpg


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)の Champions on Ice 2006 tour (COI2006, チャンピオンズオンアイスツアー)10日目は、150キロほど北東に進んだマサチューセッツ州ボストンでダブルヘッダーです。

日時 Date : 2006/04/22 14:00 (日本時間 04/23 03:00)
                20:00            09:00
会場 Place : Boston, MA - TD Banknorth Garden(Fleetcenter)
google map ←ここ♪ Irina is here !

チケット Ticket : US $35.00, $50.00, $75.00, $120.00, $150.00

会場siteの惹き文句 …ここはコーエン中心
Fresh off their performances in Torino, Italy, the world's figure skating champions, including 2006 Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen, will come to the TD Banknorth Garden on April 22, 2006 as part of the 2006 John Hancock Champions on Ice tour.
Bringing their Olympic experiences direct to you, don't miss the top skaters in the world including Michelle Kwan, Johnny Weir, Irina Slutskaya, Evgeny Plushenko, Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto and more!
TD banknorth Garden3.jpgTD banknorth Garden5.jpg
TD banknorth Garden4.jpgTD Banknorth Garden seat.gif
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Donald Tramp氏、スルツカヤの熱烈なファン♪


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、Московский Комсомолец 紙 06/01 インタビュー記事「Ирина Слуцкая: "Вы обо мне еще услышите"」で、この記事について言及しました。




NEWS.rin.ruより記事と和訳 by vivais
22 of April, 10:50
Slutskaya seduced multi-millionaire
Slutskaya seduced multi-millionaire6569.jpg

During USA tour the Russian figure-skater Irina Slutskaya found out that American multi-millionaire Donald Tramp is mad about her. The magnate has organized grand evening party in honour of Russian figure-skaters.

Russian guests told the multi-millionaire about tour schedule, native country, competitions. But Tramp`s attention was locked on Irina Slutskaya. He complemented her all evening and confessed finally: "Irina, I like you a lot. I always watch your performances. During Turin Olympiad I supported you and not American Sasha Cohen. There is no doubt that you are the best figure-skater. There is not much in the world I have wished for. But today I am happy because my dream has come true - I have finally got acquainted with you".

Tramp tried to foresee every wish of the Russian star and even provided personal airplane to Russian figure-skaters so they could fly to next touring city with comfort.



Donald Tramp.jpg←左はイリーナじゃないですよ♪




スルツカヤ、COIツアー in Washington, DC に写真4枚

スルツカヤ、COIツアー in Richmond にレビュー

スルツカヤ、COIツアー in Hampton にレビュー

★Champions on Ice 2006 tour 日程 にオールキャスト集合写真

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COI 2006 in Hartford


panyaさんのblog“Connecticut Letter**”04/21 John Hancock "Champions on Ice" 2006から、



FSU > COI in Hartford
Irina- I like her so much better in person than I do on TV. She seemed very happy. I think I get more why people like her.

MKF > All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here!
Irina S - You know, I understand alot more now having seen her live again. For one thing, I understand why the judges score her so well. Alot of what we tend to pick on from tv does not come across live. She does move well across the ice and that smile is contagious. I also understand what she is talking about the North American audience in interviews. For this year's show she had the right music for us, the right amount of good skating, a great attitude and a lot of playing with the music hip shaking stuff that usually sells to a crowd. But not tonight. Oh well....I really enjoyed her skating even if the rest of the crowd didn't.
イリーナ・S - 彼女をふたたび生で観たことでより多くのことが分かった。一つは、なぜジャッジが彼女にあんなに高い点を与えるかが理解できた。どんなに多くテレビで観ようと、生で観ることには及ばない。彼女は、リンク中を動き回り、彼女の微笑みは伝染する。彼女が北米の観客についてインタビューで語ったことも理解できた。彼女は今年のショーで、われわれにふさわしい曲を選び、十分いいスケートをし、素晴らしい態度であり、曲に合わせておしりフリフリし、いつもなら観客に受ける。しかし今夜は違った。私は彼女のスケートを心から楽しんだよ、たとえ他の客は楽しまなかったとしても。

p.s. - I understand what Sasha was talking about regarding crowd size. I feel bad for all the skaters. Hartford was only about half filled tonight. It can't be as much fun to skate to half full arenas.


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)の Champions on Ice 2006 tour (COI2006, チャンピオンズオンアイス) 9日目は、300キロほど北東のコネチカット州 Hartford です。

日時 Date : 2006/04/21 19:30 (日本時間 04/22 08:30)

会場 Place : Hartford, CT - Hartford Civic Center

google map Irina is here ! ここ♪

チケット Tickets : US $32, $47, $67, $97, $117, $147
      VIP Front Row Tickets オークション最低落札 $245.00

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horipuroさんのblog フィギュア祭り で、スルツカヤ達のクリスマスソング動画 を紹介されています。スルツカヤは近々歌を出しますが(セリフというべきか)、その前に歌っていたことが判明しました!!メインはコーエンです。
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ISU の関連スレッド;ISU Limits Biellmans (?)
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SportStar Award

※ added 2006/11/27 投稿

Ирина Слуцкая Форум > Ирина > SportStar Awards by the Olympic Museum

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、Eurosport SportStar Awards の受賞者の一人となりました。授賞式は、スイス・ローザンヌのオリンピックミュージアムで行われました。

profimedia getty images    Olympic.org
NWS-960165.jpg  ARTP_1791_552_big.jpg
Irina Slutskaya poses with the "SportStar Award" 20 April 2006 during a ceremony at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Thirty athletes from Europe from all Wintersports Federations have been honoured during the "Sportstar Awards" organised by Eurosport Tv channel.

irinaaward6ym.jpg irinainswitzerland3xe.jpg
imageshack が使われています。

テレビ TV : Eurosport 2006/04/23 18:30
ニュース :



ネットで見つけたイリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)小耳情報!

●horipuroさんのblogフィギュア祭りで、マーシャルズの動画を紹介されてます。ココです→イリーナ新プロあります!2006 Marshalls動画!(7本)

●ちーこさんの ちーこの小部屋“お休み前の楽しみ”から、

●ykさんの お茶が熱くてのめません。からいくつか

●Yahoo!掲示板 イリーナ・スルツカヤ大好き!から“彼女の個性は貴重

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COI Richmond 現地の方のblogです

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)が参加中のCOIチャンピオンズオンアイスツアー in Richmond を観られた現地の方のblogです。スルツカヤの写真もあります。

 shin96sawaさんの Life in Richmond の記事“Champions on Ice

関連記事:スルツカヤ、COIツアー in Richmond
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ISFFのスレッド“Art: They Will Pay The Champions”によると、モスクワ市長は、金メダリストに150万ルーブル、銀メダリストに90万ルーブル、銅メダリストに60万ルーブル、各コーチにその半額を贈るそうです。250万円ぐらいですが、ロシアの一人当たり購買力は日本の1/3なので、750万円ぐらいの価値があると思います。


COI 2006 in Reading


Sasha Fans Forum > COI Meet and Greet より
2006.04  pict00473rw.jpg



Michelle Kwan Forum > All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here! より写真集へのリンク
Music By Rachel というsiteの
COI 2006 Reading Irina/Acrobats/Tatiana and Maximに17枚
Opening Actの016と085、Closing Actの794(749も?)


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)の Champions on Ice 2006 tour (COI2006, チャンピオンズオンアイス) 8日目は、フィラデルフィアから100キロ北上し、ペンシルベニア州 Reading です。この後3日間休みです。たぶん、次のHartfordへの途中にある大好きなNewYorkでウインドウショッピング三昧〜♪

時間 Date : 2006/04/17 19:00 (日本時間 04/18 08:00)

会場 Place : Reading, PA - Sovereign Center

google map Irina is here ! ここ♪

チケット Tickets : US $47.00 - 147.00
      VIP Front Row Tickets オークション最低落札 $310.00

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COI 2006 in Philadelphia


Michelle Kwan Fan Page! > Multimedia > Photo Gallery > 2006 COI > Michelle Kwan Pictures > Closing Number
IMG_7115.jpgcopyright:Heather Winfield



Gary Hudes さんの高画質写真集



ISFF > Photos from COI 2006
Paul Olsavskyさんの高画質写真集



MKF > All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here!”より写真集リンクです。

Music By Rachel というHPの
COI 2006 Philadelphia Act2 に7枚
COI 2006 Philadelphia Closing に1枚



イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)の Champions on Ice 2006 tour (COI2006, チャンピオンズオンアイス) 7日目は、ワシントンから200キロ北上し、ペンシルベニア州フィラデルフィアです。

日時 Date : 2006/04/16 15:00 (日本時間 04/17 04:00)

会場 Place : Philadelphia, PA - Wachovia Center

google map Irina is here ! ここ♪

チケット Tickets : US $ 32, $ 47, $ 67, $ 112, $ 157

Direct from Torino, newly crowned silver medalist Sasha Cohen and bronze medalist Irina Slutskaya skate into the Wachovia Center on Sunday, April 16 at 3 p.m. as part of the 2006 John Hancock Champions on Ice tour. They will be joined by recently crowned World Figure Skating Champion Kimmie Meissner.

The tour also includes Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto, 2006 Ice Dancing silver medalists who broke a 30-year medal drought for American Ice Dancers and Johnny Weir, three-time U.S. National Champion. Additional champions making the jump from the Olympics is 2006 Olympic gold medalist Yevgeny Plushenko, 2006 Olympic silver medalist Stephane Lambiel and brilliant Russian 2006 gold medalists Tatyana Totmiyanina and Maxim Marinan. America’s sweetheart Michelle Kwan returns to the ice with the Champions on Ice tour after dropping out of the Olympics due to injury.

The tour also features some of its well-known and well-loved specialty acts with Irina Gregorian, Dan Hollander and the acrobatic duo of Vladimir Besedin and Oleksiy Polishchuk as well as other Champions from Olympic and World competition including Olympic gold medalist Victor Petrenko, Rudy Galindo and Surya Bonaly.

Wachovia Centerphiladelphie.jpgwachovia_centerfront.jpg
wachovia_centerbig.jpgWachovia Center seat.gif
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新プロは“A Fosse compilation”だった!マーシャルズ動画速報

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)のマーシャルズ・ショウケース 2006 Marshalls U.S. Figure Skating International Showcase での新プログラム“A Fosse compilation”動画を見ました!
音楽は、Big Spenderではじまりますが、終わりのほうでテンポの速い曲に変わります。

 動画 Video : YouTube

↑いよっ!スルツカ屋ー    ↑直前、満面の笑み big smile!

↑タ、タタ、タタン music start

↑タ、タタ、タタン nice music  ↑チン♪ CUUUUUTE

↑チャップリン?Chaplin?   ↑セクシ〜 SEXYEEE

↑帽子を足にひっかけた!  ↑どうスル気?What do you do?
↑蹴り上げたー!! KICKED!!  ↑掴んだー!!! CATCHED!!!

↑最初の3回転 1st triple   ↑2つ目の3回転 2nd triple


↑後ろに滑るこれ好きだ〜  ↑2回転に入る starting double

↑アップテンポの曲に     ↑両足ビールマンへ to Biellmann

↑欠かせません        ↑踊れるスケーター! Good dancer!

↑滑れるダンサー?        ↑このポーズで決め end

↑歓声に応えます       ↑演技後インタビュー hello to fan



COI 2006 in Washington, DC


jeex03 > champions on ice 2006
2212972160089054509UXEoVM_ph.jpg 2334734140089054509GYEcKT_ph.jpg



ISFF > Photos from COI 2006
Walter Rowe > Champions on Ice 2006




Lisssa621 > Champions on Ice



FSU > COI review thread (can't find another one)
the afternoon show in D.C.
Irina Slutskaya skated to quite a warm audience response, skating to Hey Big Spender, I think she did three triples, a good bit of butt wiggling and shoulder shaking, generally cute and sassy.

the evening show in D.C.
Irina was energetic, with strong jumps and flair, skating to "Hey, Big Spender". It didn't have a big effect on me though--maybe because it didn't have a personal aspect? It was like she was putting on a show very well, but without involving her real emotions and personality.

FSU > COI review thread (can't find another one)
the 8:00 COI show in D.C.
Irina in horrible dress but looking adorable in a bowler hat. I was so excited to see her, yay! Big Spender, lots of cute butt shaking and the patented Irina Wiggle that cursed 3 turns into 3loop...beautiful!, 3T (man next to me "Wow!"), ends with 3T2T and double beillman.

Ends with Sing Sing Sing led by Irina and Plushy (sort of Sharks vs Jets approach at the beginning) Irina does double beillman while Plush does some frantic footwork (that im totally impressed by). Dancing together to end. Final Lap to we are the champions, Irina pushes Rudy's butt while their in line and almost causes a domino effect!

the DC evening show
she definitely was a performer and got a warm reception from the audience.



MKF > All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here!


MKF > All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here!
午後と夜の2公演とも観た人のsite ICE-SKATE.NET2006 Champions On Ice から、レビューと写真です。

In comparing the 2:00 and 8:00, the afternoon show definitely had a larger audience. The whole lower bowl was full and a good portion of the upper bowl was as well. For the evening show, only the middle parts of the lower bowl were full, with scattered people in the ends, corners, and upper bowl. Michelle and T/M were the only ones to get partial standing ovations that I noticed. Of course, at the end, everybody stood and applauded.

Irina - Hey Big Spender in fringe and fishnet gloves. Cute program. She actually had a problem with her first attempt at a Biellman in the first show and had to bail on it. She managed it the second time.
イリーナ - Hey Big Spender、ふさふさの毛の服と網手袋。かわいいプログラム。午後の回の最初のビールマンで問題が生じ途中でやめた。2回目は成功した。

This was our first year backstage, so I was obviously very excited and somewhat nervous to meet everybody. They lined us all up behind a barricade and the skaters started coming by one by one with Tanith being the first and Maxim being the last. It took about 45 minutes or so for everyone to go by. We had everyone sign our programs (Adam and I both had one, but his was actually for my mom) and I posed for a picture with almost everyone. All but one of the skaters were very talkative and friendly. Irina S. just seemed like she didn't want to be there. She didn't say a word - just went down the line without hardly looking up.
(一番高い$175の席に付く“backstage pass”の話のようです)

この人の写真です《copyright Adam & Devon Stein》





イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)の Champions on Ice 2006 tour (COI2006, チャンピオンズオンアイス) 6日目は首都ワシントン Washington, DC でダブルヘッダーです。

日時 Date : 2006/04/15 14:00 (日本時間 04/16 03:00)
                20:00 (日本時間 09:00)
会場 Place : Washington, DC - Verizon Center (旧 MCI Center)

google map Irina is here ! ここ♪

チケット Tickets : $175.00、110.00、65.00、45.00、30.00
      VIP Front Row Tickets 最低落札$310.00


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動画紹介サイト "フィギュア祭り "・動画サイト" Skating Videos of Irina Slutskaya "

horipuroさんのブログ「フィギュア祭り」で、イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)の動画を紹介されてます。

フィギュア祭り > スルツカヤの動画(2003〜2006)30本+使用曲

Koral さんの Skating Videos of Irina Slutskaya

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COI 2006 in Richmond


FSU > COI review thread (can't find another one)

music from the entrances -
Irina S. to "I'm the Only One" by Melissa Etheridge.

