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U.S. Figure Skating
August/September 2004


2002 Olympic silver medalist and World champion Irina Slutskaya is back on the comeback trail after suffering from a serious illness most of last year. She took some time out to answer your questions!

Q: At Worlds your illness was only mentioned. Can you elaborate on what exactly happened? Julia Stone, 15, Huntsville

A: My illness in English is pericarditis, which means that the sac around my heart is inflamed causing the heart functions to be more difficult than for normal people. I didn't know that I had this at first, and I was getting more and more sick with bronchitis and pneumonia. I felt so bad. I was also getting so depressed because I was always getting sicker and never feeling better.

Q: How did you feel when you found out you had a disease that could end your skating career? Were you scared that you would never be able to skate again? Sylvi Pultorak, 12, Joliet, Ill.; Adriana Ragni, 15, Nazareth

A: I was so upset and crying all the time. I cannot imagine life without skating.

Q: Did all your jumps and spins come back naturally or did you have to work extra hard to get them back? Tania Matsuoka, 12, Sudbury; Laura Albrecht, 15, Cody

A: No, they didn't come back so quickly. I had to really fight for that.

Q: Are you worried about your heavy schedule affecting your health? How are you able to skate and keep your stamina with your condition, and how does it affect your lifestyle? Ethan Amaral, 8, Greenwich, Conn.; Karen Molina, 15, Carlsbad

A: Yes, I worry about the schedule because now I need to rest more than I did before. My stamina is not the same as before. I try not to get frustrated with that and work through it to bring myself back to the best competitive condition. My lifestyle is like that of a skater, but I have to work harder, be more careful with my health and deal with the side effects of my illness and the medicine.

Q: While off the ice were there any special types of exercises you did to keep in shape? What would be your advice to skaters who have to take some time off because of an injury? Kelly Rogers, 13, Arvada

A: Yes, I have a workout plan that my coach made for me, and I stayed with that to keep healthy. I would recommend to any skater who must take time off because of injury to pay attention to the injury, rest your body and listen to your coach's advice.

Q: Congratulations on such a wonderful showing at Worlds! Was it difficult to get back onto the ice after being in the hospital so long? Lanie Duncan, 18, Simi Valley, Calif.; Alyssa, 15, Waterford, Mich.; Melissa Kwan, 15, Sugar Land, Texas

A: Yes, it was so hard to skate again at Worlds. I wanted to be competitive, but it was impossible because I had such a short time to get prepared. But I was thankful to be there anyway.

Q: How is your mother doing with her illness? Is she out of the hospital? Rachel A., 16, London; Garrett Kling, 13, Watertown, Minn.

A: My mother is fighting for her life. She is still in the hospital, and she is on the list to receive a kidney.

Q: A few years ago you mentioned you and your husband wanted to start a family in the near future. Is this still true or will you wait until you finish competitive skating? Darrell Chin, 18, Chicago

A: Yes, I would love to have a family, but I don't know when I will be ready for that. I want to finish skating and take care of my health.

Q: How long have you known Michelle Kwan? Is she your friend? Who is your best friend on the Champions on Ice tour? Layne Gregory, 13, Athens, Ohio; Sergio Antonio Ayala Mar, 13, Veracruz, Mexico; Georgina Oliveira, 13, Ludlow, Mass.

A: I have known Michelle for 7 years, and I like her very much. We competed so many years together and toured with Champions on Ice together. Yes, she is my friend. My best friend on the Champions on Ice tour is Irina Grigorian.

Q: Are you planning to compete in the 2006 Olympics? Lauren Link, 13, Des Plaines, Ill.; Anika Lohrentz, 17, Madison, Wis.

A: I want to compete in the 2006 Olympics, and I am working so hard to make it there.


help heavily sick children

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イリーナ・スルツカヤ(Irina Slutskaya)らは、重病の子どもたちを見舞いました。

English Translation by WorldLingo
Телекомпания НТВ
06.08.2004, 21:25
«Звезды» пришли к тяжело больным детям
“Stars” arrived to the heavily sick children


Звезды отечественного спорта, в том числе и те, кто большую часть времени проводит за океаном, включились сегодня в процесс, который в любой стране и в любое время называют «благородным». Они решили помочь тяжело больным детям.
Stars of domestic sport, including those, who carries out the large part of the time after the ocean, they were included today in process, which in any country and is at any time called “noble”. They decided to help heavily sick children.

После того, как газета «Коммерсантъ», а затем и телеканал НТВ рассказали о судьбе Нади Кольцовой, которая умирала от недостатка дорогостоящих лекарств в Российской детской клинической больнице, многие люди в нашей стране поняли, что оказать помощь попавшим в беду людям можно уже сейчас, не дожидаясь лучшего момента.
After that, as the newspaper “Kommersant”, and then the television channel NTV they described about the fate di of Koltsovoy, which died from a deficiency in the expensive medicines in the Russian children's clinical hospital, many people in our country understood, which to render assistance the people fallen into the misfortune is possible even now, without waiting until the best moment.