Irina S. in 1st half also and did indeed skate to "Hey Big Spender". She looked very fit and skated well. Crowd liked her pretty well.

Finale used 6 white and silver arched doorways. Started with group skating to Scott Joplin's "Entertainer". Multi-colored vests for guys and old-fashioned dresses for gals.
Next was more upbeat 20's style rag number "Hot like That" featuring Tanith and Ben with cast. Ended with Charleston steps by all.
Next was the Kween skating to "Around the World" in pretty slow waltz tempo, joined by A&P. Again no jumps for her. Here and in rest of finale, gorgeous all white and silver costumes for cast.
Then music went 1940's "Sing Sing Sing" with Irina S. and Plushy and into group finale.
For "We are the Champions" victory lap, Kween was at front of line ahead of Plushy and Sasha and ended up facing me at very end.



Michelle Kwan Forumよりレビュー抜粋
Irina Slutskaya - Big Spender. Crowd gave her a big hand and cheer when she was introduced at the beginning of the show and gave her a nice reception after this number. (Hopefully, she saw nobody in the audience with a hamburger)
イリーナ・スルツカヤ - Big Spender。彼女が紹介された時、大きな拍手と歓声が起きた。この曲が終わった時の反応も良かった。(たぶん、ハンバーガーを食べてる客を見つけなかったと思う)



現地の方のblogです。shin96sawaさんの Life in Richmond の記事“Champions on Ice”と写真


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)の Champions on Ice 2006 tour (COI2006, チャンピオンズオンアイス) 5日目はバージニア州 Richmond です。

日時 Date : 2006/04/14 19:30 (日本時間 04/15 08:30)

会場 Place : Richmond, VA - Richmond Coliseum

google map Irina is here ! ここ♪

チケット Tickets :
$30.00, $45.00, $60.00, $90.00, $140.00
オークション最低落札価格はUS $200.00

Small cameras or cell phone cameras are generally permitted at all events. Cameras with large lenses, audio recorders and video cameras are never permitted.

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COI 2006 in Hampton


Chelleysworld16 > champions on ice



Michelle Kwan Forum よりレビュー抜粋

I was really surprised to see how small the rink was in Hampton. It's tiny. There weren't any boards up around the rink, just lights. The colliseum was about 1/2 full. The lower bowl was full, the second tier was about 1/2 full and there were a couple of stragglers in the upper bowl.
The really lucky folks were the ones sitting right next to where the skaters came out. There was only about 5 rows with the tallest being just about head level with the skaters. I did see a few audience members talking to the skaters there and giving them high fives before they went out to perform.
At the Hampton Colliseum, the skaters entered the rink at the same level as the audience, so it may have been easier to get to meet the skaters.

Irina Slutskaya - Big Spender. She is so much fun to watch - she was smiling the entire time. You can see the power behind her skating. I think she doubled one jump - the flip. Everything else was great.
イリーナ・スルツカヤ - Big Spender。彼女を観るのは本当に楽しい。彼女は演技中ずっと微笑んでいた。彼女のスケートからはパワーを感じることができる。フリップは2回転になったと思う。それ以外は素晴らしかった。


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)のChampions on Ice 2006 tour (COI2006 チャンピオンズアイスツアー)4日目はバージニア州ハンプトンです。

時間 Date : 2006/04/13 19:00 (日本時間 04/14 08:00)

会場 Place : Hampton Coliseum 7,408 Capacity
google map ←ここ♪ Irina is here !

チケット Ticket : US $142.00, $92.00, $62.00, $47.00

Michelle Kwan, Irina Slutskaya, Sasha Cohen, Surya Bonaly, Rudy Galindo, Victor Petrenko and many, many more.
Patrons are allowed to use film or digital cameras with or without flash. Video cameras, large cameras and tripods are strictly prohibited.

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インタビュー:病気・トリノオリンピックメダルに込められたもの【Daily Press】


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)が病気とトリノオリンピック銅メダルについて語ったインタビューが、チャンピオンズ・オン・アイスChampions on Iceに掲載されました。

ISFF > News article from Virginia によると、元記事は、バージニア州Hamptonの地方紙「Daily Press」の4月12日の記事です。

和訳 by vivais

When Irina Slutskaya was diagnosed with vasculitis in 2003, she didn't understand

"The doctor said, 'Irina, you have a big heart,' " she recalls. "And I told him, 'Yes, I am a sports person. I am supposed to have a big heart.' "

For Slutskaya, a Russian figure skater who had won the world championship and the Olympic silver medal one year earlier, the idea that something could be seriously wrong with her heart simply didn't make sense.

But the persistent cough and fever that she thought was just a cold or a flu bug turned out to be something far more serious - a heart condition that threatened to end her skating career.

Three years later, after her second world championship in 2005 and the bronze medal at this year's Olympics, she has her career back on track and is serving as an international spokeswoman for the American Heart Association's "Go Red" campaign, which focuses attention on women's heart problems.

Slutskaya will skate at the Hampton Coliseum Thursday night as part of the Champions on Ice tour.

"Every time I skate now, I want to show people with illness that they can still believe in the best things," says Slutskaya, 27, in heavily accented English. "If you are sick, this does not have to be the end of your life or your career. Everything can be. You can still do what you like to do."

That was harder for her to believe when she was sidelined for a full year to get her heart condition under control. Even when her doctors cleared her to skate, Slutskaya's energy level was so low that she could not train at the pace necessary to maintain elite skills.

Asked how much medication she takes each day, Slutskaya chuckles and says, "Just one pill - but it's really strong."

It took her a while to get used to the effects of the medication. She gets tired more quickly than she used to, and it sometimes causes her legs to swell and ache. But that doesn't bother her. She's skating again.

She gradually began building her strength back up, and when she returned to competitive skating at the 2004 world championships, her ninth-place finish was hailed as a remarkable accomplishment. But she was just getting started. Last year she won the Russian, European and world championships.

"I always believed I would skate again," she says. "My life and my health now are much more important than some results from skating. I cannot say skating is not important, because it is a big part of my life. But if I have to choose between my health or my skating, I will decide my health."

That philosophy helped her put this year's Olympics in perspective. After winning her seventh European championship, she arrived at Turin, Italy, as the favorite to win Olympic gold. She was in second place after the short program, but in the long program she fell on one of her triple jumps and had to settle for the bronze medal.

Some skaters would have been disappointed.

Not Slutskaya.

"Of course - of course - I'm happy," she says. "I'm happy because I can never forget what's inside of this medal. It's my life. My tears and my illness and my fighting to skate. Everything's in there. The work of my coach and the love of my husband and my mom - it's all there inside this medal."
「もちろん、もちろん、私はハッピーです」「このメダルの中に込められたものを思い出すたび幸せな気分になります。私の人生、私の涙、私の病気、私のスケートへの挑戦。すべてがその中に入ってます。私のコーチの仕事、私の夫と私のママの愛情 - 全てがこのメダルの中にあるのです。」
                        (Lynn Plage記者)

American Heart Association's "Go Red" campaign アメリカ心臓病協会
The following women have graciously agreed to lend their voices and energy to educate the public about Go Red For Women, the American Heart Association's national campaign to raise awareness and fight heart disease in women. Throughout the 2006 calendar year, these women will help the American Heart Association communicate that heart disease is largely preventable and each woman has within herself the ability to live a healthier life.
Irina Slutskaya
Aida Turturro
Karen Duffy
Debbie Mazar
Jennie Garth
Lorraine Bracco
Andy Paige
Dr. Reichman
Kathy Kaehler
Frederique van der Wal
Laurie Smith
Hilda Santo-Tomas
The Miami Bombshells

VIdeo 動画 : NBC - Torino トリノオリンピック前インタビュー
        ↑このページのAthlete to watch: Irina Slutskaya

Churg Strauss Syndrome Association の“Cheers to Irina, an all around CHAMPION in skating, and in life



毎日新聞トリノ特集“<6>難病と戦う女王 スルツカヤ





いちるさん 小鳥ピヨピヨ“スルツカヤへの祈り”




イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)のピンボールゲームが出たそうです!
くわしくは、horipuroさんのブログ フィギュア祭り 〜フィギュアを中心にアフィリエイトとかも考える〜 の「Irina Pinball!!」でどうぞ♪
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FSU > Interviews with Navka and Kostomarov

Роман Костомаров: «С Навкой мы очень разные»

They were interviewed separately.

コストマロフ の部分

— Скажите, Рома, а вы дружите с другими фигуристами?
— А как же! С Женькой Плющенко мы общаемся с самого детства, как и с Александром Абтом. Они часто приезжают в Америку, а я там уже 8 лет живу. Лет 5 назад, когда у меня не было ещё борьбы за высокие награды, мы ходили по клубам, в баню — в общем, тусовались по-всякому. Потом это начало мешать тренировкам. В последнее время ходим в биллиардные, в боулинг играем или собираемся у кого-нибудь, жарим шашлыки. А вот с Ирой Слуцкой мы не очень дружим: она чересчур заносчивая. Хотя, спору нет, классная фигуристка и хороший борец.
Q. Are you friends with other skaters?
A. Zhenya Plushenko and Alexander Abt are my friends since childhood. They often come to America, where I've been living for 8 years. Five years or so ago when I wasn't the medal contender we used to go to clubs, to jacuzzi, just partied a lot. After a while, such life started to hinder my training. Nowadays, we play pool, go bowling or just get together, BBQing.
I 'm not that friendly with Irina Slutskaya, she's too arrogant. But she's a great skater and a fighter, no question about it.


Marshalls U.S. Figure Skating International Showcase


Sasha Fans Forum > More Marshalls pics!


2006/04/12 11:41:44追記

Yahoo News→スルツカヤ写真なし

Kwan says she's not ready to quit skating just yet
Turin silver medalist Sasha Cohen and bronze medalist Irina Slutskaya also turned out strong performances.

World's Best Skaters Perform in the Marshalls Spotlight
(4/12/06) - With a roster that boasted the best in the world, the 2005-06 Olympic season came to a close Tuesday night at the Marshalls U.S. Figure Skating International Showcase in Greenville, S.C. Sixteen skaters gave the crowd of nearly 6,000 at the BI-LO Center a night of exhibition skating they won't soon forget. Ten Olympic medals and 34 World Championship medals highlighted the accomplishments of the cast, who each skated two exhibitions in this non-judged celebration of excellence.

The music ranged from “Phantom of the Opera” to “Fosse” to Fantasia Barrino, “Tosca” to “Turandot” to Tina Turner. And when you can't decide, Evan Lysacek played “the last three songs on (his) iPod”—a mix of hip hop, country and Elvis Presley.

And when Irina Slutskaya flirted with the front row in her “You Promise Me” performance, the whole section was in smiles.
イリーナ・スルツカヤが“You Promise Me”で最前列を誘惑した時、場内は微笑みに包まれた。

These 16 athletes performed songs for all, mixing it up, fighting through, and reminding everyone why they are the best in the world in this beautiful, exciting sport.

MKF > OFFICIAL Marshalls Reports thread!!
Intro w/ skaters
Emily Hughes
Rena and John
Tanith and Ben
Irina was next. There was a flub up with the audio people. She took her cue… but the wrong music was played. At first I thought it was part of the routine, but it wasn’t. There was a few minute delay then they started over… with the correct music! It was a cute program. Don’t know the name of the music. I expected Chicago based on the costume… which had a lot of tassles! I liked her hat… too bad she couldn’t keep it through the whole program.私は彼女の帽子が気に入った。残念なことに、演技中ずっとは被ってはいなかった。→“Hey Big Spender”!
Totmianina and Marinin
Shizuka was next. She skated to Turandot… knew it as soon as I saw the costume. I’m thinking she simply wasn’t prepared for exhibitions and did what was familiar. She was nice! The Ina Bauer is great on tv… but even more amazing in person. Talk about a rubber band back!!! My sister screamed like a maniac… she loves Asians and Japanese culture in particular. 荒川静香
Rena and John
Irina – I don’t remember too much about this program except she skated very well and the crowd loved her. Her jump landings scare me too. I’m glad to see that she’s ditching the uni-tard look (for now) for exhibitions.→“You Promised Me”
Tanith and Ben
Tatiana and Maxim
Shizuka skated to a woman’s version of You Raise Me Up. It was very very nice! Old costume… with the blue and ton of flesh fabric. I got one okay shot… I’ll share it. She’s a very beautiful skater to watch. I’m glad they chose to invite her in place of Lambiel.荒川

USFSA > 2006 Marshalls Showcase Act One Photos
USFSA > 2006 Marshalls Showcase Act Two Photos
2006 Marshalls International Showcase slutskaya-finale.jpg

Greenville News > 写真(12 pictures)です!!!!!


※2006/04/08 00:37投稿、06/06改稿

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、アメリカ南カロライナ州で行われたアイスショー ice show "2006 Marshalls U.S. Figure Skating International Showcase" マーシャルズ・ショウケースに参加しました。一人2つの exhibition を行いました。

marshalls20060411 Skating041106_1.jpgクワンも!

日時 Date : 2006/04/11 19:00 (Japan Time 日本 04/12 08:00)

会場 Place : Greenville, S.C / USA - BI-LO Center
BI-LO Center.jpg
google map Irina is here ! ここ

テレビ TV : ABC 04/15 15:00-17:00
            日本 JSPORTS1 06/04 17:00-18:25

プログラム Program :
A Fosse compilation (Big Spender)  ビッグ・スペンダー
You Promised Me  ユー・プロミスド・ミー

動画 video :
YouTube > Irina Slutskaya 2006 Marshall's Fosse
動画宮殿 > 【動画】2006Marshalls U.S.F.S.I. Showcaseの動画 スルツカヤとプルシェンコ > Irina Slutskaya -Marshalls USFSI Showcase 2006(Big Spender)

関連記事 :新プロは“A Fosse compilation”だった!マーシャルズ動画速報

出場者 Performers :
Shizuka Arakawa, Japan
Sasha Cohen, United States
Emily Hughes, United States
Michelle Kwan, United States
Kimmie Meissner, United States
Irina Slutskaya, Russia

Evan Lysacek, United States
Evgeny Plushenko, Russia
Matt Savoie, United States
Johnny Weir, United States

Rena Inoue & John Baldwin, United States
Tatiana Totmianina & Maxim Marinin, Russia

Ice Dancers
Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto

04/06 Arakawa Replaces Lambiel at Marshalls Showcase
04/04 Final Event Of Season One Week Away - Marshalls U.S. Figure Skating International Showcase In Greenville, S.C.
03/09 Final List of Skaters Set for Marshalls U.S. Figure Skating International Showcase


※2006/04/08 00:37投稿

フィギュアスケートニュース荒川静香、マーシャルズ・ショウケースに出演 という記事で、イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)も出場することが判明しました!
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COI 2006 in Fort Lauderdale、Orlandoレポート〜“Big Spender”好評♪

イリーナ・スルツカヤが参加しているCOIツアーFort LauderdaleOrlando のレポートが、クワンのMichelle Kwan Forumに掲載されているので、スルツカヤの部分を抜粋します。
新しいプログラムの“Big Spender”、非常に評判いいです♪
黒と銀のコスチュームに山高帽(bowler hat。チャップリン)、キュートでセクシ〜らしいです!COIはアメリカでも放送されないようなので、ネットでも見れない可能性が高いです。ひじょ〜〜〜に残念!
“Big Spender”などショーの写真をここに載せました!

関連記事:★スルツカヤ、ニュープログラム“Hey Big Spender”
Bowlerhat.jpg←bowler hat

2006 Champions on Ice Fort Lauderdale, FL Report Part 3
Next up Irina S.
She skated to Big Spender.She skated really well. Cute black and silver costume (dress) with a bowler hat (tossed it real quick) She shook her rear alot in one corner of the ice...but it was a cute routine...and only two b-mans. Oh stepped out of a triple toe (i think) .Great applause from the crowd.

Coi 4/8/06 Fort Lauderdale, FL Report
Irina's "Big Spender" was cute and suited her.
イリーナの "Big Spender"はキュートで彼女に合っていた。

2006 COI - Orlando Show Report
Irina - "Big Spender" This is a great number for her. She does the sex kitten thing very well. I loved the outfit. Good energy.
イリーナの "Big Spender"は彼女にとってすばらしい曲だ。セクシーな女性(sex kitten)を非常に上手く演じた。全てがすばらしい。エネルギッシュ。

4-9-06 Orlando 2006 Champions on Ice Show Report
...Irina S...
loved this one as well. very sexy number for her, good interaction with the audience...

Michelle Kwan
opening group number(Michelle抜き)
Irina G
Irina Slutskaya
closing number

★Champions on Ice 2006 tour 日程
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COI 2006 in Fort Myers、地元紙レポート

イリーナ・スルツカヤCOIショー in Fort Myers について、フロリダ州地元紙THE NEWS-PRESSのレポートです。出演順は不正確。

Hitting the ice 開幕
オープニングはPrinceの"Let's Go Crazy."

The Second Act 第2幕
The Russians seemed to excite the crowd the most, in the second act at least. Totmianina & Marinin did a flawless routine with amazing lifts and throws. Evegni Plushenko hit all of his jumps, too. Irina Slutskaya took a tumble as did Sasha Cohen.

Happy trails 至福の帰り道
I also wanted to add that Irina Slutskaya's program showed a playful, teasing side -- a facet spectators don't often see -- when she skated to "Hey, Big Spender." That's one of the advantages of this kind of ice show, as Kwan pointed out to me the other day. You get to see more of the skater's personality.
イリーナ・スルツカヤは、"Hey, Big Spender"で 、観客がなかなか見ることができない、おどけた、からかうような面を見せてくれた。クワンが指摘したように、スケーターの個性をもっと知ることができるのがアイスショーのいい点である。

※この記事で、宿泊ホテルはNorth Naplesにあることが判明しました。アメリカオリンピックチームスポンサーの Hilton Naples かな?

スルツカヤ、COIツアー フロリダFort Myersです

★Champions on Ice 2006 tour 日程
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Skating with the Stars under the Stars


SEZNAM ALB UŽIVATELE pavla2304 > Irina



ISFF > harlemirina
The Unofficial Sarah Hughes Web Page > Photo Gallery > Sarah's Gallery > Figure Skating In Harlem (4/10)



ジョニー・ウィアー Johnny Weir official site > 2006 spring photos
日付の説明はありませんが、イリーナの服、トランプ氏のものらしき自家用ジェット機ということでこの日の写真と断定しました。二人は酒飲んで酔っ払ってるかも。マフラーを一緒に巻いたりはしゃぎ過ぎ !!



ISFF > Irina skating for charity in New York tonight



ISFF > Irina skating for charity in New York tonight
WireIMAGE > "Skating With The Stars Under The Stars" - April 10, 2006
8217784.jpg 8217833.jpg

USFSA > Skating Talk > Skating with the Stars 4/10/06
Irina (looking so cute in her purple sweater)
They all skated around and mingled with the kids, posed for pictures and signed autographs.
Then all the skaters were introduced, they went out onto the ice in formation around the Donald (Irina was chatting with him, but I wonder if he knows who she is).

USFSA > Skating Talk > Skating with the Stars - Review
And, yes, Irina did record a song. She said that she doesn't sing in it, just says things like“I like to skate”. Much to my disappointment, it was difficult to communicate with her because English is her second language. I don't think she understood half of what I was saying. This seemed true for most of the Russians. They just hung out together and talked amongst themselves.


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は、ニューヨークで行われたチャリティー Harlem Gala “Skating with the Stars under the Stars''に参加しました。

日時 Date : 2006/04/10 18:00-21:00 (日本時間11日07-10時)

場所 Place : Central Park, New York - Wollman Rink

ISFF > Irina skating for charity in New York tonight

U.S. Figure Skating > Marshalls Showcase Skaters Make a Stop in Central Park
(4/10/06) - Some of the skaters performing in Tuesday's Marshalls U.S. Figure Skating International Showcase will be in New York City tonight for the Figure Skating in Harlem Gala at Wollman Rink.

Skaters performing in “Skating with the Stars under the Stars'' will include 2006 Olympic silver medalist and reigning U.S. ladies champion Sasha Cohen, 2006 Olympic ice dancing silver medalists Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto, two-time Olympic medalist Irina Slutskaya, 2006 Olympic men's champion Evgeny Plushenko, 2006 Olympic pairs champions Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin, three-time U.S. men's champion Johnny Weir, two-time World men's bronze medalist Evan Lysacek, 2002 Olympic men's bronze medalist Timothy Goebel, 1992 Olympic men's champion Viktor Petrenko, 1996 U.S. men's champion Rudy Galindo, and U.S. ice dancing silver medalists Melissa Gregory & Denis Petukhov.

Also providing support to the event are 2002 Olympic gold medalist Sarah Hughes, 1976 Olympic gold medalist Dorothy Hamill, and 1979 World champion pairs skater Tai Babilonia.

This year Figure Skating in Harlem will honor Dr. Debi Thomas. The 1986 World champion and 1988 Olympic bronze medalist was the first African-American athlete to win an Olympic figure skating medal. She also won two U.S. titles in 1986 and 1988. Despite the demands of training and competing, Dr. Thomas graduated Stanford University with an engineering degree and graduated Northwestern Medical School in 1997. She has completed her residency in orthopedic surgery and will begin a fellowship program. She is a great a role model for the students of Figure Skating in Harlem.

Now in its ninth year, Figure Skating in Harlem is a not-for-profit organization providing opportunity, education and empowerment for girls in the Harlem community. Using figure skating as a powerful magnet, FSH provides an innovative ice skating and education program designed to build a positive self-image, teamwork, leadership, independence and academic achievement in a nurturing and supportive environment.

“Skating with the Stars under the Stars'' will include a winter buffet, a silent auction, and, of course, skating. Following the gala, skaters on the Champions on Ice tour will head south to Greenville, S.C. for Tuesday night's Marshalls International Showcase.


Wollman Rink official site > EVENTS
Skating With the Stars, Under the Stars - Mon, April 10th 6:00-9:00PM
Join families, friends, corporate and community leaders, as well as some of the world's greatest skaters for a fun-filled, star-studded evening of ice skating in Central Park to benefit the deserving young girls of Figure Skating in Harlem. The 2006 Honoree is Debi Thomas.
Last year's Gala brought skating stars Michelle Kwan, Dorothy Hamill, Viktor Petrenko, Surya Bonaly, Timothy Goebel, Oksana Baiul, Johnny Weir, Elvis Stojko, Rudy Galindo, Tai Babilonia, Atoy Wilson, and Dick Button together with 900 guests for a magical evening at the heart of New York City. This year's Gala promises to be even better!


COI 2006 in Orlando


ISFF > Photos from COI 2006 05/12より
Skate Today > Photo Gallery > 2006 Champions On Ice • Orlando
2006.04.09 Orland.jpg



MKF > All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here!
2006.04 COI Orlando IMG_0954.jpg2006.04 COI Orlando IMG_0955.jpg
2006.04 COI Orlando IMG_0998.jpg
2006.04 COI Orlando IMG_1198.jpg
2006.04 COI Orlando IMG_1260.jpg2006.04 COI Orlando IMG_1261.jpg
2006.04 COI Orlando IMG_1264.jpg2006.04 COI Orlando IMG_1276.jpg



関連記事:スルツカヤ、COIツアー in Fort Lauderdale、Orlandoレポート(Kwan HP)〜“Big Spender”好評♪


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)の Champions on Ice 2006 tour (COI2006, チャンピオンズオンアイスツアー) 3日目はフロリダ州最後のOrlandoです。

日時 Date : 2006/04/09 15:00 (日本時間 04/10 04:00)

場所 Place : Orlando, FL - TD Waterhouse Centre
                      16,882 ice show seating

google map Irina is here ! ここ♪

チケット Tickets :
MAIN FLOOR SEATING US $95.00 - US $145.00
LOWER LEVEL       US $30.00 - US $95.00
UPPER LEVEL       US $30.00 - US $65.00
VIP Front Row      US $300.00←オークション

The Tour features World and National Champions including nine-time U.S. Champion MICHELLE KWAN, U.S. Silver Medalist SASHA COHEN, U.S. Champion JOHNNY WEIR, U.S. Silver Medalist TIMOTHY GOEBEL, plus World and European Champions IRINA SLUTSKAYA, STEPHANE LAMBIEL, EVGENI PLUSHENKO and many more Olympic competitors!
See the most prestigious stars in skating today - the figure skating idols of the world. You won't find this kind of Olympic magic anywhere else! Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

TD WATERHOUSE CENTRE.jpgTD Waterhouse Centre iceseat.gif
TD Waterhouse Centre3.jpg
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新プログラム“Hey Big Spender”

関連記事:スルツカヤ、COIツアー in Fort Lauderdale、Orlandoレポート(Kwan HP)〜“Big Spender”好評♪

ISFF のスレッド review of COI in ft. Myers FL で、
イリーナ・スルツカヤがCOIツアーで、新しいプログラム“Hey Big Spender”を披露したことが判明しました!


まず、CD「Sex And The '60s」に、Hey Big Spenderがあります。曲名と実際の曲が違ってるので、4.How Does That Grab You, Darlin'?を聞いてください。amazonならちゃんと4.Big Spender [Muriel Cigars Commercial]でした。

次に、CD「Dancing On Ice」!!、名前からして怪しい。10曲目に Hey Big Spender - Bassey, Shirley とありますが試聴できません。

そこで、Shirley Bassey で探すと、CD「Greatest Hits」の3曲目に Big Spender、16曲目に Big Spender - (Wild Oscar mix) があります。ノリの良さからこのWild Oscar mixが使用曲じゃないかと・・・
Greatest Hits.jpg

追加です。元々はPeggy Leeなんですね。無知はこわいです。
「Singles Collection」のDisk4の10曲目にBig Spenderがあります。これかな?どれにしろ、イリーナらしい選曲でいい!!

上記ISFFスレッドに掲載された"Big Spender"歌詞です。
The minute you walked in the joint
I could see you were a man of distinction, a real big spender
Good looking, so refined
Say, wouldn't you like to know what's going on in my mind?
So let me get right to the point
I don't pop my cork for every man I see
Hey big spender!
Spend a little time with me

Wouldn't you like to have fun, fun, fun?
How's about a few laughs, laughs?
I could show you a good time
Let me show you a good time

The minute you walked in the joint
I could see you were a man of distinction, a real big spender
Good looking, so refined
Say, wouldn't you like to know what's going on in my mind?
So let me get right to the point
I don't pop my cork for every man I see
Hey big spender!
Hey big spender!
Hey big spender!
Spend a little time with me
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イリーナ・スルツカヤが参加中の Champions on Ice が、VIPチケットをオークションで発売してました!もう終わってますが。
ちなみにFt. Lauderdaleでのショーの最低落札は$355(4万円弱)でした。

Champions on Ice - Auctions←荒川選手写真特大扱い

All winning bidders will receive 4 front row seats, 4 programs, and 4 priority backstage passes to meet and greet the skaters as they come out of dressing rooms.

COIirenaA.jpg shizuka2coi.jpg

★Champions on Ice 2006 tour 日程
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COI 2006 in Ft. Lauderdale


ISFF >Photos from COI 2006 05/12から
Palms West Photo.com - Champions On Ice 2006 Selects
2006.04.08 COI pc8j4728.jpg2006.04.08 COI pc8j5052.jpg
2006.04.08 COI pc8j5059.jpg2006.04.08 COI pc8j5061.jpg
2006.04.08 COI pc8j5063.jpg2006.04.08 COI pc8j5070.jpg



MKF > All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here!
Champions on Ice



関連記事:スルツカヤ、COIツアー in Fort Lauderdale、Orlandoレポート(Kwan HP)〜“Big Spender”好評♪


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)の Champions on Ice 2006 tour(COI2006, チャンピオンズオンツアー)2日目は同じフロリダ州のFt. Lauderdaleです。フロリダは暑くて湿気も高いですね〜

日時 Date : 2006/04/08 15:00 (日本時間4月9日04時)

場所 Place : Ft. Lauderdale, FL - BankAtlantic Center

google map Irina is here ! ここ

BankAtlantic Center1.bmpBankAtlanticCenteroverview2.jpg
BankAtlanticCenteroverview.jpgBankAtlantic Center seat.gif
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インタビュー:トリノ・アメリカ・ファン・ペット No one knows that I made in Torino 【Soviet Sport】

※posted 2006/04/10 投稿

ISFF > Long Irina interview translated ...

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)のロングインタビューをロシア紙 Soviet sport が掲載(part1part2)しました。圧倒的迫力!!