Оказывается, все просто. Для того чтобы спасти ребенка от неминуемой смерти надо лишь купить лекарства или найти деньги.
It occurs, everything is simple. In order to save child from unavoidable death it is necessary to only purchase medicines or to find money.

Прекрасные врачи, отработанная технология и даже кое-какая помощь государства у нас есть, но всего этого катастрофически не хватает. Наде Кольцовой, которая страдает от трудноизлечимой формы анемии, помогли сначала журналисты, а потом и добрые люди. Теперь у нее есть и самые спасительные ампулы с лекарством.
Excellent doctors, the worked out technology and even some aid of state exists, but entire this catastrophically does not be sufficient. De Koltsovoy, which suffers from the [trudnoizlechimoy] form of anemia, helped first journalists, and then also good people. Now it has quite rescue ampules with the medicine.

Анна Кольцова, мама Нади Кольцовой: «Дай Бог, чтобы нам хватило до начала наших анализов, когда начнет наш организм сам сопротивляться инфекции».
Anna Koltsova, the mom di of koltsovoy: “Give god, so that to us it would be sufficient prior to the beginning of our analyses, when begins our organism itself to resist infection”.

Но жизнь такова, что в соседних палатах лежат такие же дети и тоже ждут помощи. И так получается, что иногда эта помощь опаздывает.
But life is such, what at the adjacent chambers lie the same children and also await aids. And so it is obtained, that sometimes this aid is late.

Галина Новикова, заместитель директора Института детской гематологии: Пять, максимум, восемь процентов от нуждающихся имеют шанс получить трансплантацию - это дети, которые попали в центральные клиники: сюда, в Петербург, в онкологический научный центр имени Блохина.
Galina Novikov, the deputy director of the institute of children's hematology: Five, maximum, eight percent of those being requiring have a chance to obtain transplantation - this children, which arrive in the central clinics: here, in Petersburg, to the oncologic scientific center im Blokhin.

Врачи говорят, что, например, в области трансплантации костного мозга Россию нельзя назвать даже развивающейся страной. Несколько операций в год - это мизер, при том, что своей очереди ждут тысячи детей. Даже Белоруссия давно ушла вперед. А ведь богатых людей, которые могли бы помочь этим детям, у нас несравнимо больше.
Doctors speak, that, for example, in the region of the transplantation of bone marrow it is not possible to name Russia even the developing country. Several operations per year - this is [mizer], with that, that their turn await thousands of children. Even Belorussia has long ago left forward. But indeed the rich, which could help these children, it is incomparably more.

Сегодня больным детям оказать помощь решили спортивные звезды. Егор Титов, Ирина Слуцкая, Светлана Мастеркова, Илья Ковальчук привезли в больницу футбольные мячи и клюшки, кто-то перечислил деньги. Но главное, что это первая реальная акция помощи больным детям.
Sport stars decided to render today sick children assistance. Yegor Titov, Irina Slutskaya, Svetlana Masterkova, Ilya Kovalchuk brought into the hospital football balls and clubs, someone transferred money. But the main thing, that this is the first real action of aid to sick children.

Егор Титов, футболист: «У нас у всех есть дети, есть у меня ребенок. Если мы можем чем-то хотя бы помочь им, то мы это делаем с удовольствием. Если раньше, лет 10 назад, у людей не было возможности хоть какие-то там копейки давать, то сейчас у нас есть такая возможность у всех. Все получают достаточные средства. Сейчас придет Илюха Ковальчук с кошельком со своим, с энхаэловским. Я думаю, у него проблемы этой не будет».
Yegor Titov, the football player: “We in all have children, there is in me child. If we can by something at least help them, that we this make with the pleasure. If it is earlier, years 10 back, the people did not have possibility although some there kopecks to give, that now is this possibility in all. All obtain ample means. Now will arrive Ilyukha Kovalchuk with the purse with its, with the [enkhaelovskim]. I think, in it the problems of this will not be”.

Ирина Слуцкая, чемпион мира и Европы по фигурному катанию: «Вы знаете, я, наверное, как никто другой знаю, что такое болеть, знаю что такое и по себе, и по своим близким. Поэтому когда было такое предложение, я откликнулась с радостью, потому что очень хочется помочь. Тем более детишкам — у них вся жизнь впереди еще».
Irina Slutskaya, the champion of world and Europe of figure skating: “You know, I, probably, as no one another I know, what is it to be ill, I know that similar, also, on myself, and on my close ones. Therefore when there was this proposal, I responded with happiness, because greatly it is desirable to help. To those it is more kiddies - they have entire life in front still”.
いいかげん和訳 by vivais

Спортсмены говорят, что больных детей не забудут, а врачи надеются, что их детишкам помогут и другие обеспеченные люди. Ведь в этом добром деле результат всегда есть: им выбирать приходится между жизнью и смертью.
Athletes speak, that the sick children they will not forget, and doctors hope, that their kiddies will help other provided for people. Indeed in this good deed result always exists: them to select it is necessary between life and death.

Наде Кольцовой, которой в первый раз за три месяца разрешили выйти из стерильной палаты, сегодня достался футбольный мяч.
De Koltsovoy, which in three months they the first time permitted to leave the sterile chamber, football ball today was reached.




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