English Translation from FSU > Irina's new interview: very candid (in Russian)

Советский спорт Soviet Sport
07 апреля 2006, 48 (16 901)
Ирина Слуцкая: Никто не знает, что я делала в Турине.
Irina slutskaya: No one knows that I made in Torino.

Впервые после олимпийской драмы, потрясшей всю Россию, фигуристка согласилась на беседу с журналистом - обозревателем «Советского спорта» Андреем Ванденко
For the first time after the Olympic drama, which shook entire Russia, figure skater agreed to the conversation with the journalist - the reviewer of "Soviet Sport" Andrey Vandenko

После Олимпиады в Турине Ирина Слуцкая не провела дома и десяти дней. Едва закончились Игры, началась гастроль с показательными выступлениями по городам и весям России. Недельная передышка, больше похожая на перепаковывание чемоданов, - и полет за океан для участия в очередном ледовом шоу. На этот раз куда более продолжительном. В Москву из Америки Ирина вернется лишь в конце лета. Значит, шанс задать рожденные Турином вопросы оставался только сейчас.
After the Turin Olympics Irina hasn’t spent at home even 10 days. Once the Games were over, she went on the tour around Russia. A week break - more like repacking the suitcases - and flying overseas to skate in another tour. A much longer one this time. Irina will be come back to Moscow from the US only in the end of the summer.
Thus now it is the only chance to ask questions that were brought about in Torino.

Слуцкая на интервью согласилась без особого желания, предупредив, что не склонна исповедоваться перед посторонними. Мы встретились в кафе с видом на Красную площадь. Ирина заказала навороченный коктейль из свежих фруктов за 800 рублей, Сергей, муж, не стал брать ничего, а я ограничился демократичным морковным соком со сливками за 250 рэ…
Slutskaya reluctantly agreed to the interview, having warned that she’s not willing to make confessions to strangers. We net at a café with the view to Red Square. Irina ordered a fancy cocktail from fresh fruits for 800 rubles, her husband Sergey didn’t take anything and I limited myself to a democratic carrot juice with cream for 250 rubles.

Have you seen me throwing the medal away?

- Время лечит, Ирина?
- Irina, time is a healer?

- Что?
- Heals? What?

- Раны.
- wounds.

- Какие?
- Which?

- Всякие - душевные, физические. Я сейчас о первых спрашиваю.
- All - moral, physical. Now I’m asking about the first.

- А меня никто не ранил. С чего вы взяли?
- No one hurt me. What made you think so?

- Взяли, извините, вы. Бронзу в Турине вместо золота.
- You. You won bronze in Turin instead of gold.

- А кто сказал, что я обязана выиграть Олимпиаду?
- And who said I should have won the Olympics?

- Похоже, Ирина, мы местами поменялись? Решили меня проинтервьюировать, вспомнив стажировку на Первом канале?
- Irina, it looks like we traided places. Have you decided to make an interview with me, recalling your practice at Channel 1?

- Я всего пару месяцев ходила на курсы тележурналистов, и было это два года назад. Пора уже забыть историю, сколько можно вспоминать? Нет, я другое хочу понять: откуда берутся заявления о моем поражении на Олимпиаде? Почему люди за меня отвечают?
- I attended TV journalists courses for just two months, and it was two years ago. It’s time to forget this story, how long can we go back to it? No I try to understand: where do you take all the talk about my loosing the Olympics? Why people are talking for me?

- Наверное, потому, что вы молчите.
- Maybe because you’re keeping silence.

- Хотите узнать, что думаю о закончившихся Играх? Очень рада появлению в моей богатой коллекции спортивных наград второй олимпийской медали. Все!
- Want to know what I think about the Games? I’m very glad to add the second Olympic medal to my big collection. That’s all!

- Разве вы об этом мечтали?
- Is it what you were dreaming about?

- Во-первых, не обязана раскрывать душу перед чужими людьми, во-вторых, в спорте никогда нельзя ничего планировать, в-третьих, неправильно оценивать Турин вне контекста, в отрыве от пережитого мною за последние четыре года. После Солт-Лейк-Сити я серьезно переболела, потеряла сезон, но сумела вернуться на лед, выиграла чемпионат мира-2005 и последнее первенство Европы.
- First, I’m not obliged to unveil everything to strange people, second, you should never plan anything in sport, third, it’s wrong to look at what happened in Turin out of the context of what I went through the last 4 years. I was seriously ill after Salt Lake City, missed a season but made a comeback, won 2005 Worlds and the recent Europeans.

- О том и речь: эффектной олимпийской концовки не получилось.
- That’s what I’m talking about: you didn’t make a spectacular ending.

- Так говорите, словно я в Турине не бронзовой стала, а пролетела мимо десятки сильнейших!
- You’re talking as if I finished out of the top ten rather than won the bronze.

- По вашей реакции сужу, Ирина. Не заметил счастья на лице, когда стояли на пьедестале почета.
- I’m judging by your reaction, Irina. I didn’t see happiness on your face when you were standing on the podium.

- Что вы жилы из меня тянете? Все равно отвечу ровно то, что сочту нужным. Да, я споткнулась, катая произвольную программу, да, не выиграла золото, да, обидно, но ведь и без награды я не осталась. Это - главное. Поймите, не делаю из случившегося трагедии, жизнь продолжается.
- What are you trying to draw from me? I’ll tell you only what I think I should tell, anyway. Yes, I slipped in the free skate, yes, I didn’t win gold, yes, it’s disappointing, but I didn’t end up without a medal. And that is important. See, I don’t make a tragedy out of it, life goes on.

- А зачем тогда выбрасывали медаль в мусорную корзину?
- Then why did you throw your medal to the garbage bin?

- Вы лично за этим наблюдали? Нет? Тогда почему беретесь утверждать?
- Have you seen it with your own eyes? No? Then why are you alleging it?

- Я спрашиваю, Ирина, рассчитывая от вас ответ услышать.
- I was asking, Irina, hoping to hear a reply from you.

- Вот и слушайте внимательно: написанное в газетах - домысел чистой воды. Когда-то по прессе гуляла байка, будто Слуцкая после соревнований выкинула платье в урну, теперь появилась свежая версия - медальная. Никто из посторонних не мог видеть, что я делала в Турине, когда закончились выступления фигуристок. Михаил Куснирович привез меня в «Боско-дом», провел в отдельную комнату, где мы с тренером Жанной Громовой и находились весь вечер. Там было еще несколько человек, которым доверяю. Они никогда не стали бы рассказывать журналистам подробности того ужина.
Да, в первый момент мне захотелось уединиться, спрятаться от любопытных глаз, не отвечать на дурацкие вопросы, не выслушивать слова сочувствия. Но буквально на следующий день я опять приехала в «Боско-дом» и уже ни от кого не таилась. Потом мы с подружкой отправились в горы, прекрасно там отдохнули. Я ходила по ресторанам, встречалась со знакомыми, с утра до вечера была в обществе людей, совершенно не имея времени на то, чтобы предаваться тоске и депрессии.
- Then listen carefully: what is written in papers is a pure speculation. Once there was a speculation that Slutskaya threw her dress into the garbage win, now it’s a fresh version - about the medal. No outsiders could see what I was doing in Turin after the ladies event. Mikhail Kusnirovich brought me to the “Bosco-house, and I was there in a separate room with my coach Zhanna Gromova. There were a few other people as well, people whom I trust. They would never tell the journalists the details.
Yes, at first I wanted to be alone, from curious people, not to answer silly questions and not to hear words of sympathy. But literally next day I went again to the Bosco-House and wasn’t hiding from anyone. Then I went to the mountains with my friend and had a great rest there. I was going to restaurants with my friends, was
among people all the time and had not time for sorrow or depression.


- Неужели и по ночам вам не снился роковой тройной риттбергер, закончившийся падением?
- And you even didn’t see in nightmares that fatal triple loop that ended up a fall?

- Обошлось без кошмаров. Понимаю: все ждали от меня победы. Но если кто-то выиграл девять раз подряд, не факт, что удастся стать первым и в десятый. Это спорт, он соткан из сюрпризов. И не всегда приятных. Вот вы говорите: прыжок. Да я его с закрытыми глазами в показательных выступлениях делаю! Без проблем. А в решающий момент ошиблась.
- I didn’t have nightmares. I realize: everyone expected a victory from me. But if someone has won something 9 times in a row it doesn’t mean they will win the tenth time. It’s sport, it’s made of surprises. Which are not always pleasent. You say: the jump. I can do it without any hesitations in the shows! And I made a mistake at the crucial moment.

- Пытались найти объяснение: почему?
- Did you try to understand why?

- Даже не думала искать. Зачем? Глупо махать руками после драки. Я не вернусь в Турин и не повторю попытку, прошлое не отмотаю и упущенное не наверстаю.
- I didn’t even think of understanding. What for? It’s silly, it’s gone. I won’t return to Turin and won’t repeat the attempt, won’t re-wind the past and won’t catch up what I missed.

- Все верно, но как запретить себе не думать, не ковырять болячку?
- That’s right, but how can you forbid yourself to think about it?

- Видимо, я неправильная. Чтобы попусту не изводить себя, переворачиваю страницу – и живу дальше.
- I must be abnormal. Just not to eat the heart out I turn the page - and go on living.

- Ну а вывод сделать из поражения?
- And to draw a conclusion from the defeat?

- Да мне и так все понятно, но куда я с этим знанием пойду? Если бы следующие Игры состоялись через месяц или хотя бы через год, а то ведь впереди целая вечность. Что со мной случится за это время? Лучше не загадывать, а жить в настоящем.
- I understand everything, but what should I do with this knowledge? If the next games were in a month or even in a year, but there’s an eternity. What will happen to me in this time? I’d better not plan but live in this day.

- Кто, к слову, нес вас на плечах на церемонии закрытия ХХ Игр?
- By the way, who was carrying you on the shoulders at the closing ceremony?

- Я была как переходящее знамя. Ребята менялись.
- I was like a “passing trophy”. Guys were changing.

- А решение не ехать на чемпионат мира когда приняли?
- And when did you take the decision not to go to Worlds?

- В начале сезона. Знала: вне зависимости от места, занятого в Турине, выступать в Калгари не буду.
- At the beginning of the season. I knew: wherever I place in Turin I wouldn’t compete in Calgary.

- Разве не вы заявляли на Олимпиаде, что не исключаете участия в мировом первенстве?
- Didn’t you say at the Olympics you don’t rule out competing at Worlds?

- По горячим следам сказала, в запальчивости. Потом рассудила: это будет напоминать попытку оправдаться, реабилитироваться, а мне подобное ни к чему. Я все и всем давно доказала. К тому же у меня на руках были подписанные контракты на участие в двух крупных турне, а взятые обязательства надо выполнять. Собственно, это сейчас и делаю.
На днях вернулась из поездки по России. Надо было видеть, как публика реагировала на мои выступления. Во всех городах принимали обалденно, фантастически! Постоянно кричали с трибун: «Ты лучшая, Ира!». Каталась, а из зала шла такая энергия, что я невольно заводилась, проникалась азартом. После шоу буквально заваливали мягкими игрушками. Столько надарили, что запросто могу открыть собственный детский магазин. Поверьте, народ не стал любить меня меньше, в этом смысле я ничего не потеряла, а может, даже приобрела.
- I was hot on the trail. Then I thought: it would look like trying to “rehabilitate”, prove true, and I don’t need it. I have proved everything to everybody long ago already. Besides I had signed contracts for skating in two tours and I have to fulfill the commitments. That’s what I’m doing now.
A few days ago I returned from a Russian tour. You had to see the reaction to my performances. It was awesome, fantastic! People were constantly shouting “Ira, you’re the best!” It was such an energy coming from the audience I felt the passion. I was literally piled with toys. I got so many of them I could open my own toy shop.
Believe me, people don’t love me less, I haven’t lost anything in this sense, and maybe even gained.

- Конечно. К любви ведь примешивается жалость. Это в нашем характере: ждем, пока сильный споткнется, и радостно бросаемся его поднимать.
- Of course. Love is mixed with pity. It’s in our nature: we’re waiting for a strong to fall and then we’re happily rushing to help getting up.

- Почему? Кое-кто и подтолкнуть норовит... Впрочем, особенного злорадства по отношению к себе не заметила. Как и желания пожалеть. Повод отсутствовал, предмет для спекуляций. Сочувствовать можно было после Олимпиады в Солт-Лейк-Сити, там я выиграла, но победу украли. А о чем говорить в Турине? Ясно, что золото сама отдала, своими руками повесила медаль на шею японке.
Да, мне полагалось серебро, а досталась бронза. Но в данной ситуации это было уже не столь важно. Особенно для моих поклонников. Конечно, нельзя нравиться всем, но, повторяю, тех, кто меня любит, по-прежнему гораздо больше, чем шипящих в спину. И речь не только о зрителях. Во время тура по России мы так сдружились с ребятами, что чувствовали себя одной семьей. Никто не ругался, не ссорился, все держались вместе.
- Why? Some are pushing… Though I haven’t noticed any particular malevolence towards me. Nor the wish to sympathize. There was no reason for speculations. One could have pity after the Salt Lake City, I won there, but was robbed. And what to talk about in Turin. I gave the gold away myself, hung it on the neck of the Japanese.
Yes, I should have got silver and got bronze. But it wasn’t that important in this situation. Especially for my fans. Of course, you can’t be loved by everyone, but I repeat, there are still many more of those who like me than those, who hiss me in the back. And I mean not just fans. I became such good friends with the skaters during the Russian tour that we felt like a family. There were no quarrels, we all hang together.

- Прямо-таки идиллия, Ирина.
- Sounds like a real idyl, Irina.

- Самой удивительно. Придраться было не к чему, даже если бы сильно захотелось.
- I’m surprised myself. Can’t find fault with anything.


- В Америке, надо полагать, вас ждет другая картина?
- In America, I’d expect it wouldn’t be the same?

- Наверняка. Я уже выступала в подобном многомесячном шоу после Олимпиады-2002, и воспоминания остались не самые приятные. Конечно, деньги в Америке платят приличные, но достаются они не даром.
- Likely. I already performed there in similar shows after Salt Lake City, and I don’t have the most pleasant memories. Of course, the pay is great in America, but it’s not easy money.

- Сколько у вас выступлений запланировано на этот раз?
- How many performances do you have planned for this time?

- Кажется, восемьдесят три. В среднем чуть ли не через день получается. Учтите: при этом придется мотаться по всем Штатам, постоянно перелетать, переезжать с места на место. Шоу ведь будут не только в крупных городах, но и в маленьких деревушках.
- 83, I think. On average, a show almost every other day. I’ll be dragging myself constantly from state to state. The shows are not just going to be in big cities, but in

- И там есть искусственные катки?
- Are there artificial ice rinks in the US?

- У меня ощущение, что в США ледовые дворцы построены едва ли не в каждом населенном пункте.
- I have a feeling there in the US is an ice rink every two miles

- Кто еще из российских фигуристов участвует в туре?
- What other Russian skaters will be in the tour?

- Женя Плющенко, Таня Тотьмянина и Максим Маринин. Обычно стараюсь держаться поближе к своим, так проще, привычнее. Все-таки поездка длинная, к концу усталость наваливается, окружающие начинают раздражать, особенно если интересы у людей не совпадают.
- Zhenya Pluschenko, Tanya Totmianina and Maxim Marinin. I usually try to stick close to my own, it’s easier that way. It’s such a long trip, in the end you are so exhausted and people around you start to drive you nuts especially if you don’t have the same interests.

- А что за публика собирается?
- What is the crow like?

- Непростая - американцы, китайцы… Конечно, все можно пережить, когда имеешь цель.
- Not an easy one. Americans, Chinese. Of course, you can tough everything out, when you have a goal.

- Язык у вас есть?
- Do you have the tongue (“lnaguage”)?

- Показать? Пожалуйста.
- Want me to stick it out at you? There you go.

- Вижу. Даже с пирсингом. Но я про иностранный.
- I see. Even a piercing. But I’m talking about English.

- С 1996 года по Америке гастролирую, в шестнадцать лет в первый раз поехала, никого тогда не знала из партнеров, с которыми предстояло рядом кататься. Вокруг все были взрослые, успешные, говорили по-английски, а я от страха почти ничего не понимала. Словом, жестко получилось, бросили в воду и сказали: плыви. Через год меня в гостиничный номер с американкой поселили, поневоле пришлось язык подтягивать.
- Been touring in America since 1996, I first went at 16, didn’t know any of the people I was touring with. Everyone was so much older and already successful. I was too scared to understand anything. Yea, it was tough. It’s like I was thrown into water and told : Swim!”. In a year, I was put with an American girl, so I had to learn the language.

- А сейчас с кем в турне соседствуете?
- Who do you room with now?

- С тезкой, с Ирой Григорян. Когда-то была сильной фигуристкой, теперь в ледовых шоу выступает. Она постоянно живет в Лас-Вегасе, время от времени летаю к ней в гости, если есть несколько свободных дней.
- With Irina Grigoryan. She used to be a good skater, now she does ice shows. She lives in Las Vegas. I visit her from time to time, when I have a few days off.

- В казино играете?
- Do you gamble?

- Даже ни разу не пробовала.
- I haven’t even tried it.

- Боитесь, что затянет?
- Afraid you’ll get hooked?

- Неинтересно, желания нет. В слепую удачу не верю, предпочитаю рассчитывать на собственные силы.
- Not really interested. I don’t believe in blind luck. Prefer to rely on my own stregth.

- Зачем же тогда в Лас-Вегас мчитесь?
- Why do you run to Vegas then?

- Мне там нравится. Место хорошее.
- I like it there. Nice city.


- Муж будет сопровождать вас в поездке по США?
- Is your husband going to come with you to the US?

- Планирует периодически приезжать. Трудно так долго находиться одной.
- He plans to come visit. It’s hard to be alone for all that time.

- Почему бы тогда Сергею не остаться с вами на весь срок?
- Then why not have Sergei stay with you for the entire time?

- А кто оплатит путешествие по стране, гостиницу? В нашем контракте ничего про супругов не сказано - значит, все расходы за свой счет. Если учесть, что отели нам всегда заказывают первоклассные (номер стоит не менее 500 долларов) да и авиабилеты обходятся недешево, удовольствие влетит в копеечку. Не в кайф так глупо отдавать заработанное, уж лучше потерпеть.
- Who is going to pay for traveling over the entire country, the hotels? In our contracts, it says nothing about spouses - so all the expenses would come out of our pockets. If you take into account that we always get first class hotels (not less than 500$/night for a hotel room) and plane tickets aren’t cheap, this wouldn’t be cheap. It’s silly to give away hard earned money, it’s easier to just wait.

- Как время в Америке убиваете?
- How do you kill time in America?

- По магазинам шатаюсь.
- I go shopping.

- И отсылаете чемоданы со свежеприобретенным на родину?
- And do you send suitcases full of new things back home?

- Однажды попробовала. Знаете, в какую сумму отправка обходится? Свыше тысячи долларов за место багажа. Дешевле самой слетать в оба конца… Кроме шопинга, в кино иногда хожу, свежим воздухом дышу.
- I tried that once. Do you know how much it cost to send it all? More than a thousand dollars for the suitcases. It’s cheaper to fly roundtrip yourself. Other than shopping, I go to the movies, just take in the fresh air.

- Ноутбук в Штаты берете?
- Do you take Notebook to the states with you?

- Купила ради такого случая новый. Старый от бесконечных взлетов-посадок развалился. Смотрю в компьютере DVD, слушаю музыку, изредка заглядываю на сайт моих фанатов.
- I bought a new one just for travel. The old one broke from non stop take offs and landings. I watch DVDs, listen to music, even look at sites of my fans from time to time.

- А среди заокеанской публики у вас поклонники есть?
- Do you have fans abroad?

- В каждой стране свои кумиры. Их носят на руках, а мы были и остаемся гостями. Конечно, Женю Плющенко и в Штатах принимают прекрасно. Еще бы! Он на голову выше остальных мужчин-одиночников, особняком стоит. В женском катании ситуация иная. У американцев имеются собственные классные фигуристки. Мишель Кван и Саша Коэн тоже ведь в нашем шоу участвуют. Как бы ни крутилась, на их фоне примой мне не стать даже с прыжком в шесть оборотов. Объективная реальность.
- Every country has its heroes. They are held up, and we are just visitors. Of course, Zhenya Plushenko is met very well in the states as well. Of course! He’s a head above all the other single male skaters. In women’s skating, it’s a different situation. The Americans have their own amazing skaters. Michelle Kwan and Sasah Cohen are also a part of our show. No matter how you twist it, in their presence, even with a six revolution jump, I won’t be the one to watch. It’s the reality.

- С которой двукратной чемпионке мира, наверное, трудно согласиться?
- Don’t understand this question, something about her having two world titles.

- Америка - не моя страна, поняла определенно. Там все искусственное – люди, отношения между ними. Даже пища. В России тебя запросто обматерить могут, но сделают это открыто, в глаза. Вчера в самолет захожу, снимаю шубу, хочу положить на полку, а мужик с соседнего кресла орет: «Куда лезешь? Там моя шапка! Помнешь!». Конкретно, доходчиво объяснил.
Все же наш народ искреннее в проявлениях чувств, как положительных, так и отрицательных. Русскому человеку верю, а американцу, извините, нет. Клин стоит внутри, мешает. В Штатах вроде бы улыбаются в глаза, говорят: «You’re the best!» - но стоит отвернуться, тут же - оба-на! - опускают по полной программе. Сколько раз было: выходишь с катка, ждут люди, тянут листочки для автографов. Расписываешься, а тебя после этого спрашивают: «Sorry, what is your name?». Елки! Но если даже фамилию мою не знаете, зачем вам эта загогулина на клочке бумажки?
- America is not my country, I realized that completely. Everything is made up (fake) there - people, relations between them. Even food. In Russia, people will rail at you using "four letter words" very easily, but it’s done openly, in your face. Yesterday I got on a plane, took off my coat, was going to put it up and had a man yell at me "Where are you putting that? My fur cap is there! You'll crumple it!". He explained what was wrong in a way that's so easy to understand [Irina is being sarcastic here].
Our people are more sincere in expressing their feelings, good and bad. I trust a Russian person, an American, I’m sorry, I don’t. In the States, they look you in the eyes, they say “You’re the best,” but the second you turn around they go all out to bring you down. It happens all the time, you walk out of the arena, and there are people waiting to have you sign an autograph. You sign, and then they ask “Sorry, what is your name?”. Damn! If you don’t know my name, what do you need that scribble on a piece of paper for?

- Смешно.
- That’s funny.

- Ну да. Когда случается в первый раз. А если в десятый или в двадцатый? Невольно начинаешь думать: блин, на кой черт мне все это нужно?
- Oh yeah. When it happens the first time. What if it’s the tenth or twentieth. Then you start to think: what the hell do I need all this for?

- Деньги, Ирина, деньги.
- Money, Irina, money.

- Конечно. Если бы могла зарабатывать такие суммы в России, ни за что в Америку не полетела бы. С другой стороны, это моя работа - и грех на нее жаловаться. Другие за счастье сочли бы получить подобное предложение. Жизнь приучила на все смотреть по-философски, радоваться тому, что есть. Бог дал, Бог взял. В одном потеряла - значит, в другом отыграюсь. Меня столько раз кидало из стороны в сторону!
Знаете, например, что этого разговора могло вообще не случиться, если бы послушалась советов врачей? Меня еще два года назад на заслуженный отдых отправляли. Навсегда запомнила слова «доброй» нянечки: «Деточка, да с твоим диагнозом надо в койке лежать и писать под себя, а не о возвращении в спорт мечтать». Я прошла очередное обследование в очередной больнице - и меня проводили домой таким напутствием. Приятно, правда?
- Of course. If I could earn this kind of money in Russia, I’d never go to America. On the other hand, this is my work, and it’s a shame to complain about it. Others would love this kind of opportunity. Life has taught me to look at everything philosophically, to be happy that it’s there. God gave, God takes back. You lose at one thing, so you’ll win at another. I’ve been thrown back and forth so many times.
You know we would never be having this conversation if I had listened to my doctors. Two years ago I was being sent to a well deserved vacation. I’ll always remember the words of a “nice” lady, “Child, with your health, you should be laying in bed, not thinking about returning to the sport.” I went through another observation in another hospital and that is how I was sent home. Pleasant, isn’t it?


- А что вам говорили, когда в 2004 году решились после болезни поехать на чемпионат мира и заняли там девятое место?
- What were you told in 2004 when you decided to compete after your illness and finished in ninth place?

- Я никого не слушала. Поставила цель: если анализы нормализуются, обязательно выступлю на первенстве в Дортмунде. Мечтала об этом! Меньше всего думала о месте, которое займу, это не имело для меня принципиального значения. Знала: главное – победить болезнь, тогда сумею вернуться на лед и стать лучшей. Это и доказала через год на мировом чемпионате в Москве.
- I didn’t listen to anyone. I had a goal: if the test results are normal, I’ll compete. I dreamt of it. I thought the least about the place that I would win, this didn’t matter to me in the least. I knew the most important thing was to win over my illness, and then I would be able to return to the ice and be the best. This I complished at the world championships in Russia a year later.

- Но ведь могло сложиться и по-другому. Скажем, теннисистка Анастасия Мыскина так и не оправилась от обидного поражения на Олимпиаде в Афинах, футбольный вратарь Александр Филимонов, по сути, закончил карьеру после нелепейшего гола в игре за сборную.
- But it could have turned out differently. The tennis star Anastasia Myskina hasn’t recovered from the match at the Athens Olympics, the soccer star Aleksandr Filimonov ended his career.

- Наверное, у меня психика устойчивее или обстоятельства сложились счастливо. В любом случае моя тактика принесла успех. До сих пор воспринимаю выигрыш золота в Москве как эмоциональный пик карьеры. Никогда не испытывала такой радости и восторга. Год прошел, а слезы и сейчас наворачиваются на глаза при воспоминаниях, тогда же стояла на пьедестале и ревела в три ручья. Больше ни разу в жизни от радости не плакала.
- Maybe I’m a bit stronger psychologically or things were happier for me. Either way, my tactics brought success. To this day, I think of the win in Moscow as the epitome of my career. I’ve never felt so happy and so excited. It’s been a year, and it still brings tears to my eyes, thinking about it, then I stood on the podium and cried my eyes out. I’ve never cried out of happiness my entire life.

- Может, возьмете кассету с записью в Америку? Для поднятия морального духа, когда затоскуете.
- Maybe you should take a tape with you to America? For lifting of the spirit when you are down?

- Мне и так есть что тащить. Лекарства полчемодана займут. В Штатах ведь без рецепта элементарный аспирин не купишь. И стоят таблетки бешеные деньги. Не дай бог простудиться, на аптеку работать придется.
- As it is, I have plenty to carry. My medicine takes half of a suitcase. In the states, without a prescription you can’t even get aspirin. And pills cost huge amounts of money. God forbid you catch a cold, you’ll have to work for the pharmacy.

- Но вы же закаленный российскими трудностями товарищ. Елена Водорезова рассказывала, в каких условиях тренировались на стадионе Юных пионеров.
- But you are strong, having dealt with the Russian life. Elena Bodorezova the kind of conditions students had to train on at the Yunyh stadium.

- Да, древние спартанцы отдыхают… Зато сейчас выхожу на лед, все вокруг мерзнут, а мне хоть бы что. Когда перед Олимпиадой пару недель каталась в Новогорске, чувствовала себя на седьмом небе от счастья. Там были шикарные условия!
- Yeah…but at least now I come out on the ice, and everyone is freezing, but I’m ok. When I skated for a couple of weeks in Novogorsk, I felt like I was on cloud nine with happiness (hmm interesting, I didn’t know the Russian expression was “in the seventh sky”). They had amazing conditions there.

- Мы все о прошлом говорим, а если попытаться заглянуть в завтра, Ирина?
- We keep talking about the past, what if we look at the future, Irina?

продолжение текста > continue next page

- До осени жизнь расписана. Закончится турне по Штатам, съезжу куда-нибудь на отдых, потом решу, как дальше быть.
- My life is very regulated until fall. After the US tour I am going to have a vacation somewhere, then will decide what to do next.

- Жанна Громова что советует?
- What is Zhanna Gromova’s advice?

- Пока не виделась с тренером. В любом случае сегодня говорить рано, слишком мало времени после Олимпиады прошло, эмоции не остыли, а для серьезных шагов нужна трезвая голова. Знаю одно: олимпийская медаль - итог в спорте, но лишь старт в обычной жизни. Не будешь ведь до старости ходить и рассказывать, как когда-то каталась на льду. Обязательно спросят: а потом что делала?
Конечно, какие-то наметки на будущее есть, но лучше помолчу. Допустим, расскажу сейчас о планах, а потом все десять раз изменится, и вы подумаете: Слуцкая - обманщица. Обо мне столько слухов гуляет, что не хочется новые запускать. Нашей прессе дай повод посудачить, она и рада стараться.
- I haven’t seen her yet. In any case, it’s too early to say at this point. Not enough time has passed since the Olympics, the emotions have not yet cooled and I need a clear head for serious decisions. I know one thing: an Olympic medal is a conclusion in a sport but only a start in real life. It’s not like you will go around until old age telling everyone that you used to skate. Someone is bound to ask: and what did you do after that?
Of course I have an outline for the future but I better keep quiet. Let’s say, I tell you about the plans and then everything changes and you’ll think: Slutskaya is a liar. There are so many rumors going around about me, I don’t want to start new ones. Our media loves a reason for gossip and is happy to oblige.


- Внимательно следите за публикациями о себе?
- Do you carefully follow publications involving you?

- Раньше - да, читала, переживала, если находила неправду. А потом бросила. Но мама по-прежнему собирает эту белиберду, от нее и узнаю, что у меня, оказывается, есть дом на Рублевке, собственный частный каток…
- Before, yes I used to read and get upset when I found things that weren’t true. Then I stopped. My mom still collects this nonsense. It was from her that I found out that I own a house on Rublevka and a private rink…

- А на самом деле?
- But in reality…

- Про стадион Юных пионеров я уже объяснила, что касается жилья, довольствуюсь трехкомнатной квартирой площадью восемьдесят квадратных метров. Кроме меня и Сережи, там умещается зоопарк мягких игрушек, к которым, как вы знаете, питаю слабость. Еще у нас есть акита-ину.
- I’ve explained about the Young Pioneers stadium before. As far as living arrangements, I settle for a 3 bedroom apartment of 80 sq. meters. Besides me and Seryozha, there is a zoo of stuffed animals, to which as you know I am partial. We also own an akita-inu.

- Что за зверь?
- What kind of animal is that?

- Японская лайка американских кровей. Кличка - Барс. Очень симпатичный песик. Какое-то время с нами еще жила игуана, но потом отдали ее. Уход нужен, время, которого нет.
- A Japanese husky, an American bloodline. Name is Bars. A very cute dog. At some point we had an iguana, but we gave it away. It needed care and time, which we didn’t have.

- Барс обувь не грызет?
- Does Bars chew up your shoes?

- Да он уже взрослый, шести лет от роду. Поздновато такими детскими шалостями заниматься. А почему спросили?
- He is all grown up, six years old. It’s too late for child’s play. Why do you ask?

- Подумал: что, интересно, вы сделаете с Барсом, если он попортит ваши позолоченные коньки?
- I wondered what you would do to Bars if he ruined your gold-plated skates.

- Сразу об этом и спрашивали бы, а то издалека подбираетесь… Объясняю. Канадская фирма выпускает три модели - черного цвета, серебряного и с золотым напылением. Я выбрала последний вариант как самый оригинальный. Точнее, первую пару мне подарили. Именную, с выгравированной на лезвии фамилией. Вторые коньки купила уже сама. Обычные, без наворотов. В принципе можно любую фишку заказать. Захочешь - бриллиант в конек вмонтируют. Были бы деньги.
- You should have asked right away without beating around the bush. I will explain: the Canadian company makes three models-black, silver and gold-sprayed. I chose the latter as the most original. To be more precise, the first pair was a present with my name engraved on the blade. The second pair I bought myself. It was a regular pair without the bells and whistles. In theory, you could order anything. If you want, they could put a diamond into a skate, as long as you have the money.

- А вы, значит, сэкономили на драгоценностях?
- So you decided to save on the jewels?

- При моих прыжках камешек долго не продержится - выскочит. Потеряю - расстроюсь. Зачем мне это надо? Кстати, главная особенность коньков не в цвете, а в форме, внешнем виде. Раньше каталась на другой модели, там зубчик на лезвии маленький, тут же - здоровенный. Сталь здесь покрепче, ширина металла чуть больше… Сначала побаивалась, что возникнут проблемы, но потом сломала старые коньки, и выбора не осталось. Долго раскатываться не пришлось, тренировки хватило, чтобы освоиться.
- With my jumps a stone wouldn’t hold up and would fall out. I’d lose it and get upset. Who needs that? By the way, the differentiating trait of a skate blade is not the color but in the shape, the way it looks. Before I used to skate on a different model, that one had a small toe pick. This one has a huge one. The steel is stronger, the width of the metal is bigger. At first I was afraid that I’d have problems but then I broke my old skates and didn’t have a choice. I didn’t need much to get used to them, just one practice was enough.

- Марат Сафин, когда проигрывает, ракетки в бараний рог гнет. Наверное, они виноваты в ошибках. А вы с коньками никогда счеты свести не хотели?
- Marat Safin bends his rackets into a pretzel when he makes mistakes. It must be the racket’s fault. Have you ever squared off with your skates?

- Они же у меня в единственном экземпляре. В отличие от Марата, который приносит на корт полную сумку запасных ракет… А если серьезно, винить всегда надо лишь себя. Самый верный способ не повторить прокол…
Удовлетворила сполна ваше любопытство или еще есть вопросы?
- I only have one pair. As opposed to Marat who brings a whole bag of extra rackets to the court. But seriously, you should only blame yourself. That’s the best way not to repeat a mistake.
Have I satisfied your curiosity yet or do you have anymore questions?


- Последний. Не ослышался: муж называет вас Ариной?
- Last one. Did I hear that right, your husband calls you Arina?

- Меня так все близкие зовут. Еще есть версии Айра или Ария. Сергей может окликнуть: «Ча, ты где?» Не знаю, откуда он это слово взял.
- That’s what everyone close to me calls me. There are other versions, Ira or Aria. Sergey would call: “Cha, you there?” Don’t know how he came up with that word.

- Давайте сейчас спросим.
- Lets ask right now.

- Попробуйте. Все равно не ответит. Мой супруг не слишком разговорчив с журналистами. Хорошо, хоть согласился посидеть с нами за компанию… В юниорской сборной меня когда-то звали Маленьким Слу.
- You could. He won’t say. My spouse is not very talkative with reporters. It’s good enough that he agreed to sit here and keep us company. On the junior team they used to call me The Little Slu.

- На персонажа из сказки про Винни Пуха похоже.
- Sounds like a character from Winnie the Pooh.

- Надеюсь, доброго?
- A nice one, I hope?

- Там, по-моему, злых вообще нет.
- I don’t think there are any bad ones.

- Радует. Правда, не слышала, чтобы сказочные герои на коньках катались. Значит, буду первой…
- That’s nice. Although I’ve never heard of a fairy tale character on skates. Guess, I’ll be the first.


A Fosse compilation (Big Spender, Sing! Sing! Sing!)

※ posted 2006/05/15 投稿

A Fosse compilation(フォッシー・コンピレーション)

イリーナ・スルツカヤが、2006/04/07 にスタートしたチャンピオンズオンアイス2006ツアーで初披露したエキシビション用プログラム。
Irina Slutskaya's program for exhibition performed for the first time in the Champions on Ice 2006 Tour which started on April 7, 2006.

"Big Spender"&"Sing! Sing! Sing!" from musical "Fosse"(1999)
視聴 [Amazon] samples
Fosse Big Spender.jpg

Original "Big Spender" from musical "Sweet Charity"(1966)
Sweet Charity: A New Musical Comedy (1966 Original Broadway Cast).jpg Sweet Charity (1969 Film Soundtrack).jpg
1966年のミュージカル    ↑1969年の映画サントラ

衣装 Costume :
ドレスと手袋はTour of Russian Olympic Team 2006で使用

演じた試合・ショー Performed in :
2006/04/07-08/16 Champions on Ice 2006 Tour(写真 photos)
2006/04/11  Marshalls Showcase(写真 photos)
               動画 video : YouTube
2006/05/16  Superstars on Ice
2006/09/02   Звёзды на льду (Stars on Ice)【Channel One】 [No Jump]

連続写真 Photos :
新プロは“A Fosse compilation”だった!マーシャルズ動画速報

関連記事 Related Posts :
2006/04/09 新プログラム“Hey Big Spender”
2006/05/19 ショック!Rudy Galindo が Big Spender
2006/07/22 Johnny Weir、'Big Spender' を褒める

Sarah Hughes " Fosse ": 2001/02/18 GPF, 2002/12 Hallmark


COI 2006 in Fort Myers

※ added 2006/04/26 追記

Kathy B. " COI pics - a few "


※ added 2006/04/11 追記

Michelle Kwan Forum
2006COI in Ft. Myers. opening IMG_0055.jpg2006COI in Ft. Myers. slu IMG_0116.jpg
2006COI in Ft. Myers. end2 IMG_0166.jpg2006COI in Ft. Myers. end3 IMG_0204.jpg
2006COI in Ft. Myers. end IMG_0211.jpg2006COI in Ft. Myers. kwan  IMG_0195.jpg
【上左opening 上右スルツカヤが“Big Spender”やってます!
【中左・中右・下左closing 下右closingアメリカではクワンが主役】

Practicing finale number in Fort Myers


※ added 2006/04/09 追記

関連記事:スルツカヤ、COIツアーin Fort Myers、地元紙レポート


※ added 2006/04/09 追記

関連記事:★スルツカヤ、ニュープログラム“Hey Big Spender”


※ added 2006/04/08 追記

ISFF > review of COI in ft. Myers FL

Irina Slutskaya showed off a teasing playful side that we don't get the pleasure of seeing in competition as she skated to, Hey, big spender,・her jumps were, with just one botch, HUGE. She is such a fun and exciting skater to watch whether it be in competition or exhibition in which she is able to show off her personality more. The crowd seemed well-pleased with her and I was thrilled.
Ira, Sasha, Yevgeni are all in the second half.

"Hey, Big Spender" is a splendid music choice for Irina. The black fringe costume which she used earlier in Russian tour is what she is wearing. It's said to be a really good program.


イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)が参加する Champions on Ice 2006 tour (COI2006, チャンピオンズオンツアー)が始まります。初日は、フロリダ州 Fort Myers です。何でフロリダにスケートリンクがあるのかと思ったら、アメリカはアイスホッケーが盛んなんですね。

日時 Date : 2006/04/07 19:30

場所 Venue : Fort Myers, FL - Germain Arena

Google Map 

【Germain Arena】
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Champions on Ice 2006 tour

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)は4月7日から8月16日までアイスショーツアー“チャンピオンズオンアイス” Champions on Ice 2006 Tour (COI2006) に参加します。55都市 60公演!ISFFによると毎年7月は休むようです。ハンバーガー発言に対する反応も気になる。トリノオリンピックでアメリカが金メダルを取れなかったからか、チケットの値上げが影響したのか、売れ行き悪いようです。


COI > Performances
This is the figure skating tour you don't want to miss! This year's show features the skaters who will compete in the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torino, Italy. And they'll come directly from the Olympics to the United States to appear in the 2006 Tour of John Hancock Champions On Ice. It's your chance to see gold, silver and bronze medal performances!

日程 Schedule : 2006/04/07-08/16
04/07 7:30 - Fort Myers, FL - Germain Arena
04/08 3:00 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - BankAtlantic Center
04/09 3:00 - Orlando, FL - TD Waterhouse Centre
*04/10 Skating with the Stars under the Stars
(04/11 Marshalls International Showcase)
04/13 7:00 - Hampton, VA - Hampton Coliseum
04/14 7:30 - Richmond, VA - Richmond Coliseum
04/15 2:00 - Washington, DC - Verizon Center
04/15 8:00 - Washington, DC - Verizon Center
04/16 3:00 - Philadelphia, PA - Wachovia Center
04/17 7:00 - Reading, PA - Sovereign Center
04/18 - Trenton, NJ
04/20 - Durham, NC
04/21 7:30 - Hartford, CT - Hartford Civic Center
04/22 2:00 - Boston, MA - TD Banknorth Garden
04/22 8:00 - Boston, MA - TD Banknorth Garden
04/23 1:00 - Long Island, NY - Nassau Coliseum
*04/27 Skating clinic in Columbus スケート教室
04/28 - Springfield, MA - MassMutual Center
04/29 2:00 - East Rutherford, NJ - Continental Airlines Arena
04/29 8:00 - East Rutherford, NJ - Continental Airlines Arena
04/30 3:00 - Providence, RI - Dunkin' Donuts Center
05/01 - Albany, NY
05/02 7:00 - Rochester, NY - Blue Cross Arena
05/03 - Buffalo, NY
05/05 7:30 - Columbus, OH - Nationwide Arena
05/06 3:00 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena
05/07 2:00 - Detroit, MI - Joe Louis Arena
05/10 7:00 - Louisville, KY - Freedom Hall
05/12 7:30 - Raleigh, NC - RBC Center
05/13 3:00 - Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Bobcats Arena
05/14 - Greensboro, NC
05/15 7:00 - Roanoke, VA - Roanoke Civic Center
(05/16 Superstars on Ice)
05/17 7:00 - Columbia, SC - Colonial Center
05/19 - Savannah, GA
05/20 3:00 - Atlanta, GA - Philips Arena
05/21 3:00 - Nashville, TN - Municipal Auditorium
05/23 - East Lansing, MI - Breslin Events Center
05/25 7:00 - Tupelo, MS - BancorpSouth Center
05/27 7:30 - Jacksonville, FL - Veterans Memorial Arena
05/28 3:00 - Tampa, FL - St. Pete Times Forum
(05/26? Irina in St. Petersburg)
(05/31 Opening Ceremony of Academy in St. Petersburg)
06/03 1:30 - Pensacola, FL - Pensacola Civic Center
06/04 3:00 - Little Rock, AR - Alltel Arena
06/09 7:30 - Green Bay, WI - Resch Center
06/10 3:00 - Madison, WI - Veterans Memorial Coliseum @ AEC
06/11 3:00 - Milwaukee, WI - Bradley Center
(06/? Glenview Ice Center)
(? TV Interview " Sports Solo " in Russia?)
06/16 - Dayton, OH - Nutter Center
06/17 3:00 - Lexington, KY - Rupp Arena
06/18 3:00 - St. Louis, MO - Savvis Center
06/23 7:30 - Indianapolis, IN - Conseco Fieldhouse
06/24 2:00 - Chicago, IL - United Center
06/24 8:00 - Chicago, IL - United Center
06/25 3:00 - Peoria, IL - Peoria Civic Center
06/26 - Moline, IL - The Mark
*06/28 Collins氏の船で遊ぶ Collins' boat in Minneapolis
06/29 7:00 - Duluth, MN - DECC Arena
06/30 7:30 - Minneapolis, MN - Target Center
07/01 7:00 - Des Moines, IA - Wells Fargo Arena
07/02 3:00 - Omaha, NE - Civic Auditorium
*07/03 Kansas City Royals' event 野球場でイベント
07/05 - Topeka, KS - Kansas Expocentre
07/06 7:00 - Tulsa, OK - Tulsa Convention Center
07/07 7:30 - Oklahoma City, OK - Ford Center
07/08 3:00 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center
07/09 - San Antonio, TX - SBC Center
07/14 - Corpus Christi, TX - American Bank Center
07/15 3:00 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center
07/16 - Beaumont, TX - Ford Arena
07/21 7:30 - Kansas City, MO - Kemper Arena
07/22 7:00 - Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
07/23 3:00 - Colorado Springs, CO - World Arena
07/25 7:00 - Billings, MT - Metrapark Arena
07/27 7:00 - Spokane, WA - Spokane Arena
07/29 3:00 - Everett, WA - Everett Events Center
07/29 8:00 - Everett, WA - Everett Events Center
07/30 3:00 - Portland, OR - Rose Garden
08/01 7:00 - Boise, ID - Idaho Center
08/02 7:00 - Salt Lake City, UT - Delta Center
08/04 7:30 - Sacramento, CA - ARCO Arena
08/05 2:00 - San Jose, CA - HP Pavilion at San Jose
08/06 3:00 - San Francisco, CA - Cow Palace
08/07 7:00 - Stockton, CA - Stockton Arena
08/09 7:00 - Phoenix, AZ - Glendale Arena
08/11 7:30 - Bakersfield, CA - Rabobank Arena
08/12 3:00 - Los Angeles, CA - Staples Center
08/13 3:00 - Anaheim, CA - Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim
08/16 7:00 - Las Vegas, NV - Orleans Arena


出演予定者 Performers :
Michelle Kwan
Irina Slutskaya
Evan Lysacek
Sasha Cohen
Evgeni Plushenko
Johnny Weir
Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin
Marina Anissina and Gwendal Peizerat
Evan Lysacek
Surya Bonaly
Victor Petrenko
Rudy Galindo
Dan Hollander
Vladimir Besedin and Oleksiy Polishchuk
Irina Grigorian
Shizuka Arakawa (joined from 06/24 till the end)
荒川静香も出ます → 05/13 荒川静香、06/24からCOI参加
荒川静香公式サイト > “特集 アメリカ・アイスショー紀行 チャンピオンズ・オン・アイス”(オススメ)

プログラム Program :
A Fosse compilation (Big Spender)

COI > Performances > music
Selections from the 2006 Opening Number:
18) Song: Hey Big Spender - Artist: Fosse
Skater: Irina Slutskaya
19) Song: You Promise Me - Artist: Ingred
Skater: Irina Slutskaya

FSU > COI review thread (can't find another one)
music from the entrances -
Irina S. to "I'm the Only One" by Melissa Etheridge.

COI > Skaters irina slutskaya
スルツカヤ紹介ページ。動画と写真 video & photo
Irina Slutskaya
Olympic Silver Medalist,
Olympic Bronze Medalist,
Two-time World Champion,
Three-time World Silver Medalist,
Seven-time European Champion.
Great speed, intricate footwork, complex spins and natural jumping ability make Irina Slutskaya a formidable opponent in any skating competition. She was the first Russian woman to win the European title (1997) and has won it four times since, and also became the first Russian woman to win an Olympic silver medal. (Salt Lake City 2002) You can also add two world championship titles to her resume. She invented the double Biellmann-spin with foot change and became the first woman to land the triple Lutz-triple loop combination in competition at the 2000 Grand Prix Final in Lyon, France, which is why Slutskaya is considered one of the sport’s most powerful women athletes. Despite battling vasculitis, which sidelined her for most of the 2003-04 season, she returned to the ice to win every international Grand Prix competition she entered in the 2004-05 season, concluding with the 2005 World title. Irina lives in Moscow with her husband of five years, Sergei Micheev. She has been coached by Zhanna Grimova for most of her skating career and collects toy stuffed animals.

interactive video 動画のキャプション
Irina Slutskaya is the technical wizard.Irina does the triple toe,double toe better than anyone in the world.

04/09 COIのVIP席はオークションで発売されていた!
04/09 スルツカヤ、ニュープログラム“Hey Big Spender”

05/11 COIツアー記事【The Courier-Journal】
05/05 スルツカヤ、COIツアーを語る【COLUMBUS DISPATCHインタビュー】
05/04 スルツカヤ、心臓病インタビュー動画2本【WDBJ7】
05/03 スルツカヤ、インタビュー【Ohio State University News】
04/27 スルツカヤ、スケート教室で“数年休むかも”
04/23 ファンを大切にするスルツカヤ
04/22 Donald Tramp氏、スルツカヤの熱烈なファン♪
04/12 スルツカヤインタビュー、病気・トリノオリンピックメダルに込められたもの
04/07 スルツカヤ・インタビュー トリノオリンピック・アメリカ・ファン・ペット【Soviet sport】
03/28 スルツカヤ・インタビュー【Soviet Sport】

MKF > MK Fan Chat > 2006 COI Reports and Picture Links Only
Ирина Слуцкая форум > Ирина > Champions On Ice - 2006

Mizzno 2年目社員♪日記 > 海外アイスショーを見よう!Champions On Ice in Los Angeles 日本から自力でチケット入手“ticketmaster の WILL CALL”
ISFF > a COI question サイン・プレゼントの方法

●COI 2006 tour photos 写真
COI > behind the scenes
We love Irina!
Evgeni, Irina and Tatiana pose at the Sushi table 寿司でポーズ
(Sushi photos from Evan Lysacek Official Site > GALLERY > Champions on Ice > Behind the Scenes)
Irina Slutskaya leading a Clinic for local skaters in Columbus, Ohio
img_4336.jpg img_4400.jpg
Irina tests the watermelon
The Cast enjoys a day off in Kansas City at the ballpark.

★会場が不明の写真 where ?
xemily120x > my loverrs

Evan Lysacek Official Site > GALLERY > Champions on Ice > Behind the Scenes

rachaelxinfinity > champions on ice and ice show!

knshorty240 > Champions on Ice

Estelxek > Champions on Ice

04/16 Philadelphia or 04/29 East Rutherford, New Jersey
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FSU > COI review thread (can't find another one)
Finale: 6 White arches moved around the ice, The Entertainer: women in old time dresses with parisols and men in pin stripes, partner dancing and solo highlights Dan flips and Evan does a nice 3L, the strip off their clothes into metallic multicolored outfits (not really a fan), acrobats and Surya flip. Bluesy ballad comes on and Johnny looking hot in a white tux does 3T2T tano that was effortless, while A+P show off I was too busy watching Johnny grooving to the music (rolling his head and bobbing around) under the arch, too funny! White sheets unveil the Kween and she does a charlotte spiral and some pretty edge work and such. Ends with Sing Sing Sing led by Irina and Plushy (sort of Sharks vs Jets approach at the beginning) Irina does double beillman while Plush does some frantic footwork (that im totally impressed by). Dancing together to end. Final Lap to we are the champions, Irina pushes Rudy's butt while their in line and almost causes a domino effect!

FSU > COI review thread (can't find another one)
Finale used 6 white and silver arched doorways. Started with group skating to Scott Joplin's "Entertainer". Multi-colored vests for guys and old-fashioned dresses for gals.
Next was more upbeat 20's style rag number "Hot like That" featuring Tanith and Ben with cast. Ended with Charleston steps by all.
Next was the Kween skating to "Around the World" in pretty slow waltz tempo, joined by A&P. Again no jumps for her. Here and in rest of finale, gorgeous all white and silver costumes for cast.
Then music went 1940's "Sing Sing Sing" with Irina S. and Plushy and into group finale.
For "We are the Champions" victory lap, Kween was at front of line ahead of Plushy and Sasha and ended up facing me at very end.

MKF > All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here!#673
about the ending of COI, this is what happened in Richmond:
Michelle is the last to skate her program. When she finishes her bows, other skaters come skating out with these arch things (Michelle skates off). They are wearing colorful costumes and skate around for a while to some upbeat music.
After a while, some skaters come out in white - I think Johnny Weir is one of them and A&P. Don't remember what they skated to. Then, after they finish, Michelle just appeared at center ice, skating to Around the World in 80 Days. I think after a minute or so, B&A skate out and do their thing (Michelle leaves), and then Sasha finishes the song.
Various groupings come out and skate the final part, but Michelle doesn't come out again until the We are the Champions skate around and final bow.
So basicly she doesn't skate in the group numbers but has a small solo part in the middle of the finale (in an awesomely stunning white costume).

○backstage passについて
Sasha Fans Forum > COI - Columbia, SC - pics
COI tour bus
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there are two types passes. Red ones, believe you have to know someone in show, having them reserve for you, and with that you can really go backstage if skaters are not that tired. Blue ones they handout with VIP tickets. A lady stood behind us(when we waiting to be taken down) told me she 'sweet talk' to the ticket officer to give her a backstage ticket. You may bring your daughter along to the ticket box trying this.

To get backstage passes, you really have to know someone involved with the production of the tour (including a skaters' agent or manager) or someone involved with the arena. Some people can win them through different contests on sites, radio stations, etc. but because of how tight security has become, its really just something for people who know people.

The red/blue thing isn't necessarily true (re VIP tickets.) I've been backstage pretty much every year since 2001: twice with the red pass, the rest with blue passes. I never got them with any kind of VIP tickets. I haven't seen any difference between the two colors, honestly. In Philly, they put the two groups separate, but again, I never saw a difference when I had a blue or red pass. (This year I had blue, and it turned out just fine. )
Being able to "sweet talk" your way backstage depends on the security of the arena. The shows I've attended have had strict security, but I've heard of other places where security is lax, or they don't care, and people can sneak backstage, or just ask to go backstage, and they let them.
The people with red passes could go to the FRONT of the line while the blue passes were first come after them (which I just HAPPENED to be first for...the benefits to knowing my arena inside and out ). So yeah, that's the only thing I noticed. I don't know if they'd ever turn away the blue backstage passes, but I'm guessing the red ones go first in case not everyone has time to sign, the reds will get the best chance or maybe if they know the skaters, it makes it easier for them to talk to one another. All I know is that it seemed almost silly but I'm sure there's a logical reason.

I guess they dealt it differently in diff locations. There was no huge difference between the blue and red, in the show I attended (the 2nd show in NJ). Just that the red ones lined up before blue ones. And the working staffs there call the red ones as 'heavy duty' ones....however afterwards I heard friend in Califonia that with red ones they can go 'into' the backstage. But blue ones are allowed waiting outside in loby.

7/30/2006 - Champions On Ice Cancelled
August 1st Event will not be held at Idaho Center
Champions On Ice has announced the August 1st performance at the Idaho Center has been cancelled. Refunds are available. (Details below.)
According to a Champions On Ice executive, the show was cancelled due to due to travel constraints combined with slow advanced ticket sales.
“We are trying to bring big shows to the area but folks need to buy their tickets early,” says Craig Baltzer, General Manager of the Idaho Center. “this is a perfect example of why it’s important to buy when a show goes on sale.”
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歌手デビュー Recording a song

※ added 2007/01/25 追記



※ added 2006/06/02 追記

2 June, 17:50
Slutskaya records song and promises to undress
The winner of the Olympic Games Irina Slutskaya recorded music composition in the style of electro-house in the duet with St. Petersburg DJ Dmitriy Bazanov.
Slutskaya`s song will soon appear on the leading Russian radio stations. The name of the composition is not determined yet - it will be called either "figured intrigues" or "figured singing".
According to DJ Dmitry Baranov, Slutskaya proved to be a surprisingly talented singer, she was really nervous during the recording.

English Translation by bailey76 in ISFF > new article TRANSLATED
いいかげん和訳 by vivais
Комсомольская правда
02 июня 2006
02 June 2006
Ирина СЛУЦКАЯ: Скоро увидите меня обнаженной
Irina SLUTSKAYA: You might see me “nude” soon

Фигуристка стала певицей
Meanwhile….Figure skater became a singer.

Ирина: - Страна еще не ощущала всю прелесть моего вокала!
Irina: - The country yet did not feel all charm of my vocal!

Ирина записала в Петербурге песню в стиле электро-хаус
In St. Petersburg Irina recorded a song (electronic house style).

Раньше о попытках Слуцкой прорваться в шоу-бизнес ничего слышно не было. Поэтому сообщение фигуристки, что она приехала в Питер не только исполнять фигурные па, но и музыкальные «до-ре-ми», несколько шокировало.
We haven’t heard about any attempts of Slutskaya to try herself in show business before. Therefore, the news about a song record came as a shock to us.

- Да и для меня самой все случилось довольно неожиданно, - призналась Ирина.
IS: It was a bit of a shock for me as well, Irina confessed.

Дело в том, что новый менеджер фигуристки, Арарат Закарян (известный по работе с Евгением Плющенко. - Ред.), дружит с популярным петербургским ди-джеем Дмитрием Базановым. Арарат и предложил музыканту и фигуристке сработать дуэтом...
The fact is, Irina’s new manager Ari Zakarian (also known from his work with Plushenko) is friends with a popular St. Petersburg DJ Dmitry Bazanov. So, Ari made a suggestion for them to collaborate….
実は、イリーナの新しいマネージャー Ari Zakarian 氏(プルシェンコとの仕事で知られる)がサンクトペテルブルクの人気DJ Dmitry Bazanov 氏と友人だったのだ。Ari 氏は音楽家とフィギュアスケーターに共作するよう勧めた。

Песня Слуцкой будет представлять собой смесь поп-музыки и электро-хауса.
This new song will be a mix of pop music and Electro-house style.

- Через неделю вы сможете ее услышать на ведущих радиостанциях России, - рассказал нам Дмитрий.
“In a week you will be able to hear it on the top Russian radio stations”, Dmitry said.

По словам ди-джея, Слуцкая оказалась неожиданно талантливой певицей:
According to the DJ, Slutskaya appeared to be quite a talented singer.

Но не обошлось и без казусов. Говорят, Ира так нервничала, что выпила несколько бутылок минералки и съела кучу фруктов - такой проснулся аппетит.
Apparently Irina was so nervous that she gobbled up a bunch of fruits and drank a few bottles of mineral water (arisen appetite).
しかし事件なしには済まなかった。イリーナはとても神経質になり、数本のミネラルウォーターを飲み干し、山盛りのフルーツを平らげた - 食欲が刺激されたのだ。

Название для песни еще не придумали. В разработке два варианта: «Фигурные интриги» и «Фигурное пение». А вот некоторые строчки из песни:
The song has yet to get its name, however. There are two versions in the works. One is “Figure Intrigues” and the second one is “Figure Singing”. Here are some lines:

- Словно птица, я порхаю
и стремлюсь к своим мечтам
от эмоций улетаю,
выскочу я к небесам...
Для меня кайф...
Я люблю кататься.
Я люблю...
Буду я вращаться.
Like a bird I am soaring
Striving toward my dreams,
My emotions leaving here
Flying high in the skies.
Skating is fun
I love skating.
I love it.
I will be skating.

Ждем премьеры!
Awaiting the premiere!


※ added 2007/03/01 追記

English Translation by WorldLingo
Телекомпания НТВ news.ntv.ru
12.04.2006, 13:31
Ирина Слуцкая штурмует музыкальный Олимп
Irina Slutskaya storms musical Olympus


Семикратная чемпионка Европы, трехкратная чемпионка мира и бронзовый призёр Турина - фигуристка Ирина Слуцкая теперь штурмует музыкальный Олимп.
Поёт, пританцовывая, вернее, исполняя прыжки и вращения. Сегодня Ирина Слуцкая - самая катающаяся певица и самая поющая фигуристка. Материал корреспондента НТВ Юлии Олещенко.
The seven-time European champion, two-time world champion and the bronze prize-winner of Torino - figure skater Irina Slutskaya now storms musical Olympus.
Sings, hopping, more accurate, fulfilling jumps and rotations. Today Irina Slutskaya - the most rolling herself singer and the most singing figure skater. Report of the correspondent of NTV Julia Oleshchenko.

Вместо грома оваций и звона коньков - бодрый ритм. Голос знаменитой фигуристки - главное украшение клубной композиции.
Через месяц ее услышит вся страна.
Запеть Ирине Слуцкой предложил ее агент Ари Закарян. Творческое и техническое содействие оказали петербургские ди-джеи.
Instead of thunder of ovations and ring of skates - cheerful rhythm. Voice of famous figure skater - the main adornment of club composition.
In a month it will be heard all over the country.
To start singing was proposed to Irina Slutskaya by her agent Ari Zakarian. Petersburg DJ rendered the creative and technical assistance.

Для начала решили ограничиться десятком фраз. Для хита, конечно, маловато. Но для симпатичной танцевальной вещицы - в самый раз.
Дмитрий Базанов, ди-джей: «У Ирины действительно очень своеобразный голос. Еще первый раз, когда я услышал его, понял: девушке надо было петь с самого начала».
For the beginning they decided to limit to ten phrases. It is, of course, not enough for a HIT. But for a nice dancing bagatelle - just right.
Dmitriy Bazanov, DJ: “Irina has really very unique voice. When I heard it, still for the first time, I understood: the girl should sing from the very beginning”.

Запись в студии заняла два часа. И прошла без особых трудностей. Правда, по просьбе многократной чемпионки мира, в текст были включены профессиональные термины. Например, «тройной тулуп».
Record in the studio engaged two hours. And it is past without the special difficulties. True, on the request of two-time world champion, in text professional terms were included. For example, “triple toe loop”.

Руслана Турочкина, ди-джей: «Во время записи Ирина вела себя очень свободно. Она старалась выполнять те же движения. Какие выполняет на льду. Например, тройной тулуп. Это выглядело примерно так. Но на записи это не отразилось. Все было замечательно и профессионально».
Ruslan Turochkina, DJ: “During the record Irina behaved very freely. She tried to carry out the same motions. What are carried out on ice. For example, triple toe loop. This appeared approximately thus. But this was not reflected in record. Everything was noticeably and it is professional”.

Работа над окончательным вариантом сета еще не завершена. Но название треку уже придумали - «Фигурное пение». Вариант «Мелодичное катание» не рассматривался. Что можно расценивать, как серьезное желание штурмовать вершины отечественного шоу-бизнеса. Но уже сегодня Ирина Слуцкая - самая катающаяся певица и самая поющая фигуристка.
The work on the final version of set is not yet completed. But name to track they already devised - “figured singing”. Version “melodious rolling” was not examined. It is possible to estimate that, as the serious desire to storm the apexes of domestic show business. But already today Irina Slutskaya - most rolling herself singer and the most singing figure skater.


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04/11付記事 Skating with the Stars under the Starsに、ファンがスルツカヤに直接聞いた話が出てます。
she doesn't sing in it, just says things like“I like to skate”.

English Translation by PROMT & Babel Fish
Меня зовут Ирина Слуцкая... (My name is Irina Slutskaya...)
Я люблю кататься на коньках... (I like to skate...)
Я фигуристка!!! (I figure skater!!!)
Внимание! Внимание! (Attention! Attention!)
Иду на прыжок! (I go on a jump!)
Прыжок!!! (Jump!!!)
А сейчас вращение! (And now spin!)
Как вы поняли, это строчки из песни Иры!!!
(As you understood, these are lines from song Iry!!!)
Сегодня в Итоговых новостях на НТВ был кусочек этой песни!!!
(Today in Final news on NTV there was a piece of this song!!!)
↑ここにニュース動画 News Video


※posted 2006/04/08 投稿

ISFF > “Irina,sing!”
FSU > Irina Becomes Recording Artist

イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)が、レコーディングに参加しているそうです。
ロシアのタブロイド紙のゴシップに過ぎないそうです。残念なような、ホッとしたような〜 レコーディングは真実でした!

6 of April, 13:51
Slutskaya records song about triple toe loop

World champion on figure skating Irina Slutskaya decided to start a career of a singer and to please her worshippers with original composition.

Her agent Ari Zakaryan suggested Irina recording a song. Slutskaya dreams to work as a cinema actress, but, unfortunately, she hasn't receive worthy proposals yet.

Two fashionable DJs Ruslana (Angelice) and Dima (Aden Florian) from Petersburg offered to the world star to record a club song. Since Irina had not sung before, they decided not to risk and to make "fashionable club thing", where Ira to the sounds techno speaks phrases like: "I love you", "I love figure skating", "triple toe loop", "I love revolving".

In fact, Slutskaya has a unique and interesting voice, and therefore, in the opinion of musicians, the composition will occupy high position in radio-charts.

The work goes at its full speed on one of the Petersburg studios, where Irina arrived several days ago. Literally in a month the composition will be on all Russian radio stations, and Irina will appear in Russian show business.

大意和訳 by vivais
2人のDJがおしゃれなクラブソングを提案した。イリーナは、テクノ風に"あなたを愛してる", "フィギュアスケートを愛してる", "トリプルトウループ", "回転を愛してる"と歌う。

English Translation by Free Online Translator "WorldLingo"
Утро Utro.ru
06 апреля April, 10:56
Слуцкая проскользнула в шоу-бизнес
Slutskaya slipped into show business

После Олимпиады в Турине, где, к сожалению, ожидания болельщиков, тренеров и самой Ирины Слуцкой не оправдались, и она получила лишь бронзу, многократная Чемпионка мира решила бросить карьеру и родить ребенка. Затем она переменила свое решение, пообещала вновь выйти на лед, но уделять больше внимания не только фигурному катанию, но и другим сферам жизни. Буквально на днях она решила заняться карьерой певицы и порадовать всех своих поклонников оригинальной композицией.
After Torino Olympic, where, unfortunately, the expectations of fans, trainers and Irina Slutskaya herself did not justify, and it was obtained only the bronze, two-time world champion solved to throw quarry and to bear the child. Then it changed its solution, promised again to leave to ice, but to pay greater attention not only to figure skating, but also to other spheres of life. Literally recently she decided to study the career of singer and to gladden all its worshippers by original composition.

Следует отметить, что записать песню Ирине предложил ее агент Ари Закарян. Сама Слуцкая мечтала сняться в кино, но, к сожалению, достойных предложений не поступило. Зато в Питере нашлись модные ди-джеи Руслана (Аngelice) и Дима (Aden Florian), которые с удовольствием вызывались помочь звезде мирового масштаба записать клубную песню.
To it should be noted that write down song to Irina it proposed her agent Ari Zakarian. Slutskaya dreamed to be removed in the cinema, but, unfortunately, worthy proposals it did not enter. Then in Peter was located fashionable DJs Ruslan (Angelice) and Dima (Aden Florian), which with the pleasure were caused to help the star of world scale to write down club song.

Как пишет газета "Жизнь", так как раньше Ирина не пела, то решили не рисковать и сделать "модную клубную вещичку", где Ира под звуки техно напевает-наговаривает фразы типа "Я люблю вас", "Я люблю фигурное катание", "Тройной тулуп", "Я люблю вращаться". На самом деле у Слуцкой оказался своеобразный и интересный голос, а потому, по мнению музыкантов, композиция займет достойные места в радиочартах.
As he writes the newspaper “life”, since earlier Irina did not sing, then they decided not to risk and to make “fashionable club [veshchichku]”, where Ira under the sounds techno sing- slanders phrases of the type “I love you”, “I love figure skating”, “triple toe loop”, “I love to revolve”. In reality in Slutskaya proved to be unique and interesting voice, and therefore, in the opinion musicians, composition will occupy worthy places in [radiochartakh].

Работа идет полным ходом на одной из питерских студий, куда Ирина прилетела несколько дней назад. Сначала музыканты опасались, что с ней будет тяжело работать (все-таки она мировая звезда), но оказалось, что Слуцкая оказалась очень легкой в общении и совершенно не пафосной. Кроме того, она проявила себя как настоящий профессионал и в этой области. По словам ди-джеев, работа в студии заняла всего пару часов, ведь Ирина нисколько не волновалась, и создавалось впечатление, что она делает это не в первый раз.
Work occurs full speed on one of the studios in St. Petersburg, where Irina arrived flying several days ago. First musicians feared, which with it will heavily work (nevertheless it world star), but Slutskaya it turned out that proved to be very light in the contact and completely not pathos-arousing. Furthermore, it appeared itself as real professional, also, in this region. According to the DJ, the work in the studio engaged in all the pair of hours, indeed Irina not at all was disturbed, and impression was created, that it makes this not the first time.

Буквально через месяц композиция будет крутиться на всех российских радиостанциях, и Ирина начнет свое триумфальное шествие по просторам российского шоу-бизнеса.
Literally in the month composition will be twisted on all Russian radio stations, and Irina will begin her triumphal procession on the spaces of Russian show business.
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  キャメル変形・右足・仰向け 2回
  キャメル変形・右足・ドーナツ 5回
  アプライト変形・左足・ビールマン 4回
  アプライト変形・右足・ビールマン 3回
  チェンジエッジ・左足・キャメルで 2回
  チェンジエッジ・右足・キャメルで 2回
  チェンジエッジ・右足・アプライトで 3回
  入り方・バックから入ってシットへ 1回
  入り方・バタフライからキャメルへ 2回


スルツカヤ、2006トリノオリンピックの動画【You Tube】
 SP(03:36 ?語)
 FS(07:58 EUROSPORT英語)

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tac3gさんがブログ資料室ノート観戦レポ:世界ジュニア・女子という記事で、優勝したキム・ヨンア(Yuna Kim)がFSで行った3つのダブルアクセルのうち、左足のスリーターンから入る2Aについて、


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※posted 2006/04/12 投稿

ミッシェル・クワン(Michelle Kwan)は4月6日付のインタビューで、イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)と4年後のオリンピックについて語ったことを明らかにしました。

元記事(AP):Michelle Kwan Uncertain About Future
元記事(NBC):Kwan won’t rule out future Olympics(6:35 p.m. ET April 6, 2006)

Kwan said Tuesday night in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. She was in Naples, Fla., preparing for Friday’s opening of the Champions on Ice Tour
"I was joking with Irina today that, in four years, you never know.
"We both have not won the big one, and you never know in four years, you could be stronger and capable of doing it. If both of us are healthy and still motivated and inspired and all, it would be great."

News-press.com Blog > April 5. 2006
Kwan will go on
“Irina (Slutskaya) and I were joking about how we’re the old ladies,” Kwan said of her friend and sometime rival.
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ykさんがご自身のブログお茶が熱くてのめません。で、「イリーナ・スルツカヤの4年間。 」というすばらしい記事を書かれました!!!一部引用させていただきます。もうやだ〜(悲しい顔)



上左と上中:予選、上右と中左:SP8位、残り:FS11位 総合9位
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way to a beach

News-press.com Blog
Tuesday, April 4. 2006 11:45
Out and about

Some of the Champions on Ice skaters headed out Monday night to watch the NCAA championship on TV at Pelican Larry's Raw Bar & Grill in Naples. (My PR connection told me they went to watch "the UCLA game.") Others dined on sushi at Charlie Chiang's Restaurant and Lounge in Naples.

Tatiana Totminana and Irina Slutskaya found their way to a beach, I am told. They're not skating yet, but I'll try to find out where they went and how they liked our beach.

Skaters are taking a short break... tried to snag Tanith Belbin for a quick chat, but she said she only had five minutes to take a breather.
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会場のロゴは、パリ食品老舗 FAUCHON。なぜフォション??
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Rehearsals for "Champions on Ice"

News-press.com Blog
Monday, April 3. 2006 10:16
Michelle Kwan's skates are missing

It's the first day of rehearsals for "Champions on Ice" at Germain Arena, and Michelle Kwan's skates are missing in action. In fact, all of her luggage didn't make it to Fort Myers. While a tour manager dashes off to Southwest Florida International Airport to track it down, the star-studded cast is running through a group number set to Prince's "Let's Go Crazy."

Also a no-show: Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen, who's off filming a cameo in the NBC show "Las Vegas." She's scheduled to arrive Tuesday.

Who's on the ice? Torino medalists Evgeny Plushenko, Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto, Irina Slutskaya and Tatiana Totminana and Maxim Marinin; Johnny Weir, Evan Lysacek, Victor Petrenko and more.

Surya Bonaly of France comes out of a costume fitting awash in a rainbow of sequins and mugs to the skaters, who break out in laughter.

The music stops and skaters scatter around the rink, performing little tricks. Slutskaya checks her PDA. Weir practices a layback scratch spin. Gwendal Peizerat of France stretches a leg on the side of the rink.

Skaters aren't doing major tricks yet, just running through patterns on the ice.

Before rehearsal started this morning, I met a few of the skaters in the costume area on the arena concourse. This was their first chance to see what they would be wearing the show. Johnny Weir came up to check out the "bible," a ringed binder filled with all the costume designs.
I asked Evgeny Plushenko if he was going to rip off his costume, as he did in an exhibition where he dressed up like Chippendales dancer and performed a stripteasing routine.

"Not this time," he said. Today, he's wearing a camouflage baseball cap, blue track pants and two sweatshirts to stay warm in the chilly arena. Weir wears a red CCCP track jacket, a reference to the old Soviet Union.

The costume designer says all the skaters get along on the tour. No prima donna stuff. Hard to believe, huh? These young people go from cutthroat competition to sharing a tour bus for months on end.

"You'd think there would be back-biting but there isn't," designer Pete Menefee said. "These kids are really helpful to each other. Most of them are years beyond their age emotionally."
